Separation solicitor

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A separation solicitor could help those thinking about divorce. Separating from your partner is never easy, regardless of the circumstances.

separation solicitor could help those thinking about divorce. Separating from your partner is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. It is an emotional time for both individuals and when there are children involved, it’s tougher. Talking to a solicitor can be daunting, especially when it comes to making a separation final. So, what questions should you ask a solicitor?


Should I avoid speaking with my spouse during the divorce?

It depends on the circumstances of the divorce and how amicable things have been. For instance, if domestic abuse has played a part in the marriage, it’s probably easier to avoid communication without the presence of a solicitor. This is something your separation solicitor will discuss with you. Also, you or your spouse might not want to communicate for whatever reason.

How long will it take for the separation to be finalised?

Unfortunately, this is an open-ended question because you never know how a divorce will play out. For instance, an amicable separation could be over within a few months and without any court proceedings. On the other hand, if the separation wasn’t wanted by both parties – and there are many issues to resolve – it could take several months, if not years.

It truly depends on your specific circumstances. A separation solicitor should give you some indication of this, however.


Do you have much experience handling divorce cases?

A solicitor doesn’t need to have fifty years of experience to be competent, and you may even be happy with a newcomer. The reality is that you should know a solicitor’s experience so that you feel reassured by them. It’s your choice at the end of the day. Just know a little more about them so that you are sure they’re the right solicitor for your separation.


Will you personally handle the case?

It’s important to know who exactly your separation solicitor is. You need to know if the person you originally meet with will handle any court proceedings or if it’s passed onto another. Whether it matters to you or not, it’s important to know who’s in charge of your divorce proceedings.

Always question a solicitor before you hire them

You probably feel unsure about bombarding a solicitor with a dozen questions, but it’s good business sense. Separations are not easy and can be made worse with the wrong legal help. That’s why you should always take the time to ask separation and divorce solicitors questions before you hire them. A separation solicitor won’t mind and may even be a reassuring presence.