36V 12Ah skateboard battery only lasts 3 years?

Here are a few tips to double the battery life!


In recent years, with the progress of lithium technology and the reduction of production costs, lithium batteries as the main power source of lithium electric scooters also flew into the common people, lithium compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries, has a light quality, long cycle life, high energy density, fast charging speed and other advantages. Most lithium batteries are designed to last around 1000 cycles (ordinary ternary lithium materials), which is 3-4 years. But this does not mean that after 3-4 years of use, the life of the lithium battery is terminated, as long as the usual attention to these points, 36V 12Ah skateboard battery life can be doubled! We take the current mainstream ternary lithium battery as an example, the mainstream manufacturers produce lithium batteries with 18650 cells, the main characteristics are high energy density, high cycle life, moderate manufacturing costs, but the use of the environment and charging requirements are relatively high.