Boxing Classes - Box Centric

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At Box Centric, our experienced trainers offer high-intensity, muscle-strengthening boxing classes for those looking for a fun and challenging workout.

At Box Centric, our team is passionate about providing you with expert, fun and dynamic training that offers every client skills, strength and confidence. Regular or consistent self-defence training gives our clients the abilities required to physically and mentally protect themselves while simultaneously building resilience, toning muscles and improving overall fitness levels. Our self-defence classes are designed around a combination of practices and techniques inspired by disciplines from judo, karate, kickboxing, taekwondo and more. 

At Box Centric, our highly-skilled Kung Fu training team are passionate about providing their clients with accurate and powerful skills that stimulate the true essence of what Kung Fu stands for; discipline, hard work, focus and patience. Through the range of motions, including kicking, wrestling, hitting and grabbing, our qualified and knowledgeable team has years of experience perfecting the art and understanding the power of teaching this martial arts style to others. In addition, we proudly provide a patient but constructive approach which offers a combination of support and structure to aid in developing your techniques. Through continuous learning and practice, our team of Kung Fu trainers is qualified and experienced in planning comprehensive training sessions that deliver physical prowess, mental strength and progressive abilities.