Looking For Back Hair Removal? Visit Dadu Medical Centre

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Dadu Medical Centre is the Permanent Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi that provides the best laser hair removal treatment to patients with both dark and light skin types using the diode and alexandrite laser technology. To know more about the Cost of Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Delhi, book

Dr. Nivedita Dadu at Dadu Medical Centre, the best dermatologist, provides the most advanced Back Laser Hair Removal In Delhi for removing unwanted hair from the back and shoulder areas of the body. Hair on the back is not appealing and can cause embarrassment and frustration. The effectiveness of this is influenced by skin type and hair color. A focused light beam (laser) is used in laser hair removal of undesirable hair. The emitted photons are transformed into heat and the light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair but not by the pigment in the skin. Future hair development is either stopped or delayed as the laser damages the hair root or follicles. The procedures can be used on any region of the body like the neck, face, ear, tummy, legs, breast, chin, and underarms. Consult Dr. Nivedita Dadu to know more.