What is the function of a fiber laser nozzle?

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  • Through the internal shape of the Fiber Laser nozzle, they adjust the airflow direction and air pressure of the high pressure air flow to maintain the pressure between the workpiece and the nozzle.
  • Prevent the melting material of the workpiece from splashing inside the laser head, thereby protecting the inner lens of the laser head.
  • They provide a capacitance signal to the altitude change system, ensuring the stable operation of the altitude change system.


What is a good laser nozzle?

  1. Make sure the content is good or not.

Good nozzles use TU2 copper due to its high electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity to ensure a good capacitance signal.

  1. High machining precision.

A good Fiber Laser raytool nozzle, its concentric degree should reach 0.03mm, and the spray size is below 1.0mm, the concentric degree reaches 0.02mm.

The high-precision and concentric nozzle can not only reduce debugging early in the machining process but also prevent the high-energy laser from hitting the inner wall of the laser head, thus protecting the laser head from damage.

  1. The laser head has a very smooth surface.

The laser nozzle has a roughness of up to 0.8 on both the inner and outer surfaces.

The outer surface of the highlight can perform the adhesion of the melt in the cutting process, which can prolong the life of the nozzle, while the inner surface of the highlight effectively avoids the eddy current when the high-pressure gas exits.

Improve cutting quality and efficiency.

  1. It is necessary to have strict anti-oxidation treatment.

After processing, copper parts are easily oxidized and discolor when exposed to air.