How Does the Fiber Laser Nozzle Affect the Cutting Quality of the Laser Cutter?

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Inside the Fiber Laser Nozzle Cutting Machine, It is worth noting that during the cutting process; it is imperative to maintain a constant distance between the workpiece and the nozzle to prevent splash back during the cutting process. The diameter of the nozzle determines the size of the gas flow entering the furnace, the gas diffusion area and the gas flow rate, which affects the stability of melt removal and cutting. The gas flow in the kiln is large, the speed is fast, the position of the workpiece in the gas flow is suitable, and the ability to spray the melt is high. Therefore, the larger the selected nozzle aperture, the worse the protection of the focusing lens, because when the molten splatter spark occurs, the probability of a bomb is very high, thereby shortening the life of the lens. When the nozzle is deformed or the nozzle melts, its effect on the cutting quality is the same as above.

Therefore, the laser nozzle must be carefully placed and not damaged to avoid deformation. They should clean the melted stains on the nozzle in time. The nozzle needs to be precise during manufacture and needs to be installed correctly. If the conditions change during the cutting process because of the poor quality of the nozzle, they should replace the nozzle in time. If you want to know more about the nozzle of the fiber laser cutter, please contact Fiber Laser Spares.