Quality of fiber laser ceramic ring

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Fiber laser spares refers to the ceramic ring insulator for the cutting head of any laser cutting machine. Our ceramics are not original, although they are made following the highest quality standards. For this reason they have similar duration and functionality, but with the advantage of

The fiber laser ceramic ring is used to transmit the electrical signals collected by the nozzle of the laser head, to protect the cutting head above the ceramic body from being damaged when the cutting nozzle collides and is critical to the normal and stable operation of the laser. Plays a role Cutting machine.


Material: Made of high quality machined wsx laser ceramic and special alloys, which can ensure the stability of thermal expansion of each material of the ceramic body and prevent bursting.

Processing: they closely adhered The raytool laser ceramic body and the alloy to each other with German technology, firmly aligned with welding, they do not deform it when heated and the surface finish is smooth, while the airflow is smooth.

Stable: Adopting high quality conductive silver glue and gold-plated copper pin, good conductivity, high sensitivity, good adherence; Effective insulation, stable signal, minimizes sensor damage caused by impact.