20+ Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converter Tools in 2023

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YouTube, a leading video streaming platform, is commonly accessed via a YouTube to MP4 converter for downloading videos in MP4 format. While some videos on YouTube permit direct downloads, converting them to MP4 isn’t always possible. Many users dislike the persistent ads that disrupt th

There is a wide variety of YouTube to MP4 converter tools available, each with its own unique features and capabilities. These tools are designed to allow users to download and convert YouTube videos into MP4 format for offline viewing. Here's a summary of some popular YouTube to MP4 converter tools:


  1. **YTD Downloader**:

   - Features: Supports YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. Customizable video quality and saving location.

   - Special Features: Built-in converter, video editing options, compatibility with various devices.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android.


  1. **iTubeGo**:

   - Features: Supports numerous platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Turbo-fast mode for quick conversions.

   - Special Features: Batch conversion, subtitle downloads, and multiple licensing options.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


  1. **SnapDownloader**:

   - Features: Supports 900+ sites, UHD and HD videos, customization options, and bulk downloads.

   - Special Features: Subtitle support, built-in search engine, and various output formats.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


  1. **4K Video Downloader**:

   - Features: Fast and efficient video downloads from various platforms. Supports 3D, 360-degree, and VR videos.

   - Special Features: Channel and playlist downloads, proxy setup, and automatic captions.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


  1. **By Click Downloader**:

   - Features: Auto-detect feature for easy video downloads, support for various formats, and customizable download speeds.

   - Special Features: Video recommendation window and batch downloads.

   - Platforms: Windows.


  1. **Snapchat Video Downloader**:

   - Features: Efficient bulk video downloads, support for multiple formats, and simultaneous URL processing.

   - Special Features: Scheduled downloads and built-in video browser.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


  1. **Leawo**:

   - Features: Browser plugin for easy downloads from over 1000 websites, fast download speeds, and various resolutions.

   - Special Features: Conversion for iOS and Windows devices.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


  1. **Videoproc Converter**:

   - Features: Quick conversion and downloading of YouTube videos, video editing capabilities, and screen recording.

   - Special Features: High-speed encoding and video compression.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


  1. **YT Saver**:

   - Features: Turbo-fast downloads, support for various formats, and a built-in browser for video searches.

   - Special Features: Batch downloads and a security mode for hiding downloaded videos.

   - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


  1. **VidJuice**:

    - Features: High-quality video downloads, support for over 10,000 websites, and multiple simultaneous downloads.

    - Special Features: Built-in YouTube search and versatile output formats.

    - Platforms: Windows, Mac.


These YouTube to MP4 converter tools offer a range of features and options to cater to different user needs and preferences. Whether you need simple and straightforward conversion or advanced editing capabilities, you can find a suitable tool from this list.