Why is a good water-cooling board popular in the industry?

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Water-cooled panels producer Sanqian knows that water-cooled panels are widely used in computer servers, frequency converters, inverters, active power filters, and static var generators as good cooling devices. The huge role and application areas of water-cooled panels are very extensive,

Water-cooled panels producer Sanqian knows that water-cooled panels are widely used in computer servers, frequency converters, inverters, active power filters, and static var generators as a good cooling device. The huge role and application areas of water-cooled panels are very extensive, and more and more companies are introducing this radiator as one of the main components of various equipment. So why are good water-cooled radiators so popular in the industry? What are the advantages of water-cooled panels?

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Advantages of water-cooled panels

1. Good heat dissipation effect

If the heat radiated by much industrial equipment is not dissipated in time, it may burn the equipment or even cause a disaster, and the easy-to-use water-cooling plate has a better heat dissipation effect than a mechanical fan because it is in direct contact with the equipment. Safety and the safety of business personnel and property are all very good guarantees. Moreover, water-cooled panels producer Sanqian believes that the way of water cooling itself can recycle the cooling liquid, which can save the cost of enterprises and promote environmental protection to a certain extent.

2. Able to use different media for heat dissipation

In addition to using water as the cooling medium, a better water-cooling plate can also use different liquids as the liquid cooling medium, especially some equipment with huge heat may not be able to cool down quickly and stably with only water, so the use of other media has become a priority. Choice, which is why the water-cooled heat sink can be welcomed by the industry.

3. The cost itself is not high

According to water-cooled panels producer Sanqian, some water-cooled panels with relatively high sales in the market are not too expensive in terms of price. Even for water-cooled panels dedicated to certain large-scale equipment, customers can also contact the corresponding manufacturers. Negotiate prices, so as to obtain more cost-effective water cooling products for themselves, so that the cost of subsequent equipment operations can be reduced.

Therefore, from these aspects, it is expected that water-cooled panel products can be widely welcomed in the industry, especially with the growth of population and the growth of data volume, which have put forward higher and higher carrying capacity of power equipment and computer equipment. The calorific value of these devices will naturally become larger and larger, so the purchase of water-cooled heat dissipation equipment with better performance will naturally become a rigid need.

Application areas of water-cooled panels

Water-cooled plates have been widely used in many fields in recent years. In the past traditional heat dissipation methods, mechanical fans are often used to provide air-cooled heat dissipation, which is inevitably stretched when encountering a working environment with a large amount of heat. The way of water cooling is to directly contact the heat source, and use the continuous cooling water to take away too much heat, which will naturally have a better heat dissipation effect. 

1. Server

Computer servers are often used in combination with dozens or even hundreds of devices. In this case, the heat generation is very amazing. If only relying on fans to dissipate heat, it will undoubtedly be a drop in the bucket. This is why many large-scale servers are built in Guizhou. The reason for the abundance of places, and behind it is the easy-to-use water-cooling plate that plays a powerful role in heat dissipation.

2. Power equipment such as frequency converters and inverters

Civil frequency converters or inverters may not require strong cooling equipment, but industrial frequency converters or inverters do not. If the heat emitted by them is not dissipated in time, it may even burn the equipment or even cause disasters. It is also a preferred choice to use some water-cooled plates with better heat dissipation effect for heat dissipation. And this kind of good radiator can keep the equipment in the store at a suitable temperature, which is also good for improving the working efficiency of this equipment.

3. Active power filter, static var generator, and other equipment

These devices also have a huge amount of heat, and even some other special liquids are used to achieve cooling when some heat cannot be cooled by water alone, and this can also be achieved by using a water-cooling plate. Therefore, water-cooled radiators can play a very good role in these fields.

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Of course, the application areas of water-cooled panels are far more than these. Water cooling can help the equipment to operate at a suitable temperature and reduce the probability of safety accidents caused by excessive temperature. Basically, as long as the mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, computer equipment, etc. can use this heat sink and work better. The above is the main content introduced by water-cooled panels producer Sanqian. If you are interested in the advantages of water-cooled panels, you can contact us to read more.