Optimize Software Usage with the Computer Lab License Management Tool by LabStats

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LabStats tracks software and hardware usage on campus. Usage data lets you optimize your IT spending and helps students find what they need.

Secondary education institutions can provide resources to their students more efficiently with LabStats' computer lab license management. With the license management feature, you can easily find unused software in your environment through 24/7 automated monitoring. With the student usage data in hand, you can optimize software deployment across your organization to better allocate resources to students.

LabStats is used by thousands of universities globally that want to cut down on over-deployed software and save more through strategic software deployment.

The Power BI dashboard template analyzes high volumes of data, with more than 200 software applications tracked automatically. Administrators can add more seamlessly.

How to Find Unused Software with LabStats?

The LabStats' Power BI dashboard is incredibly easy to use. You can find unused software by following the steps below:

Step 1. Open Power BI Open the Power BI dashboard template, which contains all metrics of software usage, like when and where they're installed and peak usage hours.

Step 2. Analyze Peak Usage Next, click 'Peak Concurrent Usage,' the second tab from the left.

Step 3. Analyze Application Utilization The usage data will be displayed in a tabular form. Click on the column header 'Application Utilization'.

Step 4. Sort the Results You can sort the results in descending order of usage with the results displayed.

Take a Free Trial. Learn more about license management by contacting LabStats support. Call -208-473-2222 or send a mail to support@labstats.com.


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