Qandle HRMS Review by Technology Counter

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Hiring and retaining the best talent is at the core of any successful business. Qandle is the comprehensive people management platform that growing businesses need. This software solution helps businesses; track and simplify; the entire employee life cycle from hire to retirement. 

Qandle is an all-inclusive HR software solution that assists organizations; to get real-time people data and make smarter decisions. It helps the management to understand the business performance with aesthetic dashboards and intelligent analytics.

This software helps to engage, empower, and build a collaborative workforce to ensure they work together to achieve the overarching business goals. This HR platform is a one-stop solution to get all your HR-related work done in one place. Qandle helps simplify and automate most of your HR functions so that the HRs can focus on engaging with the employees and helping them grow.

Top Reasons Why You Should Implement Qandle

Qandle is a comprehensive and intuitive HR solution to manage all activities related to core HR, talent, payroll compliance, and travel expenses.   

Core HR:

  • Qandle has an artificially intelligent chatbot named Qanbot. It helps employees apply for leaves, regularize their attendance, request assets, raise requests, and many other HR tasks.   

  • This software is interactive, intelligent, and user-friendly with employee, manager, and admin views. 
  • Qandle developers have made the algorithm in a way that requires minimum clicks to accomplish any task.   

  • Qandle app has clocked in and clocks out features with geofencing and geotagging features.
  • All the necessary documents files regarding policies, code of conduct, and rules; will be available for employees' access. Of course, the access grant of admin and manager views are based; on the job roles and permissions given to them.
  • The management can view the business progress on a mobile application. The managers can have an overview of the pending request to approve or reject them.
  • The Qandle application is available in English as well as Hindi.
  • It is an efficient tool to attract, hire, and nurture the best talent available in the market.
  • Qandle helps digitize the entire human resource process to increase efficiency. Qandle ensures the management of everything related to HR operations on a single platform.   

    Talent management:

    • This HR software in India simplifies job request creation, asset allocation, and exchange. It helps to centralize the tracking to assign damage liability or pilferage.
    • Qandle allows the teams to configure the software as per their business process. As a result, a business can set up its unique policies, approval processes, and unique workflows; easily on Qandle.
    • This application has an organization community forum wherein they can discuss various topics like business challenges or non-work fun topics, like sports and movies as well.
    • Qandle helps track performance management and provides OKRs, 1-to-1 meetings, regular updates, 360-degree employee feedback, and Learning and Development modules for their growth.
    • It is a reliable and comprehensive software to accomplish everything related to employee management from; employee onboarding to off-boarding seamlessly.
    • This HR software helps teams to understand the business goals and helps set clear objectives for employees to achieve them.
    • It works seamlessly for businesses that have employees working in the field; Qandle comes with fully-featured Android and iOS apps.    


    Payroll and compliance:

    • This software helps organizations to comply with payroll rules and regulations. Additionally, it will notify the teams of the compliance deadlines.
    • Businesses can customize the payroll system plan based on the employee type.
    • Qandle helps businesses to have zero errors in the payroll process. Furthermore, it also allows automating tasks like taxes, PF, insurance, and other benefits.
    • This HR system is a perfect tool that helps employees declare investments, submit proofs, calculate their tax deductions, etc.


    Travel and expense management:

    • Employees can apply for travel and expense reimbursements or advance payments through the application. The application will allow you to click pictures of the invoices and automatically capture the necessary elements through OCR technology.
    • Qandle helps to automate repetitive client payments and claim submissions as well.
    • It has efficient tools to allocate budgets and simplify policy implementation to increase transparency and compliance adherence. 

      Areas of Improvement in Qandle HR

      • They have a basic user interface. They can make it more aesthetic and add gamification to the app to make it engaging.
      • The deployment currently is available is only on the cloud and not on-premises.    


      Qandle Features:

      • Employee Records.  
      • Employee Database Management.  
      • eLetters and eSignatures.  
      • Employee Document Management.  
      • Employee Self-service.  
      • Leave management system.  
      • Payroll management.  
      • Attendance management.  
      • Timesheets.   
      • Asset management.  
      • OKRs.  
      • Goals and Task Management  
      • Performance management.  
      • Recruitment.  
      • Onboarding and training.  
      • New hire Orientation.  
      • Learning and Development.   
      • Travel and expense management.   
      • Team collaboration.  
      • Exit management.  
      • Workflow management.   
      • Role-based accesses.   
      • User management.   
      • Birthdays and work anniversaries.  
      • Field force tracking.  
      • Shift planning.  
      • Remote Work Toolkit.  
      • HR advisory.  
      • Payroll advisory.  


      Key specifications:

      • Operating Systems supported: Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, IOS, Android.

      • Deployment type: Cloud-based.

      • Supported devices: Desktop, Smartphones.

      • Industry expertise: All Industries, irrespective of size or type.

      • Languages support: Hindi, English.

      • Free trials: Yes.  


      TC reviews:

      • Overall: 4.5/5

      • Features efficiency: 4.5/5.

      • Budget-friendly: 4/5.

      • User friendly: 5/5.

      • After-sales support: 4.5/5.  


      Closing Lines:

      Qandle is an all-inclusive hire to retire HR software. This software helps to simplify and automate most of the HR aspects to increase their process efficiency. Qandle is a robust HR software with many features, which your business can make the most out of it.

      Book Qandle software free demo today and check out the software at Technology Counter. It will help businesses to get real-time information about their workforce and make strategic changes in their process. Contact us for any software-related queries and our experts help you choose the right HR software for your business.