I dont mind your slow motion.

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I don't mind your slow motion.I don't mind your slow motion.I don't mind your slow motion.I don't mind your slow motion.

Thinking of Qin Yuzhi's arm and his two attendants, Zhou Ran jumped in his heart, "Zhou Qingruo, you little goblin, the water of the 49 cities has to follow you." Compared to love at first sight, It's more like I'm meant to love you. - [Black Box] The author has something to say: I wanted to finish Zhou Ke and Qing Ruo today. It turned out to be too much. Well, it's over tomorrow. The next story is about e-sports. Babies, do you want to watch e-sports. Good evening, love you ~ Mada ~ Chapter 20 Beauty Mistakes You.. It's probably beautiful Zhou Ke just arrived at 49 city to make such a big event, Zhou Juyan and Mrs. Zhou today pushed the outside things waiting for them at home, Zhou Ke they are still on the way, two people already know the airport Zhou Ke and Qin Yuzhi had a conflict. Qin Yuzhi dislocated his hand and was sent to the hospital. Mrs. Zhou stood in front of the French window and watched. As soon as she saw the car at home, she turned her head happily and called Zhou Juyan, "Come back, come back." Zhou Juyan sat firmly on the sofa, holding the remote control tightly, snorting coldly, regardless of whether he came back or not, this is not Xiao Zi, who wants him to come back. Before the car stopped, Mrs. Zhou came out to the yard. Before the car was stable, Zhou Ke opened the door and jumped down. Before Mrs. Zhou could be startled, Zhou Ke waved to her with a bright smile, "Mom ~". Mrs. Chou came up with two steps. "I'm back." It was snowing in the city of 49, and it was very cold outside. Zhou Ke held her hand with coolness and turned the other hand to hold Qingruo who got out of the car. "Mom,Inflatable water obstacle course, Zhou Qingruo, I've seen it in the video." There is still a difference between the video and the real person. Mrs. Zhou let go of Zhou Ke's hand to pull her, "Hey, beautiful again." At the beginning of the video, Qingruo was still a swarthy one, and then it came back white bit by bit, and now it looks whiter and better. Qing Ruo called her with a smile, "Hello, aunt." Jiang Chengxing and Liu Zhoucheng got out of the car and stood upright to salute Mrs. Zhou first. "Hello, madam." Then both of them relaxed their expressions,large inflatable water slide, and Jiang Chengxing called her with a smile, "Aunt, what delicious food to eat tonight?" A group of people went inside, Mrs. Zhou holding Zhou Ke in one hand and Qingruo in the other, as happy as a bird taking off. Into the room, change slippers, Zhou Juyan cold face sitting on the sofa, Zhou Ke waved in the shoe cabinet, "Dad ~" Zhou Juyan turned back with a cold face, and Qing Ruo smiled so hard that his eyebrows and eyes curved and nodded cleverly and called him, "Hello, uncle." Zhou Juyan instantly softened his expression, "I'm back." Qingruo smiled cleverly and gently. Zhou Juyan ignored Zhou Ke. Everyone sat down on the sofa. Mrs. Zhou greeted them to eat fruit. While greeting them, she neatly peeled an orange and handed it to Qingruo. "This orange was delivered this morning. It's very sweet." Qing Ruo took it, broke off half of it and handed it back to Mrs. Zhou. The half in his hand was broken off again, and half of Zhou Ke was divided. Zhou Ke was gone in one bite and took a bite. "Oh, it's really sweet." Hands were not idle and began to peel oranges. He peeled the first one and handed it to Zhou Juyan next to him, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,inflatable amusement park, "Dad, eat oranges." Zhou Juyan held the remote control, did not even look at him, cold hum. Zhou Ke stretched out his elbow and turned him. "Hurry up. What are you pretending to be proud of? Obviously, you are so happy that you are not uncomfortable with the corners of your mouth." Zhou Juyan, ".." He glared at him angrily and took the orange. Zhou Ke peeled the orange to Zhou Juyan, Qing Ruo peeled the orange to Mrs. Zhou, Mrs. Zhou also broke half of her. Zhou Juyan put down the remote control and ate the orange. After eating the orange, he stood up and called Zhou Ke in a deep voice, "Come to the study with me." Before Zhou Ke could answer, Mrs. Zhou, who was sitting next to Qingruo, said to Zhou Juyan, "What's wrong with you? I'll go to your study as soon as I come back. I'm afraid someone won't know what to do if you have a study.". Originally the boy of the Qin family passed, Xiao Ruo and his son just came back, he went to the airport to stop people, but also with so many people, but also with the Liu family, how, a few meanings ah, still want to rob people ah. "He is shameless and wants to be ugly to Xiao Ruo and his son. What's wrong with Zhou Ke kicking him? I just want to say that he kicked well. I'm afraid of his Qin family.". And the Liu family, what is it? Bah. Zhou Juyan has a headache. "Zhou Ke's lawless temperament is what you are used to. He is unreasonable.". ” Mrs. Zhou sneers, while sneering at Zhou Juyan, she also peels the grapefruit quickly. "Don't reason with me. Those who reason in the city of 49 have long been gnawed to the bone. At that time, the old man was too proud of Liu's face that Liu Ziheng dared to press Zhou Ke to bully him." After peeling the grapefruit in Mrs. Zhou's hand, she changed her face in an instant and handed it to Qingruo, smiling as gently and kindly as Guanyin, "Xiao Ruo, eat quickly." Qing Ruo, ".." Seeing Zhou Juyan still standing, he rolled his eyes in silence and said to Zhou Ke, "Don't pay any attention to him, let him go to the study alone and enjoy the unique study in the world." Zhou Ke broke off half of the grapefruit from Qingruo's hand and handed it to Zhou Juyan, then pulled him to sit down. "Dad, Qingruo and I just came back. The whole family will sit down for a while. We'll talk about it tomorrow morning." Zhou Juyan looked at Mrs. Zhou's eyes that simply hated iron but not steel. He said that Zhou Ke was a sensible child when he was a child. The longer he grew, the more crooked his temper became. The reason was all here. It was not easy for him to go to the Southwest Military Region for a few years. When he came back, he was taught by his mother. Tut, it's over. Zhou Juyan instantly looked at Qingruo with burning eyes, and felt that if he could pull Zhou Ke not to run too far in the future, he could only see Qingruo, which was a long way to go. Zhou Juyan asked Qingruo gently while eating grapefruit, "How many months?" How many months? Qing Ruo looked at Zhou Ke sideways, and Zhou Ke tightened his back. Zhou Juyan is still continuing, "counting the time, how is it more than four months, the reaction is not big, the body can stand it?" Qingruo, hey, smile. Mrs. Zhou rolled her eyes again, "Zhou Ke coaxed you to play, not yet, and they got married in September, after marriage must have two people's world, it is not convenient to have children at this time, how to wait for the honeymoon to come back and prepare for it." Then he slanted his head and asked Qingruo, "right?"? Xiao Ruo. Qing Ruo,inflatable water slide, ".." This could be her real mother. Zhou Ke nodded, "although I really want a daughter, but it is estimated that fate has not yet arrived." 。 joyshineinflatables.com