Leave no man under the sword.

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Leave no man under the sword.Leave no man under the sword.Leave no man under the sword.

The Miao woman with Huang Ying's sword took a look at the sword in Li Pinghou's hand and suddenly let out a long roar. After the roar, the Miao women around them all retreated and went back to their huts. Only the other three Miao women with sharp weapons were still in their original positions! Li Pinghou and Hua Zhen are puzzled, do not know what they are playing tricks, but the other side's attitude is not clear, they dare not relax their guard! The Miao woman with the sword seemed to be the leader of a group of people. She whispered to the other three people in Miao language for a moment. Then she pointed at Hua Zhen with her sword and said, "Go away first!" Hua Zhen was naturally unwilling. She raised her angry eyes and was waiting for opposition, but Li Pinghou said, "Miss Zhen!"! It's good for you to go away. They are all famous weapons in their hands. If they start fighting, it's very difficult for you to deal with them with your bare hands. Still unconvinced, Hua Zhen said, "I don't believe it. Although the weapon is good, it depends on the person who uses it.." Li Pinghou frowned and said, "If they can't do it, I don't need your help at all. If they are very powerful, you will affect me here.." As soon as Hua Zhen heard that this was the truth, if these four Miao women were really very powerful, Li Pinghou would have to use his precious sword to protect himself! So she immediately moved aside, but her eyes were fixed on the Miao women, and she was thinking about how to seize a sharp weapon from their hands. The Miao woman pointed her sword at Li Pinghou again and said, "Are you called Li Pinghou?" Li Pinghou was quite surprised,316 stainless steel plate, but he was still calm and said, "Not bad!"! Why are you asking me this? The Miao woman still didn't quite believe it and said, "Li Pinghou is alone and has no brothers or sisters. If you are really Li Pinghou, what happened to those girls in the morning?" Li Pinghou deeply feels strange, this Miao woman still does not express the attitude, just garrulous to ask these irrelevant questions, I do not know what is the purpose. That Miao woman sees he does not answer,347 stainless steel, urge again: "You say quickly!"! Are these girls your sisters? Li Pinghou snorted coldly, "What do these questions have to do with you?" The Miao woman smiled and said, "It matters too much. I want to find out whether you are really Li Pinghou or not." Li Pinghou said angrily, "If Li doesn't change his name in life and doesn't change his surname in death, will it still be fake?" Zhuang Rong, the Miao woman, said, "Don't be so rude. Let's first clarify the problems of those girls. This matter concerns not only me, but also them, but also you.." "How are they?" Asked Li Pinghou. "Will you answer my question first?" The woman asked coldly. Li Pinghou had no choice but to say, "They are my companions. In order to help me find someone, they pretend to be my sister. Now you can tell them how they are.." "That's right," said the Miao woman with a smile. "They insisted that you were their own brother and almost killed themselves. Now you can find a way to prove that you are Li Pinghou! Although your sword can testify, but I still can't believe, 316l stainless steel pipe ,uns c68700, who told you to lie first in the morning. Li Pinghou said angrily, "I don't have the spirit to talk nonsense with you. Tell me what happened to my companions."? Where are they now? What happened after I left? The Miao woman smiled and said, "I sent them to Mrs. Jinlong. One of them had a problem with her clothes and was locked up by her.". ” Li Pinghou lost his voice and asked, "Is there something wrong with the clothes?"? Which one is it? The Miao woman said with a smile, "Of course it's the biggest one. She's wearing the unique gold clothes of our Miao territory!"! When Madame asked her, she talked nonsense again. Li Pinghou was greatly surprised, thinking that if Mrs. Jinlong was his mother, Huazhu would tell the truth when she saw her. If she was not his mother, how could she recognize the gold? The Miao woman smiled again and said, "There is only one way to save them now. That is, you must prove that you are Li Pinghou. Otherwise, even you and one of them can't live.." Li Pinghou said angrily, "If you ask anyone, you'll know if I'm right.." The Miao woman smiled and said, "We don't have any contact with the outside world. We don't know anyone.." "Then how do you know the name of Li Pinghou?" Asked Li Pinghou in surprise. "You don't have to ask," said the Miao woman at once. "I won't tell you until I know for sure that you are the real Li Pinghou, because I've never seen Li Pinghou.." Li Pinghou said angrily, "Do you think there is any way to prove it?" The Miao woman said with a smile, "The precious sword is not enough to prove it. The name can be faked. Only the skill of the sword can not be faked. If you can beat the four of us with the precious sword, you can make us believe.." As soon as Li Pinghou waved his sword, he shouted, "If you had said it earlier, it would have been over. Why do you talk so much nonsense?" Then he brandished his sword and went straight to the front of the Miao woman. She brandished Huang Ying's sword in her hand. She was so strong that she pushed Li Pinghou back two or three steps! Li Pinghou was only slightly surprised. But with an angry face, the Miao woman cried, "It is said that Li Pinghou is famous all over the world for his precious sword. You are so loose. You must be a fake. Tell me the truth. Is this precious sword stolen?" As he spoke, he motioned with his eyes, as if to tell him to admit it! Li Pinghou was confused by her strange state, but he had experienced too many strange things, so he was too lazy to think more. Moreover, he was eager to see the flower bead and others, and did not want to be entangled with more material, but without saying a word, he attacked again with a knife, and this time he was more cautious. The light of the sword was sprinkled, but the strength was concentrated on one point. The Miao woman only wanted to fly the sword in his hand, but she had no intention of taking his life! So when he saw the shadow of the sword slanting, he raised his arm and hit it again. Li Pinghou's wrist turned over, and the sword suddenly changed. He dodged the blade and cut her neck! With a gentle clank, the blade broke the thread of her necklace, and the dripping pearls rolled all over the floor. The Miao woman was stunned and regressed, but Li Pinghou said with a smile, "If I were Li Pinghou under an assumed name, this knife would not be able to hold the power so accurately, and what you broke would not be just a string of beads!" The Miao woman looked slightly pleased,x60 line pipe, but said with a sneer, "Just one or two good swordsmanship is not enough to run wild here. Sisters, let's go together and catch this impostor boy.." 。 lksteelpipe.com