The woman on the top of the villain's heart wears a book.

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The woman on the top of the villain's heart wears a book.The woman on the top of the villain's heart wears a book.

Aunt Zheng usually comes to clean the room for Chu Sheng, and then occasionally comes to cook for Chu Sheng. The rest of the time she is in the old house of Chu's family, but she mainly takes care of Chu Sheng and occasionally comes to cook for Chu Sheng. That's because Chu Sheng is busy and seldom eats at home. Because Shen Luo is here, Aunt Zheng is worried about these two people, so she went back to Chu's old house to get things, and wanted to stay here for a few days to take care of Shen Luo. Aunt Zheng looked at Shen Luo's smiling appearance and felt that the little girl was really beautiful. Shen Luo looked at Aunt Zheng with some embarrassment. Chu Sheng stood out and said, "Aunt Zheng, her name is Shen Luo." Aunt Zheng said, "The name sounds good. Shen Luo, do you like pineapple? You like it. I'll buy you some pineapple tomorrow." Shen Luo said, "Pineapple, I like it. Thank you, Aunt Zheng." Zheng aunt listens to Shen Luo's answer, more like Shen Luo this girl, she hurriedly ran to the kitchen to serve dishes for Shen Luo. Because she wanted to eat light food, Aunt Zheng made seafood porridge and a few side dishes for Shen Luo. She was worried that Shen Luo would not have enough to eat. She also cooked purple potatoes with Shen Luo. You eat this first, and tomorrow, I will give you my specialty. Do you like to eat braised pork in brown sauce? My braised pork in brown sauce is very delicious. Aunt Zheng finished and looked at Shen Luo waiting for Shen Luo's answer. "I like it," said Shen Luo. Aunt Zheng likes Shen Luo more. Chu Sheng has not eaten since he came back, so Aunt Zheng filled Chu Sheng with porridge. After looking at the table for a while, Aunt Zheng went to the kitchen and quickly fried a lettuce dish. You can eat it and put it on the table for a while. I'll come and clean it tomorrow morning. You all go to bed early. After that, Aunt Zheng went upstairs to the guest room. Aunt Zheng does not give Chu Sheng and Shen Luo as a third wheel, let these two people get along more, so that two people can be together. Shen Luo sat at the table and sipped the porridge. Aunt Zheng cooked the porridge very well. With a few side dishes she made, Shen Luo had a feeling of wanting to eat more. Chu Sheng eats fast, but when he eats, he looks as beautiful as flowing clouds and flowing water. Shen Luo quietly glanced at him and continued to eat. By the time Shen Luo put down her bowls and chopsticks, Chu Sheng had already looked at her for quite a long time. Shen Luo opened her mouth and asked, "Do you let me live here because of the public opinion on the Internet?" Shen Luo is not stupid, she has been in the entertainment circle, plus Chu Sheng just asked her if she believed him, Shen Luo probably knew why. She thought it was because Chen Lian had said something to the media,plastic bottle making machine, and now people on the Internet were scolding her, so Chu Sheng wanted to solve everything and then let her go back. Chu Sheng got up to clean up the dishes and did not answer Shen Luo's question. Shen Luo saw Chu Sheng go to the kitchen, she also hurriedly took the bowl chopsticks to follow up, "Chu Sheng." Chu Sheng turned around, Shen Luo hurriedly retreated, "I am not so delicate." In the past, she was not popular in the entertainment circle. When her acting skills were poor, there were many people scolding her on the Internet. Shen Luo was very angry at first, and then she practiced not caring about the comments of those people on the Internet. Shen Luo said, "You don't know, in the entertainment circle, which star is not scolded by netizens, and not everyone likes it." Finished, Shen Luo looked at his tiptoe and did not speak. After Chu Sheng washed the bowl, he held out his hand to Shen Luo. Shen Luo, "hmm?" "Bowls and chopsticks, liquid bottle filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock," said Chu Sheng with a good temper. Because did not react to come over, so Shen Luo directly handed over his bowls and chopsticks, and then Shen Luo stood there watching Chu Sheng brush his bowls and chopsticks. After washing the bowls and chopsticks, Chu Sheng went upstairs, and Shen Luo followed Chu Sheng upstairs. Chu Sheng said, "You live in my bedroom, I live in the guest room, and tomorrow morning I'll ask them to send you clothes and daily necessities." "I live in the guest room." "No, you can stay in my bedroom." Shen Luo looked at Chu Sheng and said earnestly, "just live in the guest room." It was not appropriate for Shen Luo to live here for a week, and it would be even more inappropriate if she lived in Chu Sheng's bedroom. Looking at Shen Luo for a long time, Chu Sheng said, "Good night." Shen Luo ".." Chapter 32 Aunt Zheng brought breakfast to the table. She looked at the time and asked, "Would you like to ask Miss Shen to go downstairs for dinner?" It's more than nine o'clock now, and Shen Luo hasn't got up yet. Looking upstairs, Chu Sheng said with a smile, "Let her sleep. When she wakes up, you cook something for her. She likes to eat a little spicy food, eat fruit, like sweet food, and drink hot milk." Finished, looking at the living room, Chu Sheng slightly frowned, "buy a bunch of flowers, the color is a little monotonous." At the thought that Shen Luo was at home, Chu Sheng raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously. Shen Luo is the afternoon to wake up, she woke up after looking at the time they are a little confused, rubbed her hair, she stepped on the slippers downstairs. There was only Aunt Zheng in the living room. Aunt Zheng was picking beans with a basin and a bag of beans. There was also a vase on the table. There was a bunch of Lisianthus in the vase. It looked shy and beautiful. See Shen Luo Zheng aunt hurriedly way "I give you hot meal, you hurry to eat, this is a little more." With that, Aunt Zheng wiped her hands with her apron and got up to go to the kitchen. The champagne-colored Lisianthus on the table was beautiful, and Shen Luo went over and touched it with her finger. When Aunt Zheng brought the dish to the table, Shen Luo asked, "Aunt Zheng, did Chu Sheng go to work?" "Yes, he's at work. He won't be back at noon, but he'll be back early in the evening." Aunt Zheng answered. At this time, Shen Luo was still thinking about Chen Hao. She asked, "Aunt Zheng, can you lend me your cell phone?" Hearing this, Aunt Zheng paused and said, "I didn't take the mobile phone." Because of Shen Luo, Aunt Zheng went to search the news on the Internet, now the whole network is scolding Shen Luo, let Shen Luo get out of the entertainment circle, how ugly how to scold, and even some people say that Chen Lian kidnapped Shen Lian is right. Chen Lian is not a fool, she was prepared, when she went to kidnap Shen Luo, she broke the news to the media,Vegetable oil filling machine, including the recording, her apology and Shen Luo's unforgiving recording, but the recording was edited by Chen Lian. Some people who hate the rich on the Internet wish they could hate Shen Luo more than Chen Lian. Shen Luo's fans don't work at all.