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Crazy baseCrazy baseCrazy baseCrazy baseCrazy baseCrazy baseCrazy baseCrazy base

That kind of feeling is very strange, say not painful and a bit like being pricked by a needle, but a little numb, a little itchy, and in a certain moment, his whole body seems to suddenly have no strength at all, followed by a strong sense of tiredness, Xu Linyuan m m m in the past, actually fell asleep. In fact, Xu Linyuan did not know that the Qingyuan strengthening upgrade to the intermediate stage of the transition, he can also follow a strengthening, mainly for his body part of the genetic defects, as well as the repair of cell tissue, can be more perfectly fit with the Qingyuan, in the future, he can be able to act as an arm, with more tacit understanding. It's just that he doesn't know that this genetic and cellular repair has brought new changes to his body. I don't know how long it's been. Xu Linyuan was awakened by the sharp pain caused by a strong prick of a nerve. When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw some changes in the sleeping cabin, that is, the space had been significantly expanded, and it was no problem for him to lie in it and roll a few times. In addition,PET bottle Mold, several newly expanded functional facilities have been added beside the sleeping cabin, such as temperature control, oxygen molecular purification and filtration, sewage system, such as the regulation and control of infrared sleeping sh line, and some basic biological physiotherapy. And so on. Xu Linyuan also has no time to experiment with the newly added functions. After pressing the control button of the dormancy chamber, the dormancy chamber opens automatically. Just after a dormant warehouse, Xu Linyuan suddenly felt sticky all over his body,liquid bottle filling machine, as if he had sweated a lot and stuck to his body, a little uncomfortable. But when he lowered his head, his eyes widened and he looked a little incredulous. He saw that his height seemed to be slightly higher for a few minutes, and he could clearly feel it, because his kkunzi was a little shorter, and there was a bad smell on his clothes, and after he stretched out his arm, he saw some stains on his arm. Unable to believe this was true, Xu Linyuan immediately took off his clothes and saw that there were some stains all over his body, just like after being steamed in a sauna and using a massage machine, the stains in the m máo holes of his body were sucked out, and even some of the congestion and toxins with black and purple s sè were discharged. Gollum Just when Xu Linyuan was surprised that such a change had taken place in his body, suddenly there was a noise in his stomach, and he felt like he wanted to excrete, juice filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, so he immediately came to his senses and was ready to get out of the car to solve it. But then he suddenly looked around and found that the barn he was in was somewhat different, just like a room in a house. The Chu chuáng was where the sleeping barn was located. Other places, such as some metal platforms, also had different functions, and some new living facilities were added. There was also a small m mén next to the room, with a red light on, and when he came up to it, it seemed to be automatically scanned, and the red light turned green, and the metal m mén turned on automatically. After Xu Linyuan went in, it was a corridor, and he found that there were two small suites inside. At first glance, he saw that the small room in the middle had a clear sign of the bathroom. Even though he was overjoyed, he immediately went into the bathroom and wanted to experience some of the functions of the newly added bathroom. At least now he needed convenience. In this bathroom, there is a shower head, a metal bathtub beside it, and some touch buttons on it, all of which are made of electronic C C à o. What is more special is that next to the commode, there is a chair made of biomaterials. When Xu Linyuan took off his kk and sat on it, he did not feel the coldness of the metal, but a very soft and comfortable feeling. And in the middle of the seat, after a metal shutter was opened, there was a warm air flow to absorb it. When he couldn't help turning his stomach upside down, he took this high-tech toilet to do the first experiment on the function of living facilities after the Qingyuan upgrade. …… After an excretion, Xu Linyuan immediately felt much more comfortable, and he did not feel any stink in the process of excretion, even after he finished, he studied the button next to it, after pressing it, there was a mmáo hairy thing rolling on his buttocks, which immediately made him feel hot and humid. Even with the function of wiping his ass, Xu Linyuan stood up and confirmed it again, and then saw the metal mmén in the center of the seat automatically closed. After taking off all the clothes on his body, he tested the function of the shower head. As long as he pressed a button, a stream of warm water that fit the human body sprayed down and washed his body, which made him feel very cool. Just take a bath like this, one is to wash off the stains on the body, the other is to experiment with the related functions, plus Xu Linyuan did not prepare complete bath products on the Qingyuan, so only after cleaning the stains on the body, he found a set of clean and comfortable casual clothes in the sundry cabinet next to him. Out of the bathroom, Xu Linyuan did not see what function the small room next to it would have, but came to a metal mmén along the corridor. The mmén opened automatically after he approached it. Xu Linyuan saw the sign from the mmÉn that this was the living warehouse. And out of the life warehouse, everything outside has undergone earth-shaking changes, Xu Linyuan found that he seems to m mí lost the road in general, m mí lost on his own Qingyuan. Chapter 194 Intelligent Assistant Updated: May 13, 2012 20:10:26 Words in this chapter: 4957 ∷:∷ Chapter 194 Intelligent Assistant. The fourth stage of Qingyuan's upgrade is a key stage in the transition from the primary level to the intermediate level,water filling machine, which is why it has such abnormal ten basic conditions. It is precisely because the required upgrade conditions are so abnormal that there is naturally a qualitative leap and improvement in the changes that have taken place in Qingyuan after the conditions have been met for upgrading. Although Xu Linyuan woke up in the dormant warehouse, he only felt a series of changes that had taken place in the life warehouse, he could feel the changes that had taken place after Qingyuan had crossed the primary level.