Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

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Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue ShaoMisleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

"Ow.." Nannan had to move over again and gently smoothed the wrinkles on his suit pants with her paws. Chen An nodded with satisfaction and rubbed his soft head heartily. While he was not paying attention, Nannan used her left front paw to scrape mud on the edge of the lawn, all of which rubbed against his suit trouser leg. Chen An did not notice, rubbed for a long time before withdrawing his hand, one person and one tiger went to the main entrance. Yingbin was still frozen, Nannan glanced at his claws, walked a few steps to his side, and rubbed all the mud left on his claws against Yingbin. Then he held his head high and turned away. Welcome, ".." …… Chen An has attracted everyone's attention as soon as he appeared. Many people were curious about him and toasted one after another. Chen Anxin absent-minded, casual to deal with, the line of sight kept looking around. Suddenly, a voice came from the right side, "Young Master, Jue Shao." People have turned sideways, Mo Nanjue and Mu Bailiang came out at the same time, one dark blue and one pure black, the meaning of men's suits was interpreted to the extreme. Mo Nanjue walked on the right side with his hands in his pockets. His handsome eyes narrowed lightly, and his line of sight swept around Huaping very quickly. Hasn't Tong Ran come yet?! Mu Bai Liang said hello to the crowd and went straight to Chen An. Chen An held the cup tightly, looked up and poured down a glass of red wine,digital touch screen board, and when he put down his hand, Mu Bai Liang just stood in front of him. He smiled and stretched out his hand. "An Shao, congratulations." Chen An looked up at him with a sneer on his lips. He looked at the man beside him and handed him a glass of red wine. Mo Nanjue raised his delicate chin and looked at him coldly, unable to find a trace of fluctuation in his black eyes. He didn't answer it, and his hand was still in his pocket. Mu Bai Liang looked at his expression and was very satisfied. "An Shao, would you like me to introduce him to you?" "No, we know each other." "That's not necessarily true. Ask Jue Shao if you don't believe me." Without a word,interactive touch screens education, Mo Nanjue turned and walked away. Chen An stepped forward and clasped his wrist. "Jue!" Mo Nanjue turned his head and his eyes fell on his face like a blade. Chen An pursed his lips tightly, sliding his fingers onto his pulse without a trace, and holding his pulse carefully. The anxiety between his eyebrows gradually turned to reassurance, and Chen An opened his mouth, "You really don't know me?" Monanjue said coldly, "Take your hand away. I don't want to say it again." “……” Chen An frowned, Mu Bai smiled, "An Shao, if you want to know Jue Shao, I can help introduce, but such behavior seems impolite?" "Politeness is for outsiders." "But you are strangers now." Chen An did not argue with him again, but let go of his hand. Mo Nanjue looked at him coldly and turned around with the tip of his tongue touching the corners of his mouth. "Even his trouser legs are covered with mud. Are you sure you're not here to pull rice, but to get engaged?" “……” Chen An hung his head and looked. Shit! It was definitely the fat tiger who inherited someone's vindictiveness, so he shouldn't have brought it! ! pbtxt_5du5Chapter 3981 blurted out these two words. Mo Nanjue did not look at him again and strode to the other side. Chen An looked at his slender figure and suddenly relaxed his breath. It was the first time he had seen him since he was captured alive at the lakeside villa. If you have confirmed with your own eyes that it is all right, electronic board for classroom ,interactive boards for classrooms, it is really all right. Fortunately. Chen An pinched the goblet and thought of what he had said to Mu Chengfei in the capital of Chaoyang. The heart is pulled tightly and uncontrollably. While Mu Bai Liang was entertaining the guests, Mo Nanjue went to the ice pile and took a glass of red wine and shook it gently in his hand. He frowned and looked anxiously. Did Tong Ran fall asleep in the room?! There's no way she won't show up for such an important ceremony tonight. The man leans against the tree trunk, his whole body exudes the aura that strangers are not allowed to approach. Someone around him wants to toast, but after thinking about it, he still dares not come over. Mo Nanjue restlessly took a sip of wine, kept looking up at the villa, Mu Chengfei did not appear, is Tong Ran in the room to accompany her?! He is always worried about the accident, Mu Bai Liang left Tong Ran here, there must be other purposes. And it's important. Maybe it has something to do with Li Qin. Mo Nanjue could not help clenching the cup, thinking of the last time he saw Li Qin's face, and immediately rejected it, he always thought that he could never be alive. Is thinking, a blue shadow suddenly flashed, Mo Nanjue suddenly raised his eyes, the glass in his hand was patted on the ground. He stood up straight, raised his hand and clasped it forward! "Ow." Nannan's left front paw was clasped, it stood straight, two hind paws on the ground, looking at him with surprise on his face. Monanjue, "." Shit! Why is this fat tiger here?! "Ow!" Nannan's face was full of desire, and she threw herself directly on him, clinging to his waist with her paws, and a tiger face desperately rubbed against his collarbone. Let go! Mo Nanjue's face was cold and he grabbed the back of his neck with one hand. "Nannan!" These two words blurted out, Mo Nanjue suddenly realized that he had admitted the damn name, so angry that he wanted to shave all his hair, the man roared, "Take your paws away, do you hear?!" Nannan refused to let go, "Ow." Mo Nanjue clapped his backhand on his head. "Stand up!" “……” Nannan hurriedly loosened her paws and obediently came down and stood beside him. Mo Nanjue kicked it, Nannan did not dare to resist him, extremely docile bite his trouser leg. Mo Nanjue stood there with a cold face, a body of tiger hair, he inexplicably wanted to hit people, Tong Ran in the end where, time is not long, she will not come?! …… At the same time, Huo Xinjie also officially entered. She came earlier and changed her clothes here. Huo Xinjie, wearing a long white dress, came out of the petal path with the help of the girl. Behind him, Tong Ran and Mu Chengfei came out together. Mu Chengfei always hung her eyes, Tong Ran pinched her hand and lowered her voice, "Chen An tonight." The voice did not fall,smartboards in classrooms, originally standing beside Mo Nanjue's blue shadow suddenly flew out, and when no one saw it clearly, it had already jumped on Tong Ran! Tong Ran stumbled backward and nearly fell down. Nannan wrapped her limbs around her body and couldn't wait to rub the tiger's face against her chest. hsdsmartboard.com