I have a mythical beast in my body.

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I have a mythical beast in my body.I have a mythical beast in my body.I have a mythical beast in my body.

Sure enough, after knowing the arrival time of both sides, many people mostly went to the landing place of the temple. Obviously, the weight of the four families in many people's minds is still far higher than that of the maniacs. Afterwards, the man who found out about it was very angry, who told him not to go with the Demon Gate and the Sword Gate, and the temple was just a clever arrival time to steal the limelight of the maniac. At the same time, it is tantamount to taking away the influence of the maniac. Many forces close to the fanatics changed their minds or became indecisive after comparing the momentum of the two families when they arrived, and a small move by the temple saved the impact of its defeat in the Piaofeng Empire. Diplomacy. Sometimes it is these seemingly insignificant things that are compared. The maniac also has its own property in the Federal Star. The three buildings, which cover a very wide area and are connected together to form a triangle, are nearly one kilometer high. This is also an important source of funds for the maniac in previous years. The whole building is the highest building in the area where it is located. This is also the ancestral property left by the crazy family when it flourished. This area happens to be the most prosperous area of the whole Federal Star. Every year, the crazy family collects management fees, rents and so on, which can make many businessmen jealous. The exclusive area of the crazy family is located at the top of the three buildings. The division is also very particular. The owner's residence is located in the highest of the three buildings, and the top ten floors are assigned to the owner's exclusive use, and only when the owner comes will it be used. However, the owners of the crazy family have only been here three or five times in tens of thousands of years,interactive digital whiteboard, which is indeed a very serious waste. The next top floor is the exclusive use of the young master of the family, but the crazy family has rarely established the name of the young master for more than ten thousand years, as early as a long time ago, they learned that other families only set up family heirs. The top of the third building is used by the immediate family members of the head of the family. If the heirs of the crazy family come to the Federal Star, they can only live here, which is also the most used place. Every dozens of floors of the three buildings have a connecting passage for people living and working in the three buildings,smart board interactive whiteboard, but which connecting passage on the top floor is for the exclusive use of the crazy family. Live here. Whether it is sunshine, air is incomparable, and the whole city is under foot, which feels like stepping on the whole city in general. The higher the status of living, the higher the status, which is now an important point in human society to distinguish a person's status and strength. The layout of the area where the crazy eater lives is really surprising to the crazy eater, which luxury style is tens of times better than the place where the owner of the crazy star lives. Any utensil used here, including the various gems inlaid on the windowsill, can be called a treasure if it is put outside, and can be used by a large-scale auction company for a special show. Not to mention eating crazily, I was dazzled by everything here, and the performance of Zixia and the four girls of Youjia and Zixia's maids was not much better. After the staff who brought the people here left, smart board whiteboard ,digital interactive whiteboard, Zixia withdrew her strafing eyes and exclaimed: "Fatty, how can it be so extravagant here? Oh, my God, it takes hundreds of holy light crystals as lighting." Zixia looked up and looked at the ancient chandelier overhead, which was scattered with green divine light. It was the four girls of the Youjia family who first came to their senses. Obviously, they should have some understanding of this place as the maids of eating crazily. After all, under normal circumstances, the four sisters of the Youjia family are the most intimate people who grow up with eating crazily, live together and play together. Under normal circumstances, maids play the roles of secretary, maid and bed companion, and they naturally have to learn all the things related to the crazy family. Youjian opened his mouth after Zixia's words and said, "This is the place used by the second God of war in the family. This God of war is recorded to have lived in the Federation Star for decades." The second God of war who eats crazily is not the master of the house. Naturally, it is impossible to live in the exclusive area of the master of the house, which is not in line with the clan rules. The clan rules of the crazy family have made clear the rights of the master in many places. This is also to reflect the status of the master. No change is allowed at all. But his identity is unusual. What is a God of war? Other families are afraid to give him the master to sit down. He is afraid and will not accept it. In the end, it can only be arranged here. Looking at everything in the room, Zixia suddenly sighed. I don't know what Zixia is sighing. "Zixia, what are you sighing for?" He asked curiously. Zixia suddenly smiled and said, "Fatty, look here. Do you feel what kind of situation the family flourished in those days?". If you look at it now, don't you think the family is far worse than it was? After a pause, Zixia went on to say, "If we put it here now, I'm afraid the things here would have been exchanged for money to maintain the daily use of the family. How could it be like them? It's just used as a dispensable decoration." On hearing this, he swept around and said, "What's wrong with this? If you like it, I'll help you decorate your room like this later." As soon as Zixia heard this, she laughed happily. She bent down and kissed her fat face fiercely. Then she said, "You're dreaming. Do you know how much the overhead lamp costs? I'm afraid it may not be enough to sell your yellow floxacin." As soon as he heard this, he was stunned, then smiled, and said nothing more, but apparently made a decision. When Zixia walked into the bedroom where she was eating crazily and saw the big bed that was enough for more than ten people to lie across, she was more surprised than before. She didn't come to her senses until she was thrown into the big bed covered with the fur of the cosmic Decepticon. Obviously, the God of war in those days may have the same hobby as the current binge eating. Chapter 7 Teaching Bill (I) The next morning, she got up after eating crazily, which made Zixia, who was awakened, very strange. Qingri's eating crazily was the guy who would get up after she got up and finished a lot of things. For Zixia,smartboard for business, getting up early is a bit like the surprise of the sun rising from the west. After getting up, he grabbed Zixia's chest with an evil smile and then walked out of the door amid Zixia's laughter and scolding. The four sisters of the Youjia family and the maids of Zixia were naturally already waiting outside the door, and one by one they were obviously surprised to get up so early today. hsdsmartboard.com