Blessing of Odin 3 Missing of Odin (Gentleman Yize)

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Blessing of Odin 3 Missing of Odin (Gentleman Yize)Blessing of Odin 3 Missing of Odin (Gentleman Yize)

It was also there that I loved my dream more and found the way forward. And the eight years I stayed there were the fastest periods of progress in my forging skills, and then I went to Anaheim to learn more or less new knowledge, but compared with those eight years, I was almost living on my old capital. You are so pitiful. I'll give you a few years first. I stood up from the sofa, took my long coat from the hanger and put it on my body. "I will go to Wartheim for further study, and when I come back, you will be the second child of ten thousand years.". You should cherish the feeling of being the first all these years. Yul didn't fight back as fast as I thought. …… You're leaving Asgard, too? "Mmm." "Why go to Wartheim?" "I have lived there." "Have you ever lived in such a remote place?" Yul finally returned to normal, raised his eyebrows, "forget it, there is no time in life not to be hit, but also to stand up.". If you can't stand up now, just sit on the ground and have a rest. Most of the time, Yule will be like a man, although beautiful, never say disgusting words, never act like a spoiled child. This is true even in the face of the imminent departure of friends. On the fourth day back at the Palace of the Sea of Fog to start packing, I received a postcard from Jotunheim. As expected, the giant's things are all one size bigger. Not only are the postcards 1.5 times bigger than ours, but even the stamps are ridiculously big. The picture above is a magnificent view of the front of Henalin,interactive flat panel display, with two lines written in the middle: The first civilized city of Jotunheim Capital? Henalin In the lower right corner, it reads: Giant New Calendar 1306 However, on the back of such a large postcard, there is a lot of small writing, of course, all very boring nagging words, presumably the postman will not even have the desire to peep when he sees the first greeting. The most exasperating thing is that the girl who has giant blood but can only speak Asil actually put a lot of giant words in the letter. But now that I had the address of her and Sol's new home,smart interactive whiteboard, I put the postcard carefully in my suitcase and prepared to go out and ask someone to help me carry things. As soon as he reached the hall, he saw Loki standing in the middle. After the war, he got almost everything. Status, territory, fame, money, almost one-sided support from the Warner tribe, and an even more astonishing number of successive women. I thought he would never appear in front of me again. He seemed to have been waiting for a long time, his eyes a little tired, and he put on a thick coat because he couldn't stand the climate of Asgard. Nevertheless, in this cold and dark world, his appearance will be too bright and shining. I heard you were leaving. He said. Uh "What about Vihir?" "Will come with me." "Will you come back?" "Maybe." The stiff questions and answers made the atmosphere a little awkward. Finally, Loki stopped asking, came over silently, touch screen whiteboard ,smartboards for business, hung his head, and looked me in the eye: "Whatever you do, it won't change your decision, will it?" I don't know if the change of mood caused me to feel that he was different. On this day, Loki's manner, eyes, words and deeds are quite different from those of the past. I can't say exactly where it is. Looking at his crystal pupils, I shook my head. Not surprisingly, he smiled: "In that case, remember to come and see me before you leave." "I'm leaving tomorrow." "Then come and see me this evening, will you?" I looked at him quietly and did not answer. The most melancholy thing in life is probably to witness the change of a person or a relationship. If you can not get a feeling and sad like drinking poison, then a person from like to forget, is to eat drugs. You can feel the pain, one by one, and it will be exhausted, but you can't stop it. As long as there is Odin, others will eventually be the stars of the moon, Loki should understand. We all know that the disappearance of Odin has cut off my ties with Loki forever. May I have a look at Vihir? Loki said again. I took him to my room, picked up Vihir, who could not walk yet but was already climbing like flying, from the cradle and handed him to Loki. Loki gently lifted Vihir's armpit, as carefully as a fragile crystal bubble. His son is actually very similar to him, especially his sly eyes. It's just that when Rocky was young, although he had strength, he was easy to bully, and Vihir was a little bully who everyone had a headache. Like an instinctive feeling between father and son, Vihir did not make a scene when facing Loki, but looked at him with big purple eyes and his head gradually tilted to one side. Loki also tilted his head and gave him a gentle smile. After playing with him for a while, Loki gave him back to me with a kiss on his soft blond hair. He never said a word to Vihir. I took Loki to the gate of the Palace of the Sea of Mists. He turned to look at the building of the divine world, which might be very strange to him, the Millennium Snow Mountain, and looked back at me: In fact, when I was sensible, I always felt that there was no place for me in the world. I always think that if one day I will die, the happiest way is to close my eyes in your arms. If there is an inch of land that can accommodate me at the last moment.. I hope it will be in your heart. Whether it is affection or hatred, it will be satisfied. Originally, I can do not ask for love. He smiled wryly. "If only I had realized it earlier." Or the same humble but sweet love words, but people can not feel the slightest detainment. A strong, cold wind blew from the palace and beat his back. His curly red hair danced in his ears. From now on, I will not try to tie you down in any way. He took my hand in silence, leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips, and whispered in the gap between the lips, ".." I'll let you go. After he left, I realized one thing: after many experiences,75 smart board, he finally changed. It's just, as a farewell, that's enough. So I didn't go to see him again in the evening.