Recommend her no one loves (total number: Situlanya Everything House

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Recommend her no one loves (total number: Situlanya Everything HouseRecommend her no one loves (total number: Situlanya Everything House

Han Mingye gives people the feeling that he has a good family education, especially a very good one. Most people can't compare with him. He is different from General Manager Li. Maybe it's because of the influence of a scholarly family. Han Mingye is very gentle and polite to everyone. This is the third time that Chen Yao has cooperated with him. He has never seen him angry, let alone angry, even if he speaks a little louder. Everything in the villa was newly purchased, such as sofas, mattresses, tableware and so on, which were also chosen by Chen Yao and Han Mingye. Chen Yao finally did not go to watch TV, but chose to lie on the table while eating watermelon and watching Han Mingye cook. "No." "Hm?" "I want a piece of watermelon." Chen Yao second understand, took a new toothpick to insert a piece forward, Han Mingye smiled to accept, the air seems to be filled with sweet love breath, Chen Yao himself almost moved. Then she did not let Han Mingye hint, take the initiative to send a piece every other moment, the interaction between the two was very warm and natural, not like a strange love reality show guest, but a kind of old couple feeling. Sweet but not greasy, considerate and not artificial, the staff of the program group think that these two people are really something, but in fact, their acting skills are really good. In the past, Chen Yao was not very picky about food. He could eat anything and fill his stomach. Later,classroom interactive whiteboard, he couldn't. If he could feed himself, his mouth would become tricky. It was common that he didn't like this or that and didn't want to eat. But Han Mingye's cooking skills are really good, and the presentation of home-style dishes makes a sense of advanced cooking. Hand-torn cabbage, sweet and sour fish, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and corn sparerib soup. The steamed rice was fluffy, sweet, and soft,86 smart board, which was exactly what Chen Yao liked. When she smelled the fragrance coming out of the kitchen, she couldn't help sniffing like a puppy. Han Mingye refused to let her serve the rice on the grounds that the heat was very dangerous. She completely treated Chen Yao as a child. Boss Han is so gentle-from the program group. You are so good at acting. This man is from Chen Yao. Chapter 43 At the end of lunch, Han Mingye really didn't let Chen Yao wash the dishes. The worker called to say that he would arrive at about two o'clock. Chen Yao wanted to take a nap, but the bedroom was now uninhabitable, because the bedding and so on were carried to the balcony to dry together. She fell on the sofa in the living room, and the air conditioner was pulled, basically sleeping in seconds. When Han Mingye collected the quilt, he passed by the living room. When he saw Chen Yao, he thought that the quality of sleep was really good. It was really enviable. He had a little insomnia. Every time he put his pillow on the pillow, he couldn't sleep for half an hour or an hour. He couldn't compare with Chen Yao. Chen Yao's nap is a little rest to refresh himself. When he wakes up, he feels refreshed, his cheeks are ruddy, his peach blossom eyes are shining, and the whole person looks particularly energetic. Looking at it makes people feel good. Han Mingye carried a fruit plate to come over, looked at the time only a little bit, interactive panel board ,smart boards for conference rooms, two people while eating fruit while playing games. Han Mingye's technical level, how to say, is definitely better than that of Li Zong, but it is far worse than that of Chen Yao. It is completely the feeling of a big brother bringing new ideas. Fortunately, he modestly learns and actively seeks advice. It can not be said that the assistance is particularly good, at least he can slowly do not drag Chen Yao down. After playing a few games, the workers arrived, and Han Mingye and Chen Yao finished playing games. It seemed that Han Mingye was still a little more than enough. He told the workers about his ideas, and kept asking Chen Yao's opinions by the way, and completely based on her comfort. It can be said that he had achieved the acme in the gentleman aspect. Chen Yao felt that even if Li was half as gentle as Han Mingye, he could become a popular lover. Soft outfit is very fast, Han Mingye really put Chen Yao's room into a very romantic pink and tender little princess style, although Chen Yao actually has no feelings for being a princess, but the reality show of love, the man spoils you so much, if you don't appreciate it, when the program is broadcast, you won't be scolded to death? Of course she is a person who knows good and bad! To Han Mingye's own room, he is also very good at adopting Chen Yao's opinion. Unlike Li Zong's cold wind, Han Mingye's bedroom is finally very simple and clean, with blue and white as the keynote, which makes people feel that the people living in this room are particularly refreshing and natural. After loading, it was time for dinner. This time, instead of eating in the villa, they chose to go out for a candlelight dinner. Han Mingye is really not flirting, a flirting is amazing, Chen Yao feels that he is lucky to have principles, bottom line and family education, otherwise he really wants to be a playboy like Lu Zheng, he doesn't even have to throw money, thanks to her partner actor, otherwise no one can carry it. This restaurant has been booked by Han Mingye for a long time. He always does things carefully and properly. Chen Yao can't find any fault at all. She doesn't even need to do anything. She just needs to show her all-round beauty and excellent figure to reverse all living beings. But Han Mingye still has a request for this, he said: "It is my honor to invite you to dinner, but I have a presumptuous request." He paused for a few seconds and asked Chen Yao sincerely, "Excuse me, can the big brother still take me to score in the evening?"? I'll take care of all the housework in the future. Chen Yao smiled, but deliberately took Joe: "Then I want to think about it and see how you behave." The two of them had a beautiful dinner, which was faithfully recorded by the camera. In the middle of the meal, Chen Yao said she wanted to go to the bathroom. Han Mingye asked if she needed company. Chen Yao's face turned red. She glared at Han Mingye. However, her eyes were not fierce at all. Instead, she was very charming and angry. Han Mingye was so excited that Chen Yao was really beautiful. It was the beauty of the world. Can't resist. However, out of the box door, Chen Yao was thinking about the familiar and strange look she had felt when she entered the store before-was it the person she was thinking of? But before she could recognize her, she disappeared, so she deliberately said she wanted to go to the bathroom, because according to Chen Yao's understanding of the man, if he saw her, he would do anything to get close to her. After all, he should hate her now. Instead of looking for it,65 inch smart board, Chen Yao slowly went into the women's restroom. She first solved her physical needs and then came out to wash her hands. She was shaking her hands to dry them. As soon as she looked up, she saw the figure of an adult man reflected in the mirror. Although she had expected it, Chen Yao was still startled. "You --".