Emperor tyrantEmperor tyrant

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Emperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrant

However, "bang" a loud noise, even if the powerful pulse in the body of Li Qiye, Li Qiye was not damaged at all, not even a hair was hurt. Impossible- "In this moment, I do not know how many people screamed, even the vanguard generals in small warships were shocked and shouted.". They can slaughter the gods with such a pulse, but Li Qiye is not damaged at all. Just tickling. Li Qiye said lightly that as soon as the words fell, he clapped his hands in the air and heard a "bang" sound, just like swatting a mosquito to death. However, at this time, a horrible scene appeared, heard a loud bang, more than a dozen small warships hit Li Qiye were suddenly shot into a discus by Li Qiye. More than a dozen small warships were slapped into discus and clamped tightly. Although these dozens of small warships are called small, each warship is bigger than a palace. In many people's eyes, it is a huge thing. To say that it is small is just compared with the ten huge main ships in the sky. Blood seeped out of the discus, and drops of blood dripped from the tiny cracks and dripped into the soil. There was a bang, and finally the discus fell to the ground, rolled far away, and finally fell to the ground and did not move. As for the generals in the battleship, when they were dying,4k smart board, they didn't even have time to scream. All of a sudden, they were integrated with the battleship and were made into meat sauce. They became real meat wrapped in iron. All of a sudden, everyone's mouth wide open, we did not expect to have such a result, a clap of both hands, more than a dozen warships were killed, such a means is too overbearing. Chapter 2649 indiscriminate bombing. ? A dozen battleships. In the blink of an eye, it was photographed as a discus,interactive panels for education, which made everyone dumbfounded for a while, and everyone gawked at the scene in front of them. The battleship group of Cangjin Cave is famous in the imperial world. Every warship, even if it is a small warship, is made of extremely precious divine gold. It is made by the immortal existence and even by the true emperor himself, again and again. It can be said that every warship in Cangjin Cave has been thoroughly tempered, and every warship has been personally blessed by the immortal God or Emperor. It can be said that every warship is an immortal weapon with powerful firepower or a soldier of the true emperor, and its power is unparalleled. Cangjindong's battleship group had participated in several famous battles in the imperial realm, and had made great military exploits. Under their powerful battleship group, one after another great religious countries had been destroyed. In this battle-hardened, Cangjindong battleship group loss has always been very slight, for them, the loss of one or two warships, that is already a big deal, did not expect, today in Li Qiye between hands, interactive whiteboard for schools ,smart board touch screen, will destroy Cangjindong more than a dozen, more than 20 warships. Looking at more than a dozen warships were shot into a discus by Li Qiye, for a while, many people opened their mouths wide, I do not know how many people took a breath of cold air, not creepy, such means, it is too overbearing, it is too horrible. Who is this man? Seeing such a scene, many grandfathers and granddaughters could not help but open their mouths wide and could not speak for a moment. For a while, many people could not say why, because for them, Li Qiye was too strange, few people knew his origin, let alone who he was. It is said that he claimed to be the first murderer, called Li Qiye, but he had never heard of where he was sacred, and no one knew where he came from. Some strong foreigners learned some news about Li Qiye from the monks in Mingluo City. The first murderer? Many famous strong people can not help but look at each other, because we have not heard of this title, not to mention the name of Li Qiye, for them, this title, this name, is really strange tight, sounds like a nobody. "Is there another rising star?" Seeing that Li Qiye was so overbearing and ferocious, someone had doubts and said, "The younger generation is awesome. There were Emperor Duan Yuzhen and Emperor Mu Jianzhen first, and now there is the first fierce man." At that moment, all the small warships accompanied by the ten huge warships suddenly turned around, and in an instant, the guns of all the small warships were aimed at Li Qiye, and even the guns of the ten giant warships were aimed at Li Qiye. There is no doubt that in this moment, the entire warship group's firepower is aimed at Li Qiye, it seems that at any time can give Li Qiye a fatal blow. More than a hundred, or even more than two hundred warships, all the guns are aimed at Li Qiye, looking at the dense guns, I do not know how many people are creepy, the heart is trembling. The firepower of the whole battleship group. Seeing such a scene, someone could not help saying in a low voice and said slowly: "This power is unparalleled. The firepower of their entire battleship group fired at the same time. They once maimed a Confucian orthodoxy, and then they could no longer recover." "This is too fierce. Is this the rhythm of sinking Mingluo City?" Seeing such a scene, even the older generation of strong people can not help but play a spirit, can not help but be creepy. It's better to stay away from it. If it really comes down, I'm afraid Mingluo City will be broken through. The experienced strong man murmured and began to evacuate outside the city of Mingluo. In fact, to see the whole warship's gun mouth densely aimed at Li Qiye, the whole city of Mingluo also appeared a burst of panic, many people were frightened, have withdrawn from the city of Mingluo,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, they are also afraid of the whole warship's firepower when it comes, it will break through the whole city of Ming Luo. Who will come? Report your name as soon as possible. Hide the gold cave and don't kill the unknown. Just as all the guns were aimed at Li Qiye, a general appeared in the battleship group and immediately shouted to Li Qiye. What's the hidden gold cave? I've never heard of it. Li Qiye stood there leisurely and said leisurely. hsdsmartboard.com