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Mom, why are you in my house? Why didn't you call ahead and come back? Su Xiaoning was a little nervous,

Mom, why are you in my house? Why didn't you call ahead and come back? Su Xiaoning was a little nervous, and now he was afraid of what Qiao's mother would say. Qiao mother listens to this word not to be happy, what calls her home, this is her son's house, how she this when the mother came to become Su Xiaoning mouth how can be in my home? "Xiao Ning, it's not your mother who said you, you can see how the good house in Dongcheng has been ruined by you, and you don't know how to clean it up.". Where on earth are you? Bring Qiao Fei back quickly. Qiao Fei has an art class to attend today. As soon as Su Xiaoning heard that Qiao Fei still had an art class to attend, he had a brainwave and answered, "Mom, don't worry, I'm taking Qiao Fei to an art class at the Children's Palace." In fact, Qiao Fei is now sketching under the guidance of Qiao Dongyang. So she's not lying. As soon as Qiao's mother heard this, she had nothing to say, so she explained a few words, saying that Qiao Fei would come back after class, that she would cook here, not eat outside, and that the outside was not clean and so on. Su Xiaoning hung up the phone and made a helpless gesture to Xie Qianqiu: "Brother Xie,brass tube fitting, I'm afraid I have to trouble you. I have to go back. My mother-in-law is waiting at home." Xie Qianqiu this is to send snow, meet Su Xiaoning came together, also intend to play here, now Su Xiaoning has something to do, he can not shirk when the free driver. So Su Xiaoning and Qiao Dongyang said she wanted to take Qiao Fei back, Xie Qianqiu also went to say goodbye to Snow White, do not know what Xie Qianqiu and Snow White said, Su Xiaoning only saw Snow White beep mouth to look at her,ball valve manufacturer, seems a little angry, what Xie Qianqiu said, the young girl broke into tears. So sometimes a woman is really a strange creature. When she is happy, she smiles like a flower on her face. When she is unhappy, she pouts her mouth and wants to say to the whole world that she is unhappy. From here to the Huayang community in the city, it takes two or three hours to drive. Su Xiaoning anxiously looked at her cell phone, only to blacklist her home phone, so that Qiao's mother could not get through her phone. She felt that Qiao's mother was a little too terrible now. She was obviously not at the same level as the good mother-in-law she thought at first. A little aggressive feeling, sometimes so angry that Su Xiaoning would like to ask loudly, what does her inconsistent attitude mean? Of course, she has not dared to ask, after all, that is mother-in-law, is Qiao Dongcheng's mother, stainless steel tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting supplier, is the elder, the fine tradition of respecting the old and loving the young Su Xiaoning is still thoroughly implemented. Qiao Fei is obviously a little unhappy, do not understand what Su Xiaoning so toss and turn to toss and turn to mean, and grandma said they are not on the outing on the line. Small sample, still not happy, Jue small mouth, and a little girl like. Su Xiaoning looked at Qiao Fei's unhappy frowning appearance and took on his little face and joked. Qiao Fei turned his head with a cold hum and decided to ignore Su Xiaoning, saying that he was like a little girl, he was clearly a boy, and there was the same as a little girl. Xie Qianqiu wanted to drive to 200 miles on the highway all the way. When he finally got to the city, the speed slowed down. Su Xiaoning only looked at one car after another outside the window of the highway and brushed back like flying. The good car was different. Sitting on Xie Qianqiu's white second wife car, it was very smooth and had no feeling at all. Qiao Fei turned his head and fell asleep. When he got to the city, Su Xiaoning patted Qiao Fei on the face and woke him up: "Qiao Fei, wake up. Here we are. Remember to tell Grandma that we are going to the Children's Palace for art class. Do you know?" Qiao Fei shook his head in puzzlement. "Why can't we say we went on an outing?" That's what he was going to say. Su Xiaoning thought about it for a while and felt that it was not clear to Qiao Fei. Fortunately, he did not explain it: "Well, it's a little complicated to say. When you grow up and marry a daughter-in-law, you will understand. Now do what I say?" Although Qiao Fei did not understand, he was still very obedient. He nodded and stretched out his little hand to hook Su Xiaoning's big hand: "Pull the hook and hang yourself for a hundred years.". ” The car drove to the Huayang community. Far away in the car, Su Xiaoning saw Qiao's mother standing at the gate of the community, looking out all the time. She was sweating in her heart. Just now she told Qiao's mother that she would be there in a moment. The old man would not wait for more than an hour in the sun. After getting out of the car, he said apologetically, "Mom, how long have you been waiting?". Just wait at home. Why wait? Qiao's mother ignored her and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Qiao Fei was safe. She also saw Xie Qianqiu, who had parked the car. She knew that the eldest son of the Xie family was a neighbor of Qiao Dongcheng, but she was unhappy when the son of the Xie family and her daughter-in-law came back together. Why am I waiting here. Su Xiaoning, do you want to do this, deliberately turn off the phone so that I can't find it? Qiao's mother was angry now. She couldn't get through the phone just now, and her anxious tone was naturally not much better. Mom "Grandma." Su Xiaoning and Qiao Fei called Qiao's mother together, as if they had never thought that such an elegant Qiao's mother would reprimand Su Xiaoning at the gate of the community where people were coming and going. Mom, I'm not. Look, my phone is on. Su Xiaoning infinite grievance, infinite injustice took out the mobile phone to show Qiao Mu, pressed the screen of the mobile phone without brightness, and then pressed it like this, whine, do you want to be so miserable, now the mobile phone is broken. Sure enough, the expression on Qiao's mother's face that you had nothing to say made Su Xiaoning want to cry without tears. I've been looking at the time just now, and it's fine. I don't know when, and I don't know what happened to the mobile phone. Mom, I really didn't mean it. I took Qiao Fei to class in the junior class. Maybe I accidentally turned it off by mistake. That's all she can explain now. Unexpectedly, however, as soon as Qiao's mother heard her words, she was even more angry. She threw her face away and said, "Just make it up. Just make it up. Is it the Children's Palace?"? Are you sure you took Joe to fly there to learn painting? Qiao Fei hurriedly opened his mouth: "Grandma,stainless steel needle valve, I am going to class." He didn't want to lie to his grandmother, but the situation forced him, but the clever child chose to say such ambiguous words. chinaroke.com