Prehistoric Dragon God

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Compared with Jiejiao, the three religions won a great victory this time, and the biggest harvest was the Western religion.

Compared with Jiejiao, the three religions won a great victory this time, and the biggest harvest was the Western religion. Tens of thousands of Jiejiao disciples defected, making the strength of his Western religion become the "first" great religion in one fell swoop. More importantly, Lao Tzu and yuan Shi still owe them a great cause and effect. If this cause and effect is used well, it can make the Western religion flourish and become no less than the existence of Jiejiao. So after returning to the West, Jieyin and Zhunti looked at each other and said, "Learn from the way of Heaven. Now our Western religion has officially broken away from Xuanmen and established Buddhism. With Lingshan as the foundation, Buddhism has been established." Suddenly, the way of heaven responded, and the image of ten thousand Buddhas appeared in the west. The auspicious sign came to wish, and the golden light was thousands of miles away. Suddenly, his face changed, and a broken golden lotus appeared in front of him. He saw in his mind that there were tens of thousands of disciples inside, but only less than ten thousand. He was furious, and the original twelve grades of golden lotus were only six grades, which made him even more angry. Now the luck of Buddhism is only half. Based on the six-grade golden lotus of Buddhism, I have established the Demon Sect. From then on, the Buddha and the Demon are mutually exclusive. Yin and Yang are opposite. The Buddha disappears and the Demon grows. The Buddha grows and the Devil disappears. The Buddhism will last forever, and the Magic Sect will last forever. As soon as the words of the Great Freedom in Heaven fell, great merit and virtue fell from heaven. The cultivation of the Great Freedom in Heaven was instantly promoted from the quasi-holy two heavens to the quasi-holy peak, and the whole body's evil spirit rose greatly. Under the influence of the evil spirit, the six-grade golden lotus turned into a nine-grade black lotus, suppressing the evil religion's luck. As the deputy leader of the Demon Sect, the Great Brahma beside the Great Free Heaven also obtained three levels of merit and reached the Nine Heavens of Quasi-Saints. But after Buddhism established the magic religion in the great freedom heaven, the luck immediately grew, and even the six-grade golden lotus evolved into the nine-grade golden lotus, but there was no smile on their faces. The great freedom heaven established the magic religion, and his Buddhism was Yin and Yang. Buddhism was not destroyed, and the magic religion was not destroyed. At this time, the Great Free Heaven is an immortal existence,car radiator cap, and as long as Buddhism declines. The luck of Buddhism will flow to the Demon Sect, and then the Demon will grow and the Buddha will disappear. There will be a Taoist door outside and a Demon door inside, and Buddhism will be in great trouble. Thinking of this, Jieyin Zhunti could not look at the underworld with resentment. a href = Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter eighty-one great changes in flood and famine Updated May 7, 2012 15:28:11 Words: 3275 King Zhou unified the whole country and practiced autocracy, but there was no corresponding cultural background and no reasonable system. In the slave society, this kind of autocracy perished in the uprising of the slave owners until the third generation. The human world was suddenly full of princes. Countless human races fought for the throne of the emperor, and disputes continued. For five hundred years, the average living standard of people not only dropped to the primitive time, but From the original farmers everywhere,Steel investment casting, now within a hundred miles, there are only tens of thousands of farmers, a sharp reduction of more than a hundred times. The Dragon Temple, now in ruins, except for some capitals, has become a dream in people's hearts, a dream in their hearts'forever '. Then the Spring and Autumn Five Hegemons, the Warring States Seven Heroes, the Qin Dynasty unified the whole country, and hundreds of thousands of years of flood and famine passed like a day. On the Three Immortals Island, Ao Xuan looked at the five elements of feathers and felt a burst of grief in his heart. It was because of the five elements of feathers that Ao Zun was robbed and killed by the Phoenix Clan, calculated by the saints, and driven into the black hole of space. Now Ao Xuan has thoroughly refined the five elements of feathers, it can follow the illusion of every item on Ao Xuan's body, but he did not do it, he still kept the five elements of feathers in their original appearance, let him remember this hatred, always remind himself of the insignificance of cultivation. On the Three Immortals Island, the nine Aotian brothers practiced every day, and there were many monks, which made the whole Three Immortals Island silent. If it weren't for the breath that appeared and disappeared at that time, socket screw plug ,DIN screw plug, they really thought it was a mountain without an owner. Ao Xuan looked at the endless East China Sea, looking at the distant flood and famine, his heart was full of ridicule. He transformed Confucius with a good corpse, and the five elements of feathers transformed the five virtues: loyalty, benevolence, sincerity, integrity, and courage. In addition, Kongtong helped Ying Zheng, the great sorcerer of the sorcery clan, to ascend the throne of God. As a result, all the major religious traditions in the world were extinct and declined. The prehistoric schools of thought and the inheritance of all the saints were torched. Only Laozi's Taoism and Sakyamuni's Buddhism could survive. The rest were squeezed out of the human world and transferred to the celestial world. And these years, Ao Xuan relies on the merit and luck of Confucianism, and his cultivation is also soaring. He and the good corpse have reached the realm of the sub-saint. Among several brothers, except Ao Tian and Ao Shen, his cultivation is the highest. Ao days this hundreds of thousands of years, the incarnation of ghost valley, received very few disciples, but almost every one is peerless talent, Sun Bin, Pang Juan, Su Qin, Wei Liao Zi, Zhang Yi, Mao Sui, Fan Li, etc., in the cultivation of Ao days, seven people have big Luo Jinxian's cultivation, plus a few people are gifted, even in the face of high-level big Luo Jinxian also has the strength of a war. The strength of the three immortals island in addition to the limited number of people on the three immortals island, no one knows its terror, a saint, twelve sub-saint, seven quasi-saint peak, seven quasi-saint above seven days, one hundred and thirty big Luo Jinxian, nearly ten thousand Taiyi Jinxian, tens of thousands of Jinxian, even millions of celestial beings, this strength in the flood and famine is absolutely frightening existence. But Qinglian knew that the Three Immortals Island was not the strongest in the power of the original. The Star Sea, Taiyi Jinxian, Jinxian, and Tianxian were all the Three Immortals Island. There were fifty-three Daluo Jinxian and fifteen Zhunsheng, all of whom were famous for their help. With the addition of the Star Battle Array last week, the three immortals island was slightly stronger than it. As for the underworld, not counting the 18 layers of hell, on the surface of light is a saint, twelve sub-saints, more importantly, there are hundreds of big Luo Jinxian, this is the most terrible existence. The underworld is the place of reincarnation of sentient beings and the place where merits and virtues are gathered. Here, merit and virtue are wages. As long as you work, you will get merit and virtue. Although it is only a little bit, as long as you persevere, for hundreds of millions of years, many a little makes a mickle, they will always have the hope of the right path. As for the ten palaces of the King of Hell, the two ancestral witches, these years have been the soul of justice, the management of the underworld, immeasurable merit, plus the whole underworld gas luck, their cultivation can be said to advance by leaps and bounds, just hundreds of thousands of years, to break through the quasi-saint to reach the sub-saint, this to let others know, must be jealous to death,metal stamping parts, but to seize the underworld, they do not have the courage, even a few saints dare not.