Rogue Masters of Online Games

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At the end of the competition, the little assassin failed, which was almost doomed. The Chinese people fought

At the end of the competition, the little assassin failed, which was almost doomed. The Chinese people fought for a promotion place for the country here. From beginning to end, it seems that the members of the Chinese team have not failed, right? But the summer wind is more and more curious, the master in the real world seems to be more than their own imagination so simple ah, everyone almost has their own hidden occupation, everyone seems to have their own special place, mutual promotion and restriction. Chapter 663 sneak attack on the immortals. Chapter 663 sneak attack on the immortals. Time has passed day by day, the Wuzong Congress in the real world has been slowly enjoying itself for nearly a month, during which time the players are not very bored on this island, at least they are here every day looking for something or watching the game and so on, and some people have formed a team to find silver boss or even gold boss on the island. Its explosion rate is several times more than the outside, so players seem to have a feeling of lingering. And after a game, this day Wuzong conference has appeared 10,000 players, which represents the qualification to enter the resurrection, that is to say, the next game will become more interesting, because players will not be eliminated directly if they lose a game, so everyone's interest is even higher. As for the players on the island, now there are two million people left, the rest of the hundreds of thousands of people, they are some of the players who were robbed, or the game is not satisfactory,stesweet stevia, in short, hundreds of thousands of people will not give Wuzong Congress what impact, because only a million people watch the game every day, the rest of the people are not playing boss is to rob, Or do their own things, anyway, we are not willing to idle, so every day the summer wind can also see one or two good plays. This day, Wuzong conference has already begun to sprint thousand strong,turmeric extract powder, Xia Feng and others all came to the venue, the ten thousand people are almost the most intrepid master in the whole real world, so everyone is not willing to miss this game, although the resurrection has begun, but no one wants to lose in a certain game? So today can be said to be the largest audience in a month, the whole venue was crowded with 1500000 people, you can imagine the excitement. In the top 1000, Xia Feng and others have been promoted. Few of the Chinese players were eliminated before the top 1000. This also fully demonstrates the strength of the Chinese players. In fact, it is also the relationship between the number of people. There are more than one billion people in China? So there are only 30 people to participate in the competition. If you can't break into the top 1000, don't mix it up. As for other countries, Xia Feng also saw a few masters, especially Japan and Bonzi countries, as well as the beautiful country, a San and so on, which are more targeted at the "sex" quality of the country. Now I can't see any clue. I can only see it clearly after entering the top 100. Now, Xia Feng's task is to play. And sin days they are here for more than a month, Xia Feng and others almost spent millions of gold coins, lycopene for skin ,phycocyanin spirulina, if this let others know that it is estimated that they will point to their nose to scold the black sheep, but a few people did not care about Xia Feng's gold coins, anyway, a lot of gold coins are from Japan, spend comfortably. Resurrection match the first game is against the sword, which makes Xia Feng and others feel a little incredible, and at this time, the most incredible thing is that the opponent of the sword is actually a player of the Japanese Empire, named Mitsui, the teenager let Xia Feng think of a master of Japan-White Wolf, but the temperament of two people can not be seen now, so Xia Feng did not dare to draw a conclusion. But one thing is certain, that is, this man is very strong, Xia Feng watched two games about him, defeated the opponent is very neat, this is what makes Xia Feng feel very curious, the opponent is certainly not a nobody, but now the name is a little strange, it must be the Japanese family, the fifth of the Japanese Empire! Boss, what about this man? Is it okay to go against the sword? Sin has no bottom, because he also saw the power of this Mitsui, beat the opponent very sharp. Xia Feng shook his head and said with a smile, "There's nothing you can't do. You're all holding artifacts. If not, I can't help it. Let's see how the Inverse Sword deals with this guy. Anyway, the Inverse Sword knows that this opponent is very sharp." People no longer speak, because at this time no one has the confidence to say that the inverse sword will be able to win the opponent, so everyone is a little nervous, but fortunately before that, Xia Feng took out a lot of artifacts to arm everyone, which in addition to your online game technology must be no problem to enter the top 100. The game has begun, betting players are crazy, Xia Feng and others are naturally going to press against the sword, so as long as the Chinese people come out, there will be people desperately betting, which makes the players all over the world not only admire the Chinese people, because there are several people in Xia Feng who don't take money as the main money, so every time there is no less than ten million Chinese people. So this time is no exception, Xia Feng and others are naturally 10 million. The game is on! Inverse sword first choice is to attack instead of defense, because the other side's attack is very strong, so the inverse sword absolutely can not let oneself passive. Inverse sword attack is also very headache, because he is holding an artifact, this level of weapons is absolutely not a fairy can replace, so Mitsui did not immediately hand, and choose to slowly watch the strength of the inverse sword. The attack of the two men was very careful, which lost the wonderful flavor, but as we all know, both of them were brewing, and once it broke out, it must be very wonderful, so everyone was calm, and there was a little quiet in the meeting. Think about it, millions of people are present,turmeric extract powder, even if there is a speaker in ten thousand people, there are still a hundred people, so it is a bit terrible for more than ten million people to have a quiet thing together.