The Counterattack of the Goddess of Rebirth

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If Mo Ran does not die, then the greater punishment is still ahead. Listening to the constant sound of gunfire

If Mo Ran does not die, then the greater punishment is still ahead. Listening to the constant sound of gunfire at the foot of the mountain, Qin Zheng said, "Wife, you stay here and wait for me. I'll be back soon." "I want to go with you," said Yunluo. Qin Zheng was a little worried and didn't want Yunluo to take risks with him. Seeing Qin Zheng's hesitation, Yunluo hurriedly said, "Don't worry, I'll protect myself." Qin Zheng see cloud Luo insist, can only compromise; He never seems to be able to refute her opinion. At the foot of the mountain, the huge lethality of those remote control cars was brought into full play under the control of Ye Rufeng. One blackened pit after another on the ground, as well as the crooked corpses beside it, silently showed the intensity of the battle. More than a hundred special forces soldiers, but at this time only a dozen, are protecting the few, wearing the same mask around the suit. Although the special soldiers are powerful, compared with ordinary people, they seem to be a mountain that can not be crossed, towering and solemn. But compared with the power, they still have a lot of inferior, only to die. That's why Japan sent fifteen national treasure ninjas to go up the mountain to catch them all. However,metal cosmetic tubes, it was not estimated that Qin Zheng's strength was too strong, and a cloud Luo was killed in the middle, which destroyed their plan and caused them heavy losses. Chapter 391 the end of the fierce battle (1). If the cloud does not appear, then Ye Rufeng and Zhong Guo can not live; Even if Qin Zheng they finally won, it is only a tragic victory. At this time, but only one ink dye broke a hand, perhaps not dead. Qin Zheng took out a mask from his clothes and put it on his face. The mask in Qin Zheng's hand is a mask that looks like a clown emperor. The funny style of the mask does not match Qin Zheng at all, which makes Yunluo want to laugh. Seeing Yunluo looking at her mask,pump tube, Qin Zheng explained, "When I go on a mission, I usually wear a mask." Before that, Qin Zheng saw Yunluo and took off his mask. They all have spare masks in their hands; It's just that sometimes you don't have to wear a mask when you're facing someone who's going to die, because the dead can never speak. And their spare masks are not just doll masks, but also human skin masks, which, of course, imitate human skin, but when worn on the face, they can become another person. Just as Qin Zheng and Yunluo were about to rush out, a figure like a gale suddenly rushed into the enemy camp. The man was dressed in camouflage clothes and his face was covered with a face towel, but Yunluo recognized the man as Chu Yi at a glance. At this time Chu Yi's speed is very fast, looks like the dark night phantom, plastic packaging tube ,plastic packing tube, in the hand holds two short guns. Boom! Boom! Bang! The sound of gunfire was like a firecracker'bang, bang, 'and every time a gun was fired, a man fell. Unexpectedly, Chu Yi's power is speed. Chu Yi's speed is too fast, people simply can not dodge, only feel a flower in front of the eyes, and then react, has been shot to the ground. Chu Yi raised his hand and was about to shoot at the men in suits. The ninja, who was hiding in the dark, finally could not calm down, and two people showed their figures. He also held two short guns in his hands and shot at Chu Yi. Boom! Boom! Bang! Dense bullets, like a continuous drizzle, will be affected if they are not careful. But Chu Yi's speed was so fast that they couldn't shoot at all. The ninjas were more cunning, and their figures loomed in the air. Chu Yi's bullet seemed to hit, but in fact it penetrated the space and could not hit their entity at all. Finally, two cars were repaired; The soldiers protected the masked men in suits and hurried into the car to escape. But unexpectedly, a flame suddenly rose from the ground, and the car was surrounded by flames in an instant. Boom! "Boom!" Except for a few soldiers in camouflage uniforms with paint on their faces who escaped and jumped out of the car in confusion, all the masked men in suits were burned to death. Those masked traitors in suits were so easily burned to death that Qin Zheng felt a little uneasy, and he began to wonder if the traitors were inside? Yunluo stared at one of the surviving soldiers in camouflage uniforms and looked up and down. The soldier was of medium stature, not fat, with camouflage on his face and a hat on his head, and could not see the specific appearance. But his eyes made Yunluo feel very familiar. In particular, the surviving special forces are basically around the man, secretly protecting the man. Yunluo's eyes suddenly lit up, and that man turned out to be a traitor! Unexpectedly, the traitor did not wear a suit, but wore camouflage and mingled with the soldiers. What a trick to get rid of the cicada! Pointing to the traitor, Yunluo said to Qin Zheng, "Look, isn't that him?" Chapter 392 the end of the fierce battle (2). Qin Zheng looked down Yunluo's finger, with exploration and observation in his eyes. After a while, Qin Zheng finally showed a smile on his face and said to Yunluo with a smile, "It's him. My wife is great!" Yunluo's face was flushed, but her eyes were full of smiles. How cunning! Had it not been for Yunluo's attention, I'm afraid the traitor would have escaped. Who would have thought that those who wear suits and masks are just a maze. A true traitor, standing fair and square among those soldiers. Qin Zheng and Yun Luo looked at each other, one wearing a mask, the other pulling up a mask, and rushed out together. Seeing the mask of the clown emperor on Qin Zheng's face, the surviving soldiers could not help but be shocked: "It's the clown emperor, the clown emperor is coming.." Looking at the frightened faces of those people, Yunluo did not expect Qin Zheng to be so famous in Japan that he was so frightened by a mask of the clown emperor. Cloud Luo noticed that the traitor, when he saw Qin Zheng, his eyes showed extreme fear; The soldiers fired at Qin Zheng together; "Bang!"! Boom! Bang! Bullets penetrated the space and shot straight at Qin Zheng; When the bullets were fired at Qin Zheng, a sea of fire suddenly emerged from the ground,cosmetic tube packaging, like a wall of fire in front of Qin Zheng, blocking the bullets, which were directly melted by the flames..