How to choose sex toys and realistic sex dolls?

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The reason almost all sex doll lovers have a cute buddy is because realistic sex dolls give you real sexual pleasure. Having a beautiful inflatable doll in your room will make you forget about real women outside.

Selective realistic sex dolls instead of sex toys. This is when you should buy realistic inflatable dolls. If you're interested in realistic sex dolls, you can check out Sexdolltech.

1. Want real sex

The reason almost all sex doll lovers have a cute buddy is because realistic sex dolls give you real sexual pleasure. Having a beautiful inflatable doll in your room will make you forget about real women outside.

From anatomical love holes (anus, vagina and mouth) to metal skeletons to lifelike dexterity, silicone bbw sex dolls give you a surreal sex experience to satisfy all of your wildest fantasies. It can get you out of a toxic relationship and you'll feel like you have a real woman around, ready to open your legs for you. You can try all the sex positions, soft or hard, and she won't complain.

2. Have sex with the girl of your dreams

The great thing about cheap adult sex doll is that you can customize them to imitate your favorite woman, whether it's a porn star, celebrity, anime character, or athlete. You can personalize every part of her body, such as hair, breast size and shape, butt, hair, eye color, and even nail color. The only difference is that she will not leave you nor betray you. So you no longer have to masturbate for your dream lover when you can decorate your bedroom with an exact replica.

realistic bbw sex dolls

3. Ample storage space

With great joy comes great responsibility. If you're looking to buy an inflatable doll, it's best to have plenty of storage space, as accidental drops can severely damage or render it useless. Likewise, they require proper care when washing and cleaning.

They may require relatively high maintenance, but every moment is worth it for the fun they provide and the joy they bring to your life.

4. Have economic strength

A TPE or silicone sex doll you can arrange for $1000 to $5000 or more. This price range exceeds the monthly earnings of many blue-collar workers in unfortunate parts of the world. So, your budget allocation will influence your decision whether to buy an inflatable doll.

Alternative toys instead of realistic sex dolls
While sex is a highly personal issue, there are certain situations where you should prefer sex toys over realistic sex dolls:

1. Low budget
If you're on a lower budget, then opt for sex toys like dildos, anal vibrators, artificial vaginas, or other penetration tools. These products are cheaper than silicone realistic sex dolls and can be afforded by just about everyone. You can easily own multiple sex toys without taking up your bank account.

2. Time limit
Sex toys are a great option for those who are busy at work and want to have quick sex. Besides being quick to store, handle and use, sex toys are also easy to wash and clean. The best part is their effective use. You can use it once or even twice a day without disrupting your work schedule.

3. Low maintenance cost
Clearly, a sex toy is an easy-to-maintain entertainment product. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to store in a private location, allowing you to use them anytime, anywhere. Smaller sex toys require less time to clean and store than realistic sex dolls.

So if you don't spend more time washing, cleaning, and storing your sex supplies, it's better to buy sex toys.

4. Ensure privacy
Most TPE or silicone realistic sex dolls are about the size of a real female and therefore require a dedicated wardrobe or adequate storage space. By contrast, sex toys can be stored anywhere without anyone finding out. You can also put them in your bag and use them however you want, again, no one has the slightest idea.

While these factors are irrelevant to most people, they are still important considerations for introverts or those who want to keep their sexuality private. In addition, many live with their parents and are reluctant to claim a sexual relationship. So, for anyone who understands sexual privacy, sex toys are a better option.

(Keep in mind that realistic sex dolls can also be kept private and socially distanced, but it takes some extra effort and time.)

5. Efficient travel companion

If you love to travel, explore the beauty of nature a lot, or your job requires you to travel a lot, then you'd better bring sex toys. They are lightweight and small enough to easily fit in your travel backpack and carry around without fear of anyone violating your privacy.

What's more, you can even use them anywhere, such as on the top of the mountain, on the beach or any private place, you will never feel alone during your journey.

But keep in mind that sex toys are not designed to accompany you or attract you because they are too small and too heavy. That's where life-size realistic sex dolls come into play.