Reasons for Sudden Grip of Obesity in India

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Obesity is an epidemic rising at alarming rate gripping every fourth Indian in its ferocious claws.

“ Epidemic” a word regularized by Corona but doesn’t implies to corona alone.

Many reasons for sudden grip of Obesity in India are:

  1. Our Changing eating habits : We are ditching our age old cooking tradition for quick fixes on the name of low calories. The shift from our home cooked meals to pre cooked meals, ready to eat meals and eating out frequently on pretext of being busy. More and more inclusion of Refined foods (flours, ghee etc.) contributes significantly to rising Obesity.
  2. Less Physical Activity: Addiction to Screen be it smart phones or TV. Corona played a pied piper to all the kids gluing them more to screens in the name of online classes. Leaving a lot less or no time for Physical Activity. No Physical activity reduces metabolism as Rusting to unused machine over long period of time.
  3. Fat Acceptance : We Indians had been long accepting obesity as “ khaate – peete ghar ke h” . but fat acceptance is on new heights these days. Being proud of being fat is like being proud of having bad grades in School. No doubt being fat doesn’t defines your caliber, capabilities or looks but it surely defines your love towards yourself. As being Fat defines a lot about your health quotient.
  4. Disrupted Sleep hours sends our hormones in a tizzy. In Modern Life, increased screen time, odd hours of sleep and improper sleep hygiene affects metabolism.

Obesity is associated with a lot of co-morbidities like type-2 diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Heart disease, Mental illness, depression, infertility with PCOS. Obesity is a national economic burden. We should work against obesity and start to love ourselves first while getting healthier as even small efforts count. Let’s start small and continuous efforts will pay off.

 Imagine a new guest in your family which starts living with you initially as a silent relative but with time turns the complete family and now has the controlling powers in the family. He must be making small destructions here and there which either go unnoticed and if noticed ignored. All of us have been in situations of these uninvited, unpleasurable guests. Obesity is the same guest for our body which causes the malfunction of entire body and brings with it a battalion of ailments, which are most detrimental to our health.