Why do we wear watches or smartwatches on our left wrist?

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As humans, we tend to wear our watches or smartwatches on the less dominant hand.

It is not uncommon to see someone wearing their watch or smartwatch on their left wrist. But have you ever thought about why this happens? Is it because everyone else does it, or because of a person's psychology? We attempted to explain this phenomenon in this blog.

When we look back at history, pocket watches were used instead of wrist watches or smartwatches. They were larger in size and were commonly carried by people during wartime, particularly by army personnel. They use it to keep their less dominant side from being damaged or broken.

As humans, we tend to wear our watches or smartwatches on the less dominant hand. The majority of people in our world are right handed. Wearing your watch or smartwatch on the hand that you use the most may cause interruptions in your daily activities.

Wearing a watch on the left wrist is sometimes associated with men, while wearing a watch on the right wrist is associated with women. This, however, is an illogical argument in our opinion. For us, it has to do with a person's personal preferences rather than gender.

Protect Your Watch or Smartwatch!
In most cases, the right hand is the more dominant of the two. With your right hand, you perform a variety of tasks such as driving, opening a door handle, picking up your phone, and so on. You don't want to be irritated while performing these tasks, and it's difficult to turn your wrist in these situations.

Furthermore, wearing one's watch on one's dominant hand while performing tasks increases the likelihood of the watch being damaged. You don't want to break or damage the dial, or even detach the strap. As a result, you prefer to wear your watch on your left hand.

Set and double-check the time!
When the watch stops working properly, the time is adjusted. It would be impossible if your dominant hand held the watch. When your watch is on your non-dominant hand, it is also easier to check the time. You can carry on with your routine activities while wearing the watch on your left wrist.

Why should you wear your smartwatch on your left wrist?
Smartwatches have quickly become a must-have item. Several companies offer it in a stylish design and at an affordable price. The best budget smartwatch has a slew of features. Certain health and fitness features, as well as a variety of other important features, may be included.

Health and Fitness Benefits
Heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, blood pressure monitor, sleep monitor, and other health and fitness features are available. Wear your smartwatch on the less dominant hand to avoid unnecessary shocks and movements, which will provide you with a more accurate reading of the various aspects of your health.

GPS Tracking and Other Tracking Options
Smartwatches also have tracking and GPS capabilities. A precise measurement or reading can only be obtained if the smartwatch is stable and resistant to shocks and heavy movements. Wearing the smartwatch on your less dominant hand is recommended. As a result, people prefer to wear their smartwatch on their left wrist.