Tips to Remember When Offering a Ladies Watch

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The first and most important rule for gift-giving applies to watches as well

When compared to many other gifts scribbled down on your list when pondering just the right present for her, a watch is truly something that can last forever. As a result, it is even more critical to select the ideal timekeeper. To ensure that your Valentine's Day, wedding reception, or her birthday doesn't end in a 'oh, how nice' dud, Montredo is here to help with our ultimate guide to giving the right ladies watch as a gift.

Reflect your Personality
The first and most important rule for gift-giving applies to watches as well: Never give a ladies watch as a gift that does not reflect your own taste, but also do not take a blind leap of faith. Ladies watches are much more diverse today than they were a few years ago. There are more mechanical timekeepers than ever before, and the days of only gold and flashy bling have given way to a more thoughtful and deliberate watch genre tailored to nearly every taste. Guys, the golden rule "control yourself" is very important here.

Indicators for Jewelry and Accessories
If you're unsure about the style of the watch, use her jewellery and other fashion accessories as indicators. If she doesn't already have a watch, jewellery can be a big help in deciding which direction to go in.

It's not only a good indicator of her refined tastes, but you'll also be giving yourself a high-five for selecting a piece that she'll incorporate into her wardrobe. We have good news for those who prefer it clean or stripped down.

Take precautions.
Here's some sound advice: When giving a gift, avoid taking unnecessary risks. The challenge is to hit a slam dunk without fouling out. Unless you're certain she'll love something really out of the ordinary, it's probably best to avoid gaudy forms and colours. As a general rule, when something breaks rank, you get tired of it much faster, and a watch should not fall into this category.

Pay Attention to Size and Style
Women nowadays prefer to wear larger-sized watches. However, unless you know she has a specific size preference, we recommend not winging it. A ladies watch has an average case diameter of 28 to 33 millimetres, though this can vary greatly depending on the style of the watch.

Answer this question: Is the watch intended for daily use or only for her more refined and elegant occasions? Keep her dress style in mind and use it as a jumping off point to find the perfect piece. Sporty timepieces typically have a diameter greater than 30 millimetres and often have one or more additional features in addition to the time.