Mecha is a God

Seen from the ground, it looks as if it were born from the sun, as if it were the son of the sun, the king of the world! The scorching sunlight shines on the "scorching sun",


This is the crystallization of the highest human technology discovered only ten years ago. By adding electricity and amplitude to metals, it can produce a strong magnetic field, which can be driven by nuclear power or antimatter power, and even condense invisible magnetic forces into entities! If this kind of entity magnetism is added to the weapon, there is no mecha that can compete with it, even if it opens the peak power of the mecha, the ace pilot, it will not work! Fortunately, it is also very difficult to use this kind of strong magnetic weapon. Not only do pilots have to undergo long-term hell-like anti-magnetic training, which shortens their life span, but also a layer of "thin body porcelain" which is almost lost in technology has to be added to the interior of the mecha. At the same time, a lot of money has to be spent to transform the power system of the mecha. Even if you spend such effort and a lot of money, you can only use it once for a short time, and then the "thin body porcelain" will be broken down and replaced with a new one. It can be said that this weapon is simply a pilot's health and a lot of money in exchange for, a little rational pilot, will not engage in this weapon. Mad God is really crazy enough to make this kind of weapon, even in the game, it is appalling. All of a sudden, the four hosts, as well as countless players watching the battle, even Wang Yan, General Winton, the God of War, were stunned, and some could not believe their eyes. Although it is in the game, but now the iron flow is a 100% simulation system, and is interconnected with the player's brain waves, in the game to use such a weapon against the sky, a careless, still can become an idiot,jacuzzi swim spa, or even immediately brain death, crazy God is crazy, the game, why so desperately? Some players who adjusted their perspective to the first person and locked on the mad God immediately went crazy and changed their perspective back to the third person. It was terrible. If they continued to watch the game in the first person, these players were afraid that they would be stimulated into madness. Ha ha ha In the wild laughter, the mad God waved two magnetic steel thorns and drew one circle after another on the top of his head. The ferocious white lightning disappeared after touching these magnetic circles, leaving only countless electric snakes swimming back and forth in the circle, making a "crackling" explosion. In just a few minutes, hundreds of meters of lightning turned into two basketball-sized "thunder balls" on top of two magnetic steel thorns, constantly rotating and rumbling at the same time. No one would suspect that if the two thunder balls exploded, even the virtual scene of the mod would be broken immediately,Whirlpool bathtub, and the server responsible for the operation of the battlefield scene. Maybe it'll all crash. As I said, in my mod, no one can beat me, not even the dragon slayer! Holding two magnetic thunder balls, the mad God looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, insufferably arrogant: "Qi Tian, your myth should be over, admit defeat!" "Since it is a myth, how can it be said to be over?" A hearty laugh came from Caesar 01: "I have to admit that you surprised me and made me more interested. Go on, don't stop. I really want to see how you can avoid the explosion of these two magnetic balls." Sky fans immediately refreshed, yes, what's the big deal, detonate on the detonation, can not blow up the boss of Qi Tian is not easy to say, but first of all, it must be the mad God. Tut-tut, also have to say is Qi Tian eldest brother, is worthy of our God, in such circumstances can also unhurriedly make the correct analysis, with this hand, enough for us to learn a hundred years! "Qi Tian, best whirlpool tub ,outdoor endless pool, this is your own death, can not blame me!"! The sun shines! As soon as the right arm of the scorching sun vibrated, the thunder ball on the steel thorn on the right side immediately flew into the air, and when he saw below the clouds, suddenly a flash of lightning struck down and hit the thunder ball. Crack-boom! All of a sudden, the whole simulation scene, white light dazzling, all the colors are covered by white light, the players watching the battle at the same time closed their eyes, no way, this light is too dazzling, really can not stand. For three minutes, the white light gradually dispersed, the players slowly opened their eyes, and when they saw the scenery in front of them, they immediately froze. Thick clouds in the sky, has been swept away, where there is any lightning? There was only a big, ugly sun, high in the sky. Just blocked by dark clouds, we do not know, now the dark clouds disappeared, the sun emerged, Qi Tian and the players found that the sun is so close to themselves, red red, like a huge fire cake, hanging high in the air. The "scorching sun" spurts out flames from the soles of its feet, and is floating below this huge sun. Seen from the ground, it looks as if it were born from the sun, as if it were the son of the sun, the king of the world! The scorching sunlight shines on the "scorching sun", which is reflected by the polished mirror-like smooth armor into a ray of light, and the "scorching sun" shines like a true God! "Qi Tian, you false God, don't you admit defeat and kneel down when you see the son of the sun?" Mad God laughed, his body gently shook a few times, suddenly there were hundreds of light reflected from the "scorching sun", gathered together, shining on a steel pillar, watching the steel pillar gradually turn red, soft, and finally turned into molten steel! "Every piece of armor on the scorching sun has the effect of increasing the power of the sun, coupled with the focusing principle, as long as the sun does not set, I am the invincible son of the sun, my sunshine, can sweep away all enemies, Qi Tian, you can not fight!"! Still don't admit defeat? "Unexpectedly, you can actually use the environment, master to this extent, with this round of the sun, the attack of the scorching sun, it can be comparable to a small warship ah, good, really good." In Caesar 01, the voice of Qi Tian came out, still so relaxed and indifferent, as if facing great danger, not him, but the mad God: "It seems that I must be serious, hehe.." Chapter 4 Tai Chi Sword, Cape Wind Sword! 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