Be ordered to get fat by not the wind

The little phoenix looked at him with small bean eyes with a guilty conscience and continued to chirp and shout: "Weijian!"! Weijian! I'm a bird now, you can't do this to me! With a sneer, Xing Yi reached out and pinched a fairy.


The next day, the little phoenix woke up. He turned over, pressed his elbow, and was shocked by something so hard that he gave a little cry of pain. When he opened his eyes, he found that it was a drop of congealed, dark red phoenix tears. He looked down, and there was a lot of scattering left and right. God knows how long he cried yesterday and how many Phoenix tears he shed. Before dawn, Xing Yi was still asleep. He put his chin on his head and his arm around his waist. The two of them hugged each other perfectly. The little phoenix did not dare to move too much, for fear of waking him up, so he looked down carefully, looked left and left, and reached out to touch the place where he could not see, which really made him find a few Phoenix tears pressed in the bedding. The little phoenix slowly found them one by one, picked them up and put them in his sleeve. When he finished touching what he had at hand, the bedside and the end of the bed were too far away to be seen, so he turned his attention to the star game again. Xing Yi slept very deeply, even when he was resting, his face was solemn and quiet, his eyelashes were long, and he saved the shadows in the dim morning light and put them safely on his nose and eyes, drawing a deep and beautiful arc. The little phoenix could not resist stretching out his finger and poking it,whirlpool hot tub, which made his eyelashes tremble, and then immediately withdrew his hand and turned to pick up the phoenix tears on the skirt of the star game. While picking up, while secretly happy, the people around him are also more and more like, want to have been so close to the motionless. Yesterday, he threw himself into the arms of the star game and cried fiercely. These dark red, priceless small particles were basically on the star game. The little phoenix slowly came to his senses. While a little embarrassed, he calculated the price of these phoenix tears with great interest. A grain in the human world is worth ten thousand gold,endless pool factory, and a thousand spirit stones in the heaven. The job of the Queen Mother is to send a peach to eat a peach, which can feed and clothe him, but there is no way to save money. He is not willing to resell those flat peaches. The price given by the king of Ming Dynasty is too high. He sends a letter of two thousand Lingshi. But recently, Little Phoenix heard that the king of Ming Dynasty gave up his position and went down to earth to fall in love. So he said that the position was not hiring, and he was about to be fired. So he is now an unemployed phoenix. Of course it's good to be an empress, but it seems that there is no salary for being an empress. Now it seems that selling your own tears is a very cost-effective business. The joy and excitement of making money soon changed the tender feeling when he just woke up, and the unemployed little phoenix was a little excited. He cried out more tears than he expected yesterday, just in the skirt and sleeve side of the star game, let him find seventeen, he looked a few times, found that there was one slipped into the loose collar of the star game, did not hesitate, he reached in and groped for a while, turned around along the tight chest and abdomen of the Star Game, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor whirlpool tub, touched a few times, not only failed to feel out, but also let it slip down. Down the side of the waist fell on the mattress, and was loosely blocked by the skirt of the star. The little phoenix was thinking about his plan to make a fortune. He carefully straightened up, gently lifted the skirt of the star game, and buried himself in looking for the Phoenix tear that slipped down. After looking for a long time, he finally found it, so he picked it up and put it away happily. Then he carefully put the skirt of the star game back in place and tidied it up. As soon as he tidied up, he found several other phoenix tears falling from his body, which were caught in the gap of his clothes. He did the same thing. He reached in and groped for it carefully. He looked for it blindly by feeling. As he looked for it, he was suddenly knocked on the top of his head. Then he heard a deep and slightly hoarse voice: "What are you doing?" The little phoenix looked up. Xing Yi's eyes were dark. He looked at him meaningfully. "Where do you touch your hand, little bad bird?" Little Phoenix looked at the star game, and then looked at his own hand-basically to touch the trend below the belt. He secretly glanced at the star game, and then saved a bright innocent smile, first patted the star game on the cheek: "We are an old couple, we can be honest, do not have to be so shy.". ” Before Xingyi could speak, he saw the little phoenix quickly bend his fingers and flick them down to show that he didn't care-the flick hit the bull's eye, and the whole person of Xingyi was shaken by him, then suddenly stood up and reached out to grab him, but he saw the little phoenix quickly "bang" into a bird. A white, round ball of fur swished away from his palm, then landed on his belly and swished into his collar. Xing Yi straightened up, tightened his belt, and then reached out to catch him. The little phoenix began to shout loudly: "Weijian!"! Weijian, when I was a bird, I pecked very painfully! Don't catch me, or I'll peck you! "How dare you?" Asked Xing Yi. He grasped it for a while, and finally caught the little round ball out, kneading it in the palm of his hand, kneading it round and flat, like kneading a soft dough. The little phoenix looked at him with small bean eyes with a guilty conscience and continued to chirp and shout: "Weijian!"! Weijian! I'm a bird now, you can't do this to me! With a sneer, Xing Yi reached out and pinched a fairy. In the blink of an eye, he turned the little phoenix back into a human form and pressed it under his body. The little phoenix looked up at him and muttered in a low voice, "Why are you shy? You are an old married couple." Xing Yi lowered his head and bit him on the cheek, then put a light movement and gently printed a kiss on the shallow tooth mark: "But I haven't remembered yet, little bad bird.". So you're good at this kind of thing? The little phoenix looked at him with a pair of bright eyes and said modestly, "It's just so so.". Weijian, don't make such a fuss. Can you let me get up? He wriggled and struggled to get out of bed quickly to collect his precious tears. The star game glanced at him a few times, and finally reluctantly let the little phoenix get up. The little phoenix changed his clothes neatly, and then ran back attentively, finding the phoenix tears one by one, and let the star chess cooperate with him, stretching his hands and turning around a few times to see if there were any phoenix tears left. The little phoenix jumped twice in the same place and encouraged the star to play chess: "Not yet, Weijian, not yet,hot tub spa manufacturers, you jump two more times to let me see if there is any leak!"! Let's jump! Just like me. Xing Yi watched him jump up and down, as if a round little fat bird was jumping up and down in his mind at the same time, and he reached out and rubbed his temple.