When the sorcerer sobers up and searches the mountain

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With his wit, he pretended to promise and took advantage of the gap to escape. When the sorcerer sobers up and searches the mountain, he will want to catch him and kill him. He hid in a big tree hole and was hungry for three days, not daring to go out.

As soon as I stepped onto the peak and walked to the platform, I heard the sound of children's laughter in the room, and I knew it was as expected. Dark pay: "Since she is to move me so far away, it can be seen that the hatred has been deep, I will never be allowed to meet.". She rashly broke in and scared her away. Even her children couldn't see her longer. If they didn't go in, they couldn't bear to part with her. Thinking without a plan, he had to hold his breath, light his feet and hands, and close to the window. He saw that the window had just been broken and had been covered with a quilt. Looking through the window, Ouyang Shuang, the beloved wife who had dreamed for many years, was sitting in the room with two little children on her knees. Xiao Zhen stood on her back close to her chest. Mother and son, four people crowded together, were crying and laughing, talking about the past. Beloved wife dressed in Taoist clothes, back with a single sword, valiant and heroic, floating out of the dust, compared to the Fengshen of that year, much more beautiful. Can not help but heart pounding, sour, also can not say is surprised or happy or sad. Fang wanted to cover the door, and when she was holding her children in her arms, she suddenly rushed in and held her in her arms, and then the children knelt down to beg, feeling to the heart, or in case of hope. Suddenly Ouyang Shuang said, "Your father and I have broken up with each other.". As soon as he comes back, I will leave at once,whirlpool hot tub spa, and I will never see this heartless and unrighteous man in this life. My dear children, don't be sad. Mother will come to see you later. When I was young, I told him that if he knew what he wanted to do, I could often come to teach you the skills of Taoism and swordsmanship. If he gets entangled and makes me angry, the three of you will go to the Great Bear Ridge together, and he won't even see his children. Don't blame me for being cruel. Say, hate. Xiao Yi was frightened when he heard this. Thought: "My beloved wife has become a sword fairy, flying extinct, how can manpower stop?"? Listen to her tone so determined, rushed into the house, one can not hold her,outdoor hot tub, in case the children are taken away, there is no day to meet. It's better to listen through the window, so that her mother and son can be reunited for a while, and to find out her mind and the truth of being wronged. Thinking of this, he dared not act rashly, but still peeked through the window and listened quietly. Listen to Xiao Zhen to ask only: "Since mom says this thing is to be slandered by treacherous person trick, visible father also was taken in by the person.". I was mad because I was too good with my mother on weekdays. At that time, although I wished I could fight with my mother, I knew that after my mother left, my father was anxious and sad that night. He had a serious illness first. He called out my mother's name in his sleep and almost wanted to die. Later, my father and my brothers and sisters almost had to shed tears twice every day after they had endured these years. Mother forbade us to avenge our mother's death, but we hated our father so much that we took advantage of our enemies and hated our own people instead. Ouyang Shuang sighed, "My son has read a lot. I know there is no greater sorrow than the death of his heart.". Murder is forgivable, but not tolerable. A few days before your mother was wronged, your father had been slandered and changed his appearance. He was always sad and angry. It's ridiculous that I still regard the evil woman as a good sister, all in the dream. Since your father suspects that I have done something wrong, he should explain and ask, how can there be such a disaster? Because of the importance of the matter, fear of mistakes, hurt the love of husband and wife, outdoor whirlpool ,jacuzzi bath spa, secretly observe the actual situation, hidden but not revealed, not the beginning. He is not a muddle-headed person, is it possible that people set a trap and can't see anything? Don't you say he was suspicious because he heard two women whispering behind their backs? He and Cui's wife are old acquaintances, elder brother and younger sister, what words are not good to interrogate? Besides, he had already said that his wife was having an affair, so how could he not have an attack? If you put up with it, you should put up with it. Just distinguish the true from the false, and then deal with it. By turning out a pair of old shoes, indiscriminately, you want to put me and your uncle to death, do not want to have a lot of love between husband and wife on weekdays. In the end, although he had not done it himself, it was still for the sake of his children. He is headstrong by nature and cannot be separated. Enemies are well ensnared, and as soon as your uncle leaves, there is no proof of death. Even if I live in shame, how can I live in the future? Only one death, but also the heart. I hate that Wanqiu's bitch has killed my husband and wife, sister and brother, and scattered them to escape. Her heart is not enough. After the plan is completed, she still comes to spy outside the house. Afraid of thunder, Erniang ran out to call for help, threatened and lured, hid my suicide note, and knocked her down. Your father is a muddle-headed person who only knows how to worry. He is usually clever in vain. He is always blinded by ghosts and can't see a flaw. Until this woman is afraid of two Niang leak machine, and Xiao yuan thief husband and wife will kill her, still do not understand. Do you think it is irritating? Er Niang is a good person after all. At that time, she was lured by others. She was afraid of death. This is human nature. You can't blame her. Hearing what you said about her, I must be very sorry. It's a pity that the fate has been lost. The three dog men and women have not been punished. I came back a few days late before this happened. How do you know that your mother was wronged and cruel at that time, with the suffering of wronged and sorrowful days. My heart has been broken to your father. Besides, I have worshipped the immortal teacher to learn Taoism. The fate of the world has been broken early, and there is no reason for reunion. Like me, it's all right, but I've suffered for a day and a night. As soon as he went to the Bamboo Garden and hanged himself, the Immortal Master passed by him in the air. He heard the sound of crying and rescued him to Daxiongling. He immediately ascended the immortal step by step and turned misfortune into happiness. Your father was so lucky that he helped me. The most pitiful thing is that your uncle was muddleheaded and ran for his life with injustice. Before he got out of the mountain, he was blocked by the heavy snow and frozen down in the snow. He was rescued by a sorcerer and forced to become an apprentice. He suffered a lot. One day, he was about to give him hair and horns and turn him into a beast. With his wit, he pretended to promise and took advantage of the gap to escape. When the sorcerer sobers up and searches the mountain, he will want to catch him and kill him. He hid in a big tree hole and was hungry for three days, not daring to go out. In the end, he met Tong yuanqi, a senior sword fairy of the Emei Sect, who passed by. He saw that the sorcerer had forbidden him and found him and rescued him. However, he refused to accept his disciples and begged again and again before he wrote a letter and ordered him to go to the Great Snow Mountain to learn from his master. I don't know how many dangers and dangers I went through in the middle, but I was lucky enough to meet me last month. This is all the fault of the three dogs. I avenge them at this time, but it is not difficult to do so. Just because the old dog was dead, the husband and wife of Cui's family were separated. In the end, they were also suspected by their husbands, and were fooled by the wronged ghosts. She is usually a loving couple, of course, regret and hate, shame and sadness. More afraid of ghosts, things break out, outside things, guilt gods, all day long like ten thousand arrows piercing the heart, thorns in the back, and reluctant to die. Anyway, she and the old bitch are equally doomed. I just let them live enough. Wouldn't it be better to see a joke? Hsiao Chen's brother and sister knelt down again and said, "Dad was angry for a moment.". Over the years, which day does not regret crying, looking forward to mother back,garden jacuzzi tub, if not for this angry father, how can mother become immortal? Mom Didn't make up with Dad, and she didn't have to meet him. monalisa.com