Tianchen-When Shui Yunlan heard this

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When Shui Yunlan heard this, he laughed wildly and said, "Ha ha ha ha. I am the princess of Emperor Nanhuangzong. I am not worthy of the ordinary emperor Long Yin. I want to marry my daughter to him. It is a favor to him.

The second way, you don't have to say anything, you will die, may die very miserably. And your parents Ye Wei and Wang Wenshu, your grandfather Ye Nu, your grandfather Wang Bo, all your family members, and your entire Ye family, and all the people who are related to you. For example, Hua Zhentian of the Hua family and your fiancee Hua Shuirou, such as Princess Feihuang who has an engagement with you, such as Zhuge Xiaoyu who vowed to become a generation of famous generals for you, such as the little girl named Ning Xue beside you.. Everyone connected to you will die. Shui Yunlan said one name after another in a calm and indifferent voice. He detailed the name of each person that Ye Wuchen cared about, and the threat was many times stronger than the simple threat. Ye Wuchen's eyelids suddenly beat, and in an instant he returned to calm. Threats, Ye Wuchen from the appearance of Tianchen mainland to the present, has been threatened more than this time, if Shuiyunlan is just a simple threat, he will ignore it, but when he finally said the name of Ning Xue, an instant killing machine in his chest silently generated, and dangerous explosion. He picked up the teacup at hand, took a sip, and a line of warm water flowed into his throat and into his body, quietly calming the violence he had just given birth to. Putting down the teacup, he said with some helplessness, "Wuchen is a guest from afar. Is it too cruel for the suzerain of the Southern Emperor to do so?". Could it be that Wu Chen could not avoid death in any case? "No, there is a third way for you to choose." "Oh?"? Tell me about it. Ye Wuchen showed a look of interest, from his expression all the time,Fish measuring board, Shuiyunlan disappointed did not see him show any moment of fear, secretly frowning, whether this is just his perfect cover, or he is really not afraid of his threat. Shui Mengchan once told him that Ye Wuchen's side, in addition to the terrible girl who had been confirmed to be the daughter of the punishment of heaven, must also hide a powerful force, and the hidden depth, so that they can not find out. The words that Shui Mengchan said at the beginning began to become clearer and clearer in his mind. But in any case, Ye Wuchen has fallen into their hands. He just used the breath to visit, Ye Wuchen's body is really weak, and more than the rumor, he wants to escape from here, there is no possibility. The third way is to tell us where the Sword of the Southern Emperor is. From now on, we will be loyal to the Southern Emperor and help us find the Sword of the Southern Emperor. We will never betray it. Shui Yunlan looked at his face and said solemnly. Ye Wuchen lowered his eyelids, not surprised, cattle weight tape ,Wheel tape measure, as if he had expected him to say so. He smiled in a low voice and said, "Join the Southern Emperor?"? With the strength and status of the Southern Emperor, I don't know how many people dream of becoming the Southern Emperor, which is really an irresistible temptation. "If you choose the third way and join the Southern Emperor, not only will you not die, but we will do our best to help you prolong your life. Otherwise, with your current physical condition, you will never live more than ten years.". With the ability of Nanhuangzong, I may be able to restore your body to the state of defeating Feng Chaoyang. And all the people around you who are related to you will be all right, and will always be protected by my Southern Emperor, and no one can bully them. And.. Shui Yunlan's voice paused and slowly said another condition with great temptation: "I can also marry my daughter Mengchan to you, so that your position in Nanhuangzong will soar by leaps and bounds." First coerce, then lure, a common routine, but in the hands of the water cloud Lan is used incisively and vividly. He had finished what he wanted to say, and the rest was Ye Wuchen's response. For the sake of the sword of the southern emperor, he can wait, he has plenty of time and patience, he will not be naive enough to think that Ye Wuchen such a difficult person will be obedient under his words, the rest of the time, he will slowly let his psychological defense line collapse, if Ye Wuchen is still watertight, soft and hard do not eat, wear down his patience, he does not mind taking radical measures. Narcissus is unique in the world. She only appeared once and was called the first beauty in Tianlong City. "How can Wu Chen afford such a celestial woman who has been promised to the emperor?" Ye Wuchen smiled. When Shui Yunlan heard this, he laughed wildly and said, "Ha ha ha ha. I am the princess of Emperor Nanhuangzong. I am not worthy of the ordinary emperor Long Yin. I want to marry my daughter to him. It is a favor to him. As long as I say a word, the agreement of that year will be cancelled. He dares not have any complaints.". And you, Ye Wuchen, are the one who robbed the emperor's woman. Will you or won't you? Ye Wuchen adjusted his sitting posture, tilted his head and thought carefully for a while. "Actually, I still have a fourth way to go," he said with a smile. Shui Yunlan frowned slightly. The fourth way is that I don't have to explain anything to you, nor do I have to join your Southern Emperor and leave safe and sound. Then, the Southern Emperor will marry his daughter Shui Mengchan to me. What do you think of this way? Ye Wuchen finished and laughed mysteriously. That very insipid smile, in the eyes of Shuiyunlan, presents a kind of dazzling irony and contempt. Boom! When Ye Wuchen's voice just fell, suddenly there was a huge roar in his ear, a violent swing at his feet, and tea splashed out constantly between the shaking of the teacup on the table, and he wanted to fall down. After this huge roar, dozens of overlapping voices also sounded one after another. Earthquake? No, this is clearly a huge burst of energy, and the direction of the sound is clearly the direction of the gate of the Southern Emperor. Under the perfect defense, the land of the Southern Emperor's roots has been quiet for many years, and has never been broken into, nor will there be any external changes. The loud noise and the strange energy with a dark breath made Shui Yunlan's heart jump. His eyebrows sank. Just as he was about to rush out to find out what was going on,fish measuring tape, the door was pulled open. A man in his thirties rushed in. He forced himself to calm down and said, "Suzerain, the foreign enemy has broken in. It's the daughter of Heaven's punishment around Ye Wuchen!" 。 tapemeasure.net