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However, it is impossible for the Dark Heavenly Stem Saints to recognize their relationship with our organization, and Mr. Ji Dong does not need to do anything meaningless. Ji Dong laughed and said, "Vice President Lightning, please rest assured.

Who is Li Yonghao? The head of the dark heavenly stem saints, the dark holy king, the strong man of Hengfeng. The first person in the Dark Five Elements Continent, second only to the Dark Sky Machine, has the nickname of the ultimate weapon. At the beginning, he had fought with Fury three times in the War of the Holy Evil on the Holy Evil Island. The absolute soul of the Saints of the Dark Heavenly Stem. Who would have thought that the most powerful subordinate of the Dark Sky would be the head of the alliance against the Sky? Flash Yue did not open his mouth, but from his eyes, everyone could see that he had acquiesced in Ji's words. All of a sudden, the saints could not help but look at each other, with some subversive feelings in their hearts. Ji Dong said leisurely, "If we attack the dark sky and both sides lose, then.". There is no doubt that the greatest beneficiaries are the Dark Heavenly Stem Saints. They just need to take advantage of the opportunity to kill all of us who can survive in the internecine. Then, it can be said that the internal and external troubles have been eliminated. With his position in the land of the five elements of darkness, it is no problem for him to replace the dark sky to command the dark army. When the time comes to invade our land of the five elements of light, who can stop their dark heavenly stem saints? After occupying the mainland of the five elements of light, we can get twice the result with half the effort by re-governing the two continents. It's a good calculation. Chen Siwen at this time is completely clear from the past, looking at Ji move, eyes can not help but reveal a trace of relief color, obviously, Ji move not only strength in the continuous growth, other aspects also have great progress. In fact, after getting the last three bottles of the top ten famous wines, Ji's heart was more relaxed than ever before, and his persistence remained unchanged,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, but he was more calm. That's why we can make such a calm analysis. Hasn't this anti-secret organization existed for hundreds of years? How old is Li Yonghao? How is it possible to be president. Isn't it said that the saints of the Dark Heavens were trained by the Dark Heavens. Jin said with some puzzlement. Ji Dong looked at Shan Yue and said, "Vice President Shan Yue has made it very clear just now.". He was the president of the original anti-secret organization. As for Li Yonghao, he should have cooperated with the anti-secret organization for a short time. Shan Yue nodded and said, "Mr. Ji Dong is right. The cooperation between us and Li Yonghao is only a few years.". In fact, we have to cooperate with them. Just now, Mr. Ji Dong said that if the dark machine really wants to find us, we can't compete with it at all. The Dark Heavenly Stem Saint received this task and found me in a short time. It was at that time that Li Yonghao proposed to cooperate with us. In that case, I could not refuse at all. If I refused, the accumulation of the organization for hundreds of years would be completely destroyed. Moreover, Li Yonghao is different from the Dark Sky. He is the Holy King of the Dark Sky. He is extremely dissatisfied with what the Dark Sky has done and does not want to see our Dark Five Elements land become like this. If you have to choose a ruler, he is obviously more suitable than the dark sky machine. And. If we just organize our own development to fight against the dark sky, it is like hitting a stone with an egg, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, even in a few hundred years, it will not be possible. But with him is not the same, as the dark heavenly stem holy king, he has a position second only to the dark sky machine, as long as the dark sky machine dies, he can naturally become the master of this continent. By that time. I am sure he will do his best to improve the situation in our land of the five dark elements. Ji Dong smiled indifferently and said, "I also believe that Li Yonghao has such ability.". However, his idea must be to base all this on the unification of our five elements of light. With the huge resources of the five elements of light, he can save decades of time and restore the five elements of darkness as soon as possible. I'm not wrong. Therefore, it is impossible for him to come forward and negotiate with us. Whether he supports the dark secret or supports you against the secret organization, we will never be friends. It can only be the enemy. The only thing we have in common is that we all want the dark one to die. He couldn't have done it without us. Flash Yue sighed and said, "It seems that we can't cooperate.". After all, there is a gap in concept at this time. "Vice President Shan Yue," said Ji Dong, "please tell Li Yonghao to think about what the first generation of saints of light and darkness did. Maybe he doesn't think it's possible for us to cooperate like that now. But within a year, I will show him the basis for cooperation. Ask him to guard his holy island. But one thing you said before is right, now the dark sky machine must be in charge of the dark temple, your organization can play at this time. If the dark machine really left the dark temple, maybe we will really come to the dark temple again. If I'm not wrong, the power that Li Yonghao can't really grasp is the part of the Dark Temple. Even if the Dark Sky is dead, this part of the power will not obey the command of their Dark Sky Saints. Shan Yue did not answer Ji Dong's words. He just nodded and said, "I'll tell you what Mr. Ji Dong said.". However, it is impossible for the Dark Heavenly Stem Saints to recognize their relationship with our organization, and Mr. Ji Dong does not need to do anything meaningless. Ji Dong laughed and said, "Vice President Lightning, please rest assured. My situation is not so dark. The relationship between Tianji and Li Yonghao still needs me to provoke?"? Li Yonghao should be very clear, if the dark machine really led the army to capture the mainland of the five elements of light, then, when all this is done, that is, the birds are gone, the good bow is hidden. Flash Yue followed him out and sent the saints of the Bright Heavenly Stem to the courtyard outside. Ji Dong suddenly stopped and turned to Shan Yue and said, "Vice President Shan Yue, if I say, let Mo Er leave with us.". Do you agree?. Flash Yue was stupefied for a moment, looking at Ji with a somewhat complicated look. The saints of the Heavenly Stem of Light were obviously a little surprised. After thinking about Pianxuan, Flash Yue nodded firmly, "Well, then trouble Mr. Ji Dong.". Somebody, bring the foam. After a while,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Flash Thunder and Moer came to the bright heavenly stem saints together. Flash Yue looked at his granddaughter, and his eyes obviously softened a lot. "Moer, you and Mr. Ji Dong are going.". You can learn a lot more by following Mr. Ji Dong. Everything must be ordered by Mr. Ji Dong. 。 sxthsteel.com