Rogue Masters of Online Games

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At this time, the crowd in the square of the imperial capital became restless, and several people with the same clothes came from behind.

The hot side of Kaling made Xia Feng surprised. In Xia Feng's eyes, Kaling has always been very gentle, lively, and cheerful. I didn't expect that she would curse people today, but also "milk" and "milk"? How old is this little girl. These two people did not think of card Linger actually so shrewish, want to tease a few words but was behind card Linger two big fellow glared at dare not speak, had to look at card Linger saliva, and the stage of the summer wind just nodded and smiled, indicating that he had seen her. And this time came a young man, to tell the truth, this young man is really elegant, dressed in white, but the eyes are a little "color" "fan" "fan" feeling, let the summer wind feel very uncomfortable. Hello, beautiful young lady, I wonder if I have the good fortune to know the girl's name? My name is Wei Suo, and I am the eldest son of the Wei family. The young man did not speak and had something to look at. As soon as he spoke, he "showed" the fox's tail, which made Xia Feng helpless. Wei family, one of the big families in the imperial capital, the head of the Wei family and Ishihara Xiong two are family friends, so this Wei is naturally a supporter of Ishihara Xiong two,stainless steel welded pipe, of course, Xia Feng will not know this. Carling looked at Wei Suo strangely and moved his eyes to the ring without speaking. The young man was not reconciled. He looked at the ring and said, "Elder Ishihara is a famous elixir in the imperial capital. This Yuhuang Jushi is extremely arrogant. After he loses, he will know what it means to cry without tears. He still wants to challenge Elder Ishihara. He really has no eyes." The young man spoke very childish. Of course, he was only in his twenties, and he looked like a playboy. Kalinger Wen Yan is not happy, originally this is the summer wind to come, now someone actually praised the summer wind's opponent how can she be happy? "Wei Suo?"? Well, why does the name sound so familiar? Kaling touched her chin strangely,304 stainless steel wire, while Wei Suo looked embarrassed. But Ka Linger just couldn't remember why she was so familiar with him. At this time, Xia Feng on the stage laughed and said, "Linger, can you not be familiar with this wretched person?" When Carling heard this, he read a sentence again, "Wei Suo is wretched." Ha ha, wretched, ha ha, good name. Kalinger would feel sorry and suddenly burst out laughing, and even the two big men behind him couldn't help but want to laugh out loud, but they never laughed, and Xia Feng wondered if they would suffer internal injuries. Wei glared at Xia Feng and said his name. He felt even worse about Xia Feng. In addition, Ishihara Kumaji was a good friend of Grandpa, so naturally he was not optimistic about Xia Feng. He said, "Be arrogant for a while. I'll see how you laugh after you fail." "That old man will fail. Big brother will definitely win. Hey!" Then he continued to wave his hand to cheer up Xia Feng. Wei Suowen looked at Kalinger and said, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, "I'm sure this Yuhuang Jushi will fail. What kind of shit dares to compete with Ishihara?"? I don't want to see how much I weigh. When Kalinger heard this, she glared at Wei Suo and said, "Can you speak cleanly?"? How did you know that old man would win? Arrogant! Then he ignored Wei Suo, but Ishihara Kumaji was mad when he heard it. "Bad old man?"? "Oh, dare you make a bet with me?" Wei looked at Xia Feng disdainfully, and then said to Kalinger. The latter refused to admit defeat, so he asked, "What's the bet?" Wei looked at the ring confidently and said, "I bet this Yuhuang Jushi will lose. How about that?"? Do you dare to bet? Carling, too, was more energetic. She pouted and said, "Just bet. What's the bet?" Xia Feng paid attention to every move below, but fortunately the two men just bicker and did not further threaten Kaling, so they did not care. As for the bet of the two men, they were relieved, because Xia Feng was absolutely sure to win the game, so Xia Feng was relieved to put the'medicine 'material, and the refining of the Dan'medicine' was definitely not successful in a short time. So this game will waste a lot of time, it is estimated that we will have to wait until tomorrow to see the real dawn, but the summer wind is also worth it for this wind spirit bead, anyway, we have to expose ourselves, it is better to let this feeling come a little crazier, and let those ants know whether they have this strength, which is also to clear up some unnecessary troubles for themselves. Xia Feng's plan is very obvious. Before, he had to be careful in order to hide his identity, but now Ishihara Kumaji has exposed all his identity, so it's impossible to hide the whole thing. So now Xia Feng has decided to refine the resurrection elixir. In this way, his influence will be more extensive. So that those who overreach themselves know to quit, otherwise it would be too troublesome for everyone to disturb themselves, so now Xia Feng is barefoot and not afraid to wear shoes, who is afraid of who ah! At this time, the crowd in the square of the imperial capital became restless, and several people with the same clothes came from behind. The people who took the lead were all white-haired old people, and it could be seen that their status was extraordinary. At this time, people had a tacit understanding to get out of the way for the three families. They walked slowly to the middle of the square, and the people around them began to talk. Are all the heads of the three families here? Others were talking. Should be, I know that person, he is Wei Jie, the level of three hundred and two, ah, is simply an existence that people look up to ah. At this time, another little assassin, who had only one hundred and fifty yuan, said enviously. Shit, Saurage is here too, the high priest of the three hundred ranks! A noise broke out again in the crowd. Not only that, but several other people recognized another family at this time. The Hen family is also here. Look, the old man should be the patriarch of the Hen family, right? I don't know how to practice when I hear that he's almost at the level of three hundred and fifty. A man said enviously that it was an old man behind him who knocked him down and said,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, "What's your name?"? Other people's strength is cultivated! The latter looked at his father with grievance and complained, "I can't even talk about it." As a result, he was beaten again.