which was a great shame. She had lived in this room

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She went out of the bathroom, no one was there, but she smelled a strong smell of alcohol, which was a great shame. She had lived in this room, Zhou Pushen said, let her go to him, she also knew that he should be in the study in the master bedroom at the moment

Now there is nothing to hold, the emptiness in her arms makes Su Ye not used to it, she is confused to scratch, Zhou Pushen grabbed her hand, she settled down, Zhou Pushen took the cup to feed her water. She knew it was water, and it was like licking. If the cup is tilted a little more, she can't drink it and will spill it. The servant handed over the spoon, but Zhou Pushen didn't take it. Drinking water is so dishonest. It's like feeding a baby. Zhou Pu-shen simply took a sip and kissed himself. Mouth to mouth, sir. Would you like to be so.. The servant girl was still young, and she could only turn away on the principle of not looking at the indecent. How much wine does it taste like this? The taste of foreign wine, red wine, beer.. It stinks. Zhou Pushen frowned a little tighter. Fortunately, she cooperated and swallowed slowly without choking. After drinking clear water, his stomach began to roll. Zhou Pushen ordered, "Bring the trash can." Two more servants came in. "Sir, let's do it." Zhou Pu did not answer, and the servant could only watch. Su Ye really spit out, she did not eat much at night, the stomach is full of wine,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, Zhou Pu deep patted her back, anger came up in an instant. Drink so much, don't you want to die? Su Ye felt that her stomach was about to be emptied, but her stomach was still turning against water, and she had nothing to vomit with her mouth open. This is the first time she's ever been drunk. No, she's drunk. It's too uncomfortable. Don't drink to drown your sorrows any more. A little drinking is pleasant, but a lot of drinking hurts the body. What was she doing? Originally, she was the most sober person in the whole box. Later,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Ma Duoduo asked her to serve wine. She was chatting with the hotpot. What did she say at that time? Why do you always want to drink after that? Her head hurt, her stomach hurt, and the gentle force behind her came, from top to bottom, warm, and she felt more comfortable. "Shall we, sir?" Said the respectful female voice. The movement on her back stopped. She felt she was lying down again. She tried to open her eyes. The eyelids were too heavy and the light was too dazzling. Forget it. Sleep for a while. Wash her up and take her back to the master bedroom. Zhou Pu-shen got up and explained. The smell of alcohol in this room is enough to kill people. When the body sank into the warm water, Su Ye suddenly opened his eyes. The three little girls looked straight at her. She suddenly straightened up and lowered her head slowly-she was sitting in the bathtub, the water was over her chest, half of it was round and exposed, there were unknown things floating on the surface of the water, like petals and leaves, and the lower part of her body was hidden under the water. She looked up again and saw the uniforms of the three little girls. They were silent. Of course, she recognized them. They were the clothes of the servants of Zhou Zhai in Xishan No.1 Courtyard. She patted her head and sobered up again. Is she at Zhou's house? Su Ye's expression was so strange that the three little girls looked at each other and one of them boldly asked, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, "Miss Su, are you awake?" Su Ye looked at the ceiling and let her sleep for a while. When she woke up now, she was going to have cancer. "You go out," she said calmly. In fact, she was still dizzy, sometimes Pure Brightness and sometimes confused. She remembered that she was talking about Zhou Pushen with "hot pot" at that time. She seemed to have signed the wrong name. Then she confessed to Zhou Pushen to the dog. This is ridiculous! She's drunk. How can she be like this. So why is she here, Mardo? No, Zhou Pushen is in Lagos now, so she probably just missed him too much to dream about it. No, the faces of the three girls are different, and she can't imagine it in her dream. My head is going to explode! A man or a dog will do. Tell her it's a dream or a wake. So she shouted, "Hot pot!" No response. Hot pot "Have you washed it?" Su Ye froze, and the voice was all too familiar. Uh He listened to her for a long time and told the servant, "Go in and see if she fainted." Su Ye says: "Not dizzy, need not!" Zhou Pushen: "Come and find me after washing." “……” It was definitely the longest bath that Su Ye had ever taken, and she didn't get up until her fingers were a little wrinkled. During this period, the strength of her wine had dissipated, but her head was still very heavy. There were pajamas on the glass platform. She picked them up and looked at them. There was no lining. After putting them on, they could not cover her chest at all. But there was nothing else, so she put on her pajamas and covered her head with a bathrobe. She looked in the mirror, and the woman inside was wrapped in a headscarf, like a nun, and wrapped in a big bathrobe. Well, the frigidity was very thorough and abstinent. She went out of the bathroom, no one was there, but she smelled a strong smell of alcohol, which was a great shame. She had lived in this room, Zhou Pushen said, let her go to him, she also knew that he should be in the study in the master bedroom at the moment, but she dressed like this to see him. Forget it. Just stay here. Su Ye stood in front of the French window, tilting her head to wipe her hair, and Zhou Pu went deep into the door without her noticing. Her body suddenly rose into the air, she was startled, her center of gravity was unstable, she subconsciously put her arms around his neck, so that the towel fell off, the hair was scattered, and a few strands of wet hair stuck to his face. He frowned and his face was blacker than charcoal. Su Ye met his eyes. "Why are you here?" Zhou Pu raised his eyebrows, "this is my home." Su Ye: "Why am I here?" "There's nothing wrong with you being in my house." Su Ye: "Zhou Pushen, put me down." He did not move like a mountain, and Su Ye looked serious. "Why are you in Beijing?" There will be an annual meeting in Lagos in two days, and there will also be an annual meeting in Hong Kong headquarters in two days. Won't he show up? "Su Ye, how many times do I have to emphasize that I am seriously pursuing you?" Wherever she goes, he goes,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, sugar-coated, this pursuit? Su Ye: "You know what's missing between us, Zhou Pushen. It's not interesting for you to do this now." Zhou Pushen: "What is missing?" Su Ye was at a loss for words. sxthsteel.com