I really can't afford to be cheated now.

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If the live broadcast is cheated again, I really can't afford to be cheated now. Chapter 2630 return 26. Waves of zombies have been killed, turned into a spar, although can not touch, but the feeling of this harvest is really good.

Afraid of losing weight, the final body of the skin is loose, it is better not to lose weight. At least the skin is tight, and Ning Shu, accompanied by the third brother, has finally become a hundred-level God. She spent a little pocket money with Tao's mother and spent it on buying equipment. These cool equipment are all used for abuse. Compared with these small amounts of money, the money spent by the client in the plot because of depression and self-mutilation in the hospital is small. As soon as Ning Shu went online, this time he appeared directly and brightly, and was no longer invisible. The level of a hundred is golden and shining. Chapter 2629 return 25. Cangshan has a well named empty staring at Ning Shu, when he sent her Yan Xingzhou's fruit photos, obviously wearing clothes. Open your eyes and lie. Cangshan has a well named empty, feeling the cold eyes of his brother, suddenly feel chilly all over. Yan Xingzhou said that he might want to die, so he would die on his head. Fat girl, your conscience won't hurt. Ning Shu immediately threw out the screenshot, "You see, you said the fruit photo, but I didn't expect you actually sent one." Yan Xingzhou clenched the sword in his hand and tried to stab him to death. Return of the face more and more ugly, "you really enough, in the end do not brush brush copy?" Unexpectedly really gave the fruit to Tao Jing, return really want to kill. How can such an ambiguous photo be given to Tao Jing. You're not trying to bring two people together. Why didn't Cangshan Youjing Weikong set her up with Yan Xingzhou. At least they have brushed the copy so many times together, and they think they are friends and teammates. But every day harasses a Tao Jing who appears later,304 Stainless Steel Bar, in vain she takes her as a friend. Cangshan Youjing Weikong immediately raised his hand and said: "Well, I admit defeat, little fat girl, you are not angry, hello, hello, everyone, brush the copy." Ning Shu smiled and said,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "Yes, when is the time for retribution? World peace is really good." "I'm a little nervous about the first copy of Cheng Shen. Let me catch my breath." Ning Shu said. He rolled his eyes and said, "I don't agree that I should join the team." She has not done a live broadcast for a long time, if there is Tao Jing, this copy will probably be bad again. Return now has clearly written on her face, that is, hate her, "I absolutely do not agree with her to join." Ning Shu spread out his hands. "I can't help it. I'll leave." "What are you going to do? You don't have any fighting power anyway. You're just here to make up the number." "It's the same as before. I'll protect her when the time comes," said Empty to Cangshan Youjing. Return gas knot, protect a wool, the problem is that this copy is really not easy to brush, but also have to bring a drag oil bottle. Cangshan has a well named Empty. What does it mean? Do you have to take her because you like Tao Jing? Returned and said directly: "Then you ask the other team members, would you like to take such a drag oil bottle?" Several other team members are very hesitant, they have brushed this copy several times, either not brushed, or other problems. I can't stand the trouble. Cangshan has a well named empty, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,mirror stainless steel sheet, "If you don't let the little fat girl join, I'll quit, I won't brush." When he came back, he was so angry that his facial features were twisted. "What the hell do you mean?" "My name is Cangshan Youjing. It's empty. It's not called." Ning Shu rolled his eyes, do not think that is protecting her, is obviously pulling hatred, return now who do not hate, hate her. It's obvious to add fire to this triangle. Come on, let the fire of gossip burn. Ning Shu was not moved at all to speak for her. Watch everyone quarrel with someone who has nothing to do. I can feed you. Do you want to join the team or not? You can say it yourself. Return to look at Ning Shu, fundus threat, "I can do live, if your strength is not good, so many viewers, lost to the home." This is almost a direct tear of the face, if you don't want to lose face, quit yourself. In the past, everyone brushed the copy well, but Tao Jing came, and it was a complete mess. Of course she stayed. Cangshan has a well named Empty to take the lead. Ning Shu: "You are me. I need you to beep whether I stay or not.". ” Ning Shu looked at the return, "of course I want to stay, I am now a cow fork, see?" Ning Shu pointed to his head, "I am already a great God?" Shiny or not? Return just want to sneer, big God number so what, but is someone else to help brush, not their own operation, what is the use of eggs. Yan Xingzhou is a little impatient, and his eyes are particularly bad, "whether to brush or not." Cangshan has a well named empty and almost jumped up, "brush, brush, of course brush." A group of several people walked toward the depths of the abyss. [World News: Adverse Battle Team Challenges Abyss Instance] When I came back, I took a look at Ning Shu and hesitated to open the live broadcast. If the live broadcast is cheated again, I really can't afford to be cheated now. Chapter 2630 return 26. Waves of zombies have been killed, turned into a spar, although can not touch, but the feeling of this harvest is really good. The zombies are getting less and less, and the black fog around them is getting thicker and thicker. The earth shook and a huge skeleton came running from the ground. At first glance, Ning Shu thought he saw Fu Jun's bones. But Fu Jun's bones are golden, these bones are white, countless bones gathered together. The mandibles of these skulls opened and closed with a grim smile. He was big and strong, and he raised his feet and crushed them. Everyone quickly dodged the big foot, and with a boom, the big foot stepped on the ground like an earthquake. ***, fat man, what are you doing? Cangshan has a well named empty voice shocked and angry. The crowd looked and saw that Ning Shu was holding two swords in both hands, which directly penetrated the empty body of Cangshan Youjing, and the blood strip on his head was empty. Kill me so many times, do you think I really laugh with you? Ning Shu said with a slight smile. People:.. ***,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, what about the brush monster? Why did you kill your teammates? When she came back to wipe her face, she wanted to die. She struggled to open the live broadcast again and again, but she didn't expect it to be like this. What is it? I killed it again. How can I brush this OSS. sxthsteel.com