let me cut him alive!

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Wu is born with great strength, coupled with the practice of "Mang Niu Jin", the combination of inside and outside, has reached the limit after death, and the strength is terrible. Boss, let me cut him alive!

What, slaughter the village? Hit X barely 8. Qin Yu was shocked in his heart. Suddenly in the heart big anxious, "no matter how, absolutely can't let them slaughter the village, catch the thief to catch the king first, kill that line of small eldest brother to say again first." Qin Yu flashed like a gentle breeze, and his body followed a wonderful trajectory to the front of Wu. What a fast speed, what a delicate posture. Wu was taken aback, but his body did not move. Poof! A lightning sweep, Qin Yu often exercise leg strength under the waterfall, coupled with weight-bearing squats, or weight-bearing long-distance running, for leg strength to achieve the greatest exercise, Qin Yu's strongest attack part of the body is the leg. Come on, Qin Yu walked with the strongest attack. Peng! Qin Yu's right leg kicked hard on Wu's foot, "What!" Qin Yu's face changed greatly in vain, and a terrible energy came directly from his feet, which not only easily withstood Qin Yu's attack. Continue to attack Qin Yu. Court death Wu Yi a high pressure split leg, like a big chop, Qin Yu immediately hands a support, the whole person like a bird up into the sky, then a roll and escape. Wu's glance hit the ground hard. There was a loud roar. Smoke and dust fly up. Wait for the smoke to go away. Son, the pit appeared in front of everyone, just a glance to achieve such power, the strength of the black is really terrible. Damn boy. Wu Kui was furious in vain. Click! Hands into claws, directly cracked the spine of a horse thief,caustic calcined magnesite, Qin Yu's body flashed, as agile as catkins, as fast as lightning, Qin Yu's flexible body perfectly displayed his posture, shuttling between a horse thief. Recruit to kill! Don't waste a little time at all, where Qin Yu's figure goes, the horse thief there will die. That guy is so horrible. He should be the master of practicing internal skills to the extreme as Grandpa Lian said. It is estimated that he is the same level as the original eight masters of external skills. It is really too strong. My attack and mutual attack can't break his defense at all. Qin Yu is shocked in the heart, "solve these common horse thieves to say again first." Qin Yu originally Ji Ge X 'catch the thief first catch the king' later failed, worried that the people in the village were killed too much, so first kill the ordinary horse thief again. All the horse thieves are frightened. The system is wrong! "The old two are in a hurry. This young man is really terrible. He can destroy them in one move. They are not masters. No matter how strong these ordinary horse thieves are, they are not as good as Bai San. Bai San is easily killed by Qin Yu. How can those people fight back?" Brothers, let's kill him together. A horse thief shouted loudly, and the other horse thieves were suddenly not busy killing the villagers. Group attack, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, so many people toward Qin Yu siege in the past. Careful Iron Mountain shouted eagerly. The other villagers watching were worried about Qin Yu. Qin Yu did not care about a smile. Group attack? Speed posture to the limit, between thousands of horses can also not suffer a little scar. Now there are only a few horse thieves left. It's nothing. Qin Yu, like lightning, rushed into the horse thief. Although these horse thieves are eager to slash, but Qin Yu's figure is easy to avoid, every time out of the foot, every time out of the fist, can easily kill a horse thief. Boy, don't hide if you can. Wu came at a high speed. That guy is too strong. It's better to avoid him first. Qin Yu's body shape spreads out and the range of movement increases. From the periphery to attack a horse thief, although the strength of the black itself is extremely strong, but it seems that the body is not as good as Qin Yu. Come on, second brother! Wu Da gave a loud shout. That Jia Ming also immediately rushed up, Jia Ming's flying skill is a little better than Wu Jie, but still in front of Qin Yu's strange body there is no way, see in front of the body, but the next moment to the side of a few meters away. Ah A horse thief stared big eyes, a shrill scream, the head is flying up, Qin Yu's one extremely fast knife leg, unexpectedly one eye directly kicked off the head. This is the last common horse thief. In just five minutes or so, nearly a hundred horse thieves were all killed. Mainly Wu and Jia Ming two big masters in the side, this only then lets Qin Yu attack the speed to slow down the system error! A ratio of four to four 8x old Bi Bi. "Whew!" At the foot of a point, Qin Yu body into the sky, unexpectedly jumped on a tree outside the village, standing on the tree, Qin Yu coldly looked at the following two masters. This bastard has killed all my brothers. I must tear him apart!!! Wu Kui was so angry that his whole body broke out, and his black robe exploded into rags and drifted into the air. His body was surrounded by the energy visible in his eyes, and his muscles were still vibrating. "Mang Niu Jin", although it is an internal skill and mental method. However, it is a mental method that integrates muscle strength and internal strength. Wu is born with great strength, coupled with the practice of "Mang Niu Jin", the combination of inside and outside, has reached the limit after death, and the strength is terrible. Boss, let me cut him alive! The cold light in Jia Ming's eyes flashed, and the internal force in his body rolled. In terms of internal force alone, he was at the same level as Wu. Wu is stronger than him because of the combination of internal strength and strength. These two masters are not comparable to ordinary people like Bai San? Looking at the eyes of the two masters, Qin Yu secretly complained in the heart: "The horse thief boss has reached the limit of the day after tomorrow, and can be compared with the original eight masters of external skills.". The second horse thief with a soft sword is not much worse, and the weapon is the soft carving of the side door, once the internal force is instilled, the attack must be very strange. Chapter 215 planting evidence. The Taoist priest in the world of Jin Yong Chapter 215 planting the first two steps of Fang Xuejing's divination. Looked at Liang Siren and such as the moon, tight jade face pine moon small,Magnesium Oxide powder, a long sigh of relief, patted high chest. Seeing this, the rest of the people knew that their lives had been saved. No one spoke. They went out of the hall one after another and stood in the corridor outside before opening their mouths. The six men of the Infinite Sword looked at each other with surprise in their eyes. They saw with their own eyes that Elder Martial Brother Liang and Younger Martial Sister Ruyue were dying and would take their last breath at any time. stargrace-magnesite.com