which was hard for him not to mind

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If you want to take your wife, that's another matter. Xing Cheng, who was just about to take a sip of white wine, stopped, which was hard for him not to mind. Ah, where does that come from? The other side asked, and Xingcheng listened attentively.

"The target entered the store without a companion, and the vehicle was a taxi." As expected. What is the distribution of guests? "All kinds.". It's not surprising that women go in alone. What's next? In the face of Taifu's question, Gong Yi was silent for a moment. No, just stick to the original plan. Jing Nai alone is more eye-catching. You go in with her. "Understand." Hung up the phone, Taifu stared at "baron" again, and someone patted him on the shoulder behind him. It was Jing Nai. She wore a short jacket over a gray dress and made up again, which was more elegant than before. Is this dress all right? "What are your complaints?" "No, I'm just worried that it's too simple." "The other side must be tired of all that makeup.". Hey, come on, Mr. (Haruhi). "Come, Miss (Sasuri)." They crossed the road when there was no traffic. Looking at the red liquid poured into the glass, the God of the door could not help but sigh: "good wine.". Shaking the glass gently, he stared at the red wine that was slightly rippling on the inside and quietly returned to calm,Magnesium Oxide MgO, which was quite close to the speed and viscosity he had predicted. Shake the glass slowly again, smell the wine, and take a sip in your mouth. It is quite mellow, the tannin flavor is well retained, and the slight sweetness does not feel discordant. It would go well with fried veal steak, he thought. Made in Piedmont. " (Piedmont belongs to Italy)" said the young waiter holding the wine container. Wearing a bow tie,calcium nitrate sol, he doesn't look very appropriate, and he's still a trainee wine waiter. Northern Italy. "Uh-huh.". It says Gran Reserva on the bottle, and this wine is Reserva. "Yes, I know." Xing Cheng stretched out his right hand to stop him from continuing the introduction. He doesn't like to listen to what others say when tasting wine, which is easy to cause preconceived ideas. Taking another sip, he quietly closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like to eat. How will the guests feel when they eat fried veal steak and drink this red wine while the taste is still in their mouth? Does it match the taste of demiglacesauce? Reserva has a law that says it should be aged for five years or six years. Well, it doesn't matter. What matters is whether it tastes good or not. It should be good. After concluding, he put the wine glass on the table. But He continued to think, "The price is too high. It costs at least 7000 yen to open this bottle in the restaurant.". It's a little expensive for couples who come to dinner in a good mood. Xing Cheng took out his notepad from his pocket and wrote down his name first. Depending on the number of purchases, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, there may be room for manoeuvre in price. Leaving the previous place, he began to look around. Although it was a standing-room dinner, it was actually a tasting of Italian red wine. On the table where the dishes are arranged, there are corresponding recommended red wines. Most of the people who are served are related to the restaurant, and some celebrities can be seen here and there, and there are few people of unknown origin. When I heard that invitations were flowing out of the online auction, the organizers turned a blind eye to it for fear that few people would attend. Xing Cheng stopped at the place where fresh fish marinade and white wine were displayed. How to match white wine has always been one of his weaknesses. As he raised his glass, a woman's voice burst into his ears. A few days ago, someone recommended me a very delicious foreign food house. Xing Cheng reacted to the word "foreign food" and turned his head slightly. Beside them stood a young man and a young woman. Xing Cheng guessed that they were a couple, but the atmosphere between them was a little strange. The man looked humble and seemed to have deliberately lowered his posture. Foreign food is really rare. Which one? The man asked. Isn't it a strange name, the pavilion of the God of the house? Hearing this, Xingcheng's body stiffened involuntarily. He never thought he would mention the name of the shop. Do you need to pour red wine? The salesgirl asked with a big smile. Ah Thank you Xing Cheng handed her the empty glass, but his attention was completely attracted by the conversation beside him. I've heard of this shop. There are several in Tokyo. I haven't been there yet. Well, it's so delicious. What did you order? "I ordered beef stew and my friend ordered fried seafood dinner, which was really delicious." "Well, next time I'll take my wife to eat with me." However, not all women will like this shop. If you want to take your wife, that's another matter. Xing Cheng, who was just about to take a sip of white wine, stopped, which was hard for him not to mind. Ah, where does that come from? The other side asked, and Xingcheng listened attentively. It's hard to explain clearly in a few words. If she is a woman, I think she will understand. Or maybe it's all in my mind. "I care a little, but I'm more interested." "Then go once.". You'll understand then. "Uh-huh.". Then pick a day to eat. The two men began to walk away slowly, and Xing Cheng panicked. He put the half-finished white wine on the table and ran after it. They walked side by side, talking and laughing. The woman is tall and slender, and judging from the side face she saw in a flash, she is in her early 20s. The man is also quite young and seems to be a little older than her. Medium build, exudes the feeling of a salesman. "Excuse me," said the voice behind him. The two men stopped at the sound and looked back at the same time, with puzzled expressions on their faces. Xing Cheng was taken aback. The woman was more beautiful than he could imagine from his back. Oh,Magnesium Sulphate producer, please forgive my abruptness. I accidentally overheard your conversation there just now. The two men looked at each other. The woman was thoughtful. A dialogue about foreign food houses. Xing Cheng said, "I just mentioned the Pavilion of the God of the House." Ah, the woman nodded. I mentioned it. Why? "That.." I don't know what your complaint is? "Huh?" "It's about Toshin Pavilion. You said that not all women will like this shop.". Please tell me the details. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com