Even though I know it's a dream

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"There I met her." "Even though I know it's a dream, I still think that girl is very special." Zhang Ju's voice changed: "Her name is Chang Wenyu, and she is the only one who doesn't ignore me." "I confided my grievance to her and

Zhang Ju has long found that Chen Ge is not an ordinary person, his eyes can keep calm no matter what he sees, as if nothing in the world can surprise him. Frankly speaking, he was afraid of such people, but it was because he was afraid that he chose to listen and follow. Standing in front of the photo, Zhang Ju opened his only right eye and watched Chen Ge's face silently. Ordinary facial features, mixed in the crowd can not find out the appearance, but it is such a person, just inadvertently revealed even their own fear of the expression. It's hard to describe. It's like a combination of a resentful ghost and a perverted madman. From that face, you can see madness, sickness and cruelty, but you can't see fear and fear. Zhang Ju knows his appearance, he has always felt that he is a horrible monster, but Chen Ge's actions just now let him find that there are more horrible "monsters" than him in the world. Yes, we should be the same kind of people. He believed Chen Ge's words, because that kind of expression can only be possessed by people who have experienced hell, and the other side, like himself, has forgotten the past. I'm sorry, Miss Bai, I recalled some very unpleasant memories,metal racking systems, so I lost control. Zhang Ju's voice was ugly and harsh, but his attitude was much better. It's all right. How can the teacher really blame the students? With a smile on his face, Chen Ge gave people the feeling that he was very kind and gentle. It was hard to believe that the person who had just talked to Zhang Ju was also him: "What did you recall?"? Don't worry, tell me all about it. "Actually, it's nothing. It's all painful memories." The wound on Zhang Ju's body was still oozing blood, and his clothes were dyed red bit by bit: "I think of myself when I witnessed the murder, weak and timid; I think of the feeling of the fire burning the skin, like a needle sticking into the flesh, until I feel no pain;"; I also remembered the way I was struggling in the sterile ward. Despair took root in my heart. I didn't want to die, but I didn't know how to live. "Did anything special happen to you or around you at the end of your life?" Zhang Ju appeared in the world inside the "door", but he had lost the ability to open the door at that time. Chen Ge was curious about how he got into the school. Only when he knew how to get in, radio shuttle racking ,shuttle rack system, could he have a chance to speculate on the way to escape. In the three-star scene, the "door" is the only entrance and exit, but the four-star scene seems to be different. The last stage of life.. Zhang Ju reached out and touched his face: "I seem to be in a coma, but I can feel the outside world. I can't tell the difference between reality and nightmare. But I remember one thing clearly. Every night, a door will appear in the ward." "The door?" "I was in the hospital for seven days, and the door appeared every night, getting closer and closer to me, until finally it ran to my bedside." Zhang Ju raised his head, his face covered with blood: "It is a door that can move. The more I fear and despair, the closer it will be to me.". I couldn't ask for help. On the night of the eighth day, the door was pushed open from inside. One hand reached out of the crack of the door and pulled me in. The situation described by Zhang Ju is the same as what happened to Chang Gu. They all met a "door" that would move by itself. Every midnight, the door would slowly approach the sleeping person and eventually stand beside the bed. The door pushed open from the inside and took away the living person on the bed. Is this the school behind the door? Chen Ge is more curious about what happened later. He wants to know the process of Zhang Ju's amnesia. How did the student who was disfigured in the fire become a half-length red dress step by step. Zhang Ju shook his head: "I had a dream, a very real dream. In the dream, they all called me Lin Sisi. I repeatedly told them my name was Zhang Ju. They mistook me for someone else, but they thought I was joking.". ” "No one believed me. I could only live in my dream under the name of Lin Sisi and experience everything that happened to Lin Sisi. Over time, even I began to doubt whether I was called Lin Sisi or not." "It's not good to be bullied, to be cold and violent, to be ignored, but then I think, in reality, I have become a monster, so it's good to live in a dream." In a flat voice, Zhang Ju seemed to be telling someone else's story: "I have no friends, the whole world hates me, and the double torture of spirit and body slowly makes me numb, until one day, a girl came into my dream." "It was a rainy day and a frog was stuffed in my deskmate's schoolbag. She suspected that I had done it, but how could I do such a boring thing?" "No one listened to my defense. My classmates drove me out of the classroom. Everyone in the corridor looked at me with strange eyes. I had to flee to the roof of the teaching building alone." "There I met her." "Even though I know it's a dream, I still think that girl is very special." Zhang Ju's voice changed: "Her name is Chang Wenyu, and she is the only one who doesn't ignore me." "I confided my grievance to her and she understood." "Then I told her about my past and told her that I was not Lin Sisi." "She is very interested in what I say, and I like to stay with her, because only when I stay with her can I not forget myself and not be assimilated by that dream." "We met on the roof every evening, and I slowly felt that I could not leave her." "Just when I felt that life was getting colorful, she suddenly asked me a question-would you like to see the scenery outside the school?" "I didn't understand the meaning of the question at that time, and I just wanted to be with her, so I nodded." "That night,push back racking system, after midnight, she took me to the library." "The door of the school library was locked all the time. We climbed through the window and found a mirror behind a bookshelf on the third floor." "The mirror was very big. The girl said that the mirror could be used several times and asked me not to tell anyone." "I believe her very much, and I remember one thing at the same time. This is the first time I have seen a mirror in my dream!" "I asked the girl what I should do." 。 kingmoreracking.com