His Yasuo plays very well

The first B also do not know what the opposite will play, will not play what, the first B habitual B bloom, and the Bangkok giant team's first B is the iron man, this is no problem. ya The second B of the LH team was thinking about it, and then Taiha, who was sitting in the ad positi


After everyone got up one after another, they started this morning's training match. In the morning, there was still one team. In the evening, after five o'clock local time, today's match began. The first one to appear was the LH team against the Bangkok giants. In the afternoon, everyone took a nap, and then began to go to the dressing room to set makeup and so on. Everyone woke up at three o'clock in the afternoon and worked until about half past four. During this period, all the teams who played today came to the dressing room one after another to set makeup and so on. When the LH team finished the makeup, they went out of the dressing room and followed these teams to say hello. These days, we played training matches together, and we were very familiar with each other. When everything was ready, the group stage of the S5 World Finals began. On the second day of the first round, in the first game, the LH team played against the Bangkok Giants! By this time, the LH team had come to the stage after receiving the official notice, and the Bangkok giants, also wearing red uniforms, five dark-skinned Thai boys sat on the left side of the LH team. And today's domestic commentary is PDD, xiaoxiao, doll, these three partners, when there is a picture of introducing the two teams, xiaoxiao suddenly said: "by the way, can you see who is on today's ad?" After PDD and doll are stupefied, say: "the ad position change of LH assault group is not big?"? It must be Yunyi. "No,pallet rack shelving, I heard from the LH team that today's ad is not Yunyi, but Taiha." Said with a smile. Teha? Oh? Right As soon as you said that, I remembered that Taiha seemed to be a tennis player brought by the LH team from Thailand after the end of the spring tournament. At that time, this man almost killed the Qing Emperor alone. At that time, it seemed to be quite terrible. And after coming to China, it seemed that it was not a long time in a month to rush to the king's hundreds of points, which seemed to be the fastest record. It dawned on PDD. Yes, but it is said that Taiha knows all the players of the Bangkok Giants, and then Taiha plays against the Bangkok Giants. Xiaoxiao explained. Xiaoxiao said these things, how to say,heavy duty metal racking, it is true, these things are also talked about when we chat, because we are all from LPL, many times, for example, when we eat, we will get together, when we eat together, we will chat about a lot of things. And these are all small things, so we just talk about them casually. The doll next to him also nodded and said: "Indeed, we used to be teammates, and how to say this game, it is not to discredit the wild card team, after all, it is a wild card team, winning or losing this thing is still very easy to say, there should not be anything particularly big." Both PDD and xiaoxiao nodded their heads. Indeed, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, if the LH team could lose to the Bangkok giants, it would be a big surprise. There is absolutely nothing more unexpected than this. So, don't worry too much, then, the doll put the topic away and said: "Well, then let's watch the next match, LH team against Bangkok giant team." Chapter 402 this Zhongdan has a bad temper. In the first round, the LH team was on the other side, and the two sides began to have formal B players. Because of the strength of the other side, even Chris was too lazy to do the work before the game. Therefore, Chen Yiqing five people did not even know what information was on the opposite side. They only knew that the middle of the opposite side was their team's carry point. But the same, Chen Yiqing is also the LH team this team's carry point, so, the opposite is in the carry, in front of Chen Yiqing also can not carry up. Because of Chris's current status, he can't go on stage, so in the game, either Liu Jie goes up to be a coach, or she doesn't go up to be a coach. So in the audience, Chris had already agreed with the five members of the LH team, that is, as long as he took out the line-ups of the training match, he would play casually. In fact, there is no need for Chris to say this. The LH team has been playing without a coach for a year. They are actually coaches themselves, so there is no need for Chris to remind them of these things. Finally, because of the official requirement that the team must have a coach, because after the completion of the BP, the coaches of both sides have to shake hands, even the Bangkok giant team has a coach, so finally Liu Jie came to make a guest appearance as the coach. In fact, it's just a scene. Sister Liu is responsible for communicating with the staff behind her. As for BP and so on, Chen Yiqing five people directly skipped Liu Jie, as before, their own communication. The first B also do not know what the opposite will play, will not play what, the first B habitual B bloom, and the Bangkok giant team's first B is the iron man, this is no problem. ya The second B of the LH team was thinking about it, and then Taiha, who was sitting in the ad position, suddenly said, "You can play Yasuo. His Yasuo plays very well." Although this play is very good, does not represent in front of Chen Yiqing can also play well, but really has no way to come up with what hero to ban, directly B Yasuo. The opposite Bangkok giant team seems to have done some preparatory work, and the second B banned Chen Yiqing's card. Then the LH team side of the third B is Lulu, the hero, the protection ability is too strong, so banned, and the last B of the Bangkok giant, let Chen Yiqing a little surprised that they did not ban the captain, but chose to ban a spear of revenge that people can not figure out. At this time, Chen Yiqing turned to look at Taiha sitting on his left. Taiha grinned secretly after seeing the spear of revenge. Needless to say, Chen Yiqing already knew what was going on. Taiha knew for a long time that he was going to play against the Bangkok giants. Although he had to face his old teammates, Taiha was not prepared to be soft-hearted. These days, he practiced the more beautiful ADC like Calista crazily,Automated warehouse systems, but it may have been discovered by the Bangkok giants, so he was banned directly. It seems that when the old teammates meet, they are not too excited. They are all thinking about how to get each other. kingmoreracking.com