It was almost turned into a grouper.

It was almost turned into a grouper. My clothes were torn in several places. It was really not an ordinary misery. It seemed that the wolf cub was really powerful today. When I thought of what had just happened, I was still in shock.


I was so angry that I closed my eyes and said, "Shut up and don't say anything nice!"! I'm not at school anymore, and I have nothing to do with that demon. What can she do to me?! I think you're doing it for yourself! Don't think I don't know that your academic future has everything to do with that woman. How dare you not please her? You're just using me as a sacrifice to pave the way for yourself! You're not ashamed! He twisted his brows and finally could not help saying, "How can you say that?"? I am all for your good. Even if you don't appreciate it, you shouldn't say that about me. What do you want me to think? I said *** you! Think what you like! I don't have the same experience as you today! I'm going back, and you can think about it slowly! Then I did not wait for his reaction, turned away, he hurried to catch up from behind, pulled my shoulder to pull me over, said you do not understand! Rui, I never wanted to give you up! I love you! I pulled his paw away and snorted, "You don't love me at all, you only love yourself!"! Then he turned around and was about to run when he suddenly clung to me and refused to let go no matter how I struggled. His chin hit me hard in my neck and he said loudly,metal racking systems, "Don't go!"! I won't let you go! I gave him a very uncomfortable grasp, kicking and beating him to let go, he did not know when the courage to play so big, said I do not let go, I want to let you disappear! I scolded him and said there was something wrong with you! I tell you to let me go right now! Gu Pengfei, are you going to play hardball?! How dare you! I tell you,warehouse storage racks, as long as you dare! I'll destroy your whole family! I, I *** your ancestral grave! For the first time in so many years, he ignored our warnings and threats and became a hero without letting go. Only then did I know that his muscles were not for decoration. I used all my strength to suck the breast. At most, I took a walk within the jurisdiction of his Wuzhishan Mountain. I couldn't take a step out. However, I was a man anyway, and struggling desperately still had some weight. It was not easy for him to control me. I heard his breath behind my ears. It was very hot. He looked very excited and said, "Don't go!"! I was wrong, okay? Tell me what's wrong with me! Do you think I don't love you enough? I can change it! Please don't run away again! I can't stand your hiding anymore! I thought he was crazy. He didn't care how much I couldn't stand it. He just kept pulling me into his arms, and I tried my best to retreat. The result of the intensification of the contradiction was that my coat with a price tag of nearly four figures made a heart-rending lament and declared that I had died bravely. My arm was so painful that he scratched it so hard that I cried out and said, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,heavy duty cantilever racks, "You stop!"! Asshole! You're hurting me! You let go of me! To tell you the truth, I really panicked at that time, because I realized that his strength was so great. In my memory, his hands were always very light and gentle. I had never been forced by him like this. Suddenly, I felt that he was so terrible, as if he was not the Gu Pengfei I knew at all. Angry and frightened, I tried desperately to break away from him. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and was about to kiss me. I felt sick and slapped him in the face. His face was immediately torn by his nails. It was like a staff all the way. I kicked him hard and pushed him when he was in pain. His center of gravity was unstable and he fell to the ground. I immediately turned around and ran away. Running along the sidewalk, I didn't dare to look back at it at all. It was like chasing a lion behind me and it would be eaten if he took a slow step. But I thought to myself that Gu Pengfei had won the sprint championship in our school's sports meeting every year. If he was at ease to chase me, I wouldn't be an opponent. I was afraid that he would catch me before he ran a few meters. I was as anxious as something on a hot pan. Suddenly, I saw a taxi with a lovely "empty car" coming towards me. I quickly waved to stop it. Before it stopped, I jumped up. The driver and uncle's eyes curved into crescent moon and said, "Where are you going?"? I said to go to my house! No, go to that street. Anyway, you can drive quickly! When I got home, I lay on the sofa for a while. When I closed my eyes, I thought of Gu Pengfei's plaintive expression and wondered why he was so rude today. Then I thought that the last kick he kicked so hard would not leave any sequelae, right? I sighed, thinking that this guy is really troublesome. Isn't it tiring to think so much all day? In fact, it's not difficult for me to be happy. Just help me slap the demon directly. As for how the demon wants to retaliate against me, I don't care at all. Why doesn't he understand such a simple thing? I was so depressed that I got up to take a bath and prepare to go to bed. When I took off my clothes, I found that my arm was scratched black and blue by the wolf's claws. It was almost turned into a grouper. My clothes were torn in several places. It was really not an ordinary misery. It seemed that the wolf cub was really powerful today. When I thought of what had just happened, I was still in shock. I really thought he had to strangle me. I slept with a lingering fear and got up to go to work the next day. I had to deal with last night and this morning. Was it easy for me. I walked into the office carefully. Chen Xuyang was not there, so I sat in my seat and began to do my own work. After a while, he came in and saw me without saying hello. He went in directly. I thought he must have quarreled with me about last night, so I didn't say anything. So for a few days in a row, the two of us have been in a state of neither hot nor cold. Until the weekend, he came up to me, knocked on the table and said that we would have dinner together tonight. I raised my head and stared at him warily and said, "What tricks do you want to play?"? I'm not going. He gave a sneer and said, "Who wants to do anything to you? You are short of peacocks. Xiao Chun wants to come." I said, "So what? You two are in the same group, birds of a feather.". He stared at me in a funny way and said,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "Did my son provoke you?"? You little hedgehog will prick anyone, won't you? I shriveled and snorted. Seeing that I didn't speak, he said that it was settled. Don't slip away faster than anyone else after work.