But from some places, it seems that his internal skills are not very profound.

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The sallow man, regardless of his posture and moves, is a profound martial art that the disciple has never seen before. Moreover, he has the secret of shrinking bones in the tendons. But from some places, it seems that his internal skills are not very profound.

The Venerable Sky Red also seemed to be swept away. He was tall, but at this time he was almost three times taller than the man. Han Yu, with a sickly face, turned around again and turned behind him. The Venerable Sky Red only felt a wisp of sharp wind hitting the Tibetan sea cave an inch below his cocktail. His body flicked up seven feet. His body twisted in the air. His lower body did not move, but his upper body twisted over. He grabbed it with his long arm and went straight to the top of the man's head. Qunhao couldn't help cheering, and the Venerable Tianchi was so angry that he performed the top technique in the boneless soft skill. With a long laugh and a long body, the sick-looking man waved his palms and took the move of the Venerable Sky Red. Both of them were shocked, and the Venerable Sky Red was even more frightened. The strength of the man's palm, though not strong, was not exhausted, and there was endless mystery in it, which made him withdraw the power he had exerted as soon as he touched the wind of his palm. In order to protect themselves. Qiu Duxing also looked surprised. He walked to Sima's side and whispered, "Who is this man?" Without waiting for Sima Zhi's reply, he added, "Look at the technique he used, but it looks like the supreme mental method in the long-lost Bodhidharma Sutra." Sima Zhi said thoughtfully, "The technique of shrinking bones is originally a mental technique in the Yi Jin Jing, but the moves he uses seem to blend the strengths of various schools. Brother Qiu,MBR reactor, you can see that his moves are somewhat similar to those in the Tai Chi Gate, but when used, they are even more mysterious." Qiu Duxing said thoughtfully, "This man is indeed a strange man, but I think his martial arts are mysterious. Skill is not very deep, it seems that he is still very young, but he has so many secrets in martial arts,fine bubble diffuser, which is enough to make up for his lack of skill. The two of them were talking in a low voice, but the heroes in the field were so shocked by the once-in-a-century competition that they could not speak. Several disciples of the Venerable Tianchi thought that Shifu was sure to win, but now they could not help opening their mouths wide and staring round. They were so nervous that they could not breathe. The Venerable Tianchi went to the Central Plains alone in the past year and defeated countless good players in the martial arts world. At this moment, he met this man with a sickly face. He spared all his body skills, but he still couldn't get any better. As soon as the two men started to fight, they met each other dozens of times in a moment. What the two men performed were all postures that people in the martial arts world had never seen before. The heroes could only see their bodies turning, but they could not see clearly the moves they made. Ding Ling, a shadowless person, moved her body quietly. The shadowless poison she had released had never been missed for decades. At the moment, she was shocked to see that the Venerable Tianchi was still all right. Sima Zhi and Qiu Duxing also had an idea that flashed through their minds: "The Venerable Tianchi has been poisoned by a very strong poison. Why hasn't he lay down yet?" Both of them could not help saying that they were lucky, because if they were fighting with the Venerable Tianchi at the moment, then the victory or defeat was still unknown, but in their capacity, disc air diffuser ,Belt Filter Press, they were allowed to win or lose. The man with a sickly face was extremely strange. Sometimes he was as dignified as a mountain, but sometimes he was as light as a feather. Yue Ruyun claimed to be the first master of the next generation. At this time, he was quite frightened. The long and thin arms of the Venerable Tianchi, as if completely boneless, changed direction at will, and the parts of his movements were all beyond people's expectation. At this time, he was really angry, but he felt that his gestures and movements were not as flexible as before. Just now he knew that he had been poisoned, but he had learned the Qigong method of Yuka when he was young, and he was confident that it was not a big problem to be poisoned by some whiskers. It should be noted that the Yuka method is still circulating today. Every ascetic monk who practices Yuka can do something that science cannot explain. Some can walk barefoot on charcoal fire, some can sink to the bottom of the water for a few days without dying, and some can eat sulfuric acid at will. The Venerable Chi had also learned this kind of yoga that day, but he was too greedy and lustful to concentrate on it, but he was confident that he had not put some poison in his heart. However, he did not know that the shadowless poison was made by Jin Yipeng, a strange man of a generation. It was the essence of all the poisons in the world. Its power was not easy. At the moment, he felt that there was discomfort in his body. He was frightened and made a move faster. He wanted to end the competition earlier. Of course, he did not know that his opponent was not easy to solve. "Brother Sima, in your opinion, which of these two is more likely to win?" Qiu Duxing whispered. Sima Zhi hesitated again and waited for a reply, but Yue Ruyun came to insert the sun and said, "Disciple, I'm afraid the Venerable Tianchi is going to win." "Why do you think so?" Asked Qiu Duxing. "That sallow man," said Yue Jin, "is not as agile as he used to be. He looks as if his True Qi is somewhat exhausted." His eyes were fixed on the field of vision, and he added, "So the disciple is a little strange. The sallow man, regardless of his posture and moves, is a profound martial art that the disciple has never seen before. Moreover, he has the secret of shrinking bones in the tendons. But from some places, it seems that his internal skills are not very profound. This is really a strange thing." Qiu Duxing nodded slightly, and Sima's heart also secretly approved that Yue Ruyun was not only highly skilled in martial arts, but also superior in intelligence. It seemed that he was still above the thousand snake swordsmen of the past. So he thought to himself, "This is a rare talent in the martial arts world. We must not let it go astray." In the heart moves to ask, in the field Qunhao is an exclamation of surprise. It turned out that the man with a sickly face turned to the left and pushed his palms to the right. At the same time, he suddenly sank. His fingertips were picked up and his palms were exposed. One move, two moves, hit the Venerable Tianchi. Not only was it as fast as lightning, but also the part of the move was graceful and amazing. As soon as the Venerable Tianchi twisted his body and waited for Han Yu's move to fail, his palms suddenly cut down, but his right knee was raised,rapid sand filters, and his toes could be kicked out at any time. The sick-looking man took the wrong step. The Venerable Tianchi suddenly twisted his left, and his right leg suddenly kicked out. The joint of his right knee was suddenly hot, and the leg was swept out. khnwatertreatment.com