What about Xiao Wu?

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The fat man looked at me. "What about Xiao Wu?" I immediately pulled his face: "Rest assured, is absolutely original." "It's hard to say. You came in halfway. Maybe you're pretending to be.". Come on, let me check it, fat man.

The fat man looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, and sighed, "I feel that I must have run away in vain this time." He drank a mouthful of water and looked depressed. Several people did not speak, I leaned there to think, but felt that the stuffy oil bottle said so is more well-founded. According to the context of the matter, the source of everything is on those videotapes. Jude and I both received the videotapes. We all learned about Wenjin's investigation several years ago through different ways, which contributed to this investigation. Therefore, the purpose of Wen Jin's sending the videotape should be to bring us to this place. The purpose of my third uncle's trip is to track Jude's team, find out what they are tracking, and find out the real purpose of their activities in China for so many years, but Jude's team collapsed before entering the Devil City, and tracking is meaningless. With my third uncle's character, he will meet with the black blind man. He tortured the rest of Jude's people to find out the purpose of Jude's trip. Therefore, the information that the third uncle may get should be limited. In this case, it seems that Wen Jin, who sent the videotape, must be the person who knows the most. There is no reason why Wen Jin would not know the clues that the third uncle can know. Thinking of those tapes,filter nozzle, I felt a little uncomfortable. What happened to the face exactly like mine? If I really caught Wenjin, I must ask clearly. But now is not the time to think about it. I said to the fat man, "Anyway, the probability of Wenjin knowing is much greater than that of not knowing. I don't think we should consider this when we have no way out now. The most difficult thing is to catch Wenjin." The fat man lit a cigarette, took a puff and said, "It's not difficult, it's impossible. She will run when she sees us. Even if she has GPS on her,Lamella Plate Settler, we may not be able to catch her in such a big place." "Maybe we can make a trap to lure her here." I said. How are you going to lure? Seduction? The fat man was not curious and said, "The three of us are dancing striptease while wandering in the woods." I sighed, really trouble, if she is toward us, then we shout, or use fire or something as a signal, there is always a response, the two sides correct each other's direction, may meet, but the problem is that she will run away when she sees us, why is this? "Why did she run away when she saw us at the mouth of the canyon?" I said gloomily? Isn't she the one who sent the message to us by Zhuoma? She was there. She was supposed to be waiting for us. Why didn't she meet us? Is she really insane? The stuffy oil bottle shook his head slowly, saying that the judgment of insanity was made when we saw her covered with mud. Now we know that she was covered with mud for a reason, so obviously Wenjin was extremely calm when he saw us at that time. Her escape was the result of her judgment based on form. The fat man was puzzled. So it's reasonable for her to run away. We won't hurt her. Why should she run away? Calm down.. Run away.. But I understood what he meant, Rotating sludge scraper ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and my back became cold. What is Wenjin afraid of? In her notes, in her messages, she repeatedly mentioned that she was running away from something that she called "it", and she told us that "it" was among us entering the Qaidam Basin. Then, there was only one more reasonable possibility that made sense. I tutted and said, "Could it be that Wen Jin ran away because he saw that'it 'among a few of us?" The stuffy oil bottle nodded, "I'm afraid that's it." I looked at the fat man, at the pan in the tent, and then at the stuffy oil bottle, and my heart said, "Damn it, no." There were four people present at that time, Xiao Di, Xiao Wu, me and Da Pan. So, one of us scared her away? The fat man looked at us, too. "Is there a bad guy among us?" I and the stuffy oil bottle are silent, the fat man immediately raised his hand and said: "Fat Master, I am a good man, absolutely not me, I am not interested in your little woman." It's just an idea, and maybe it's not. "I feel very uncomfortable with such a statement. Everyone here has gone through life and death. I prefer to believe that Wenjin ran away because she was crazy." The key question is, what exactly is that "it"? "Don't you know, little brother?" Asked the fat man. The stuffy oil bottle looked up at him and shook his head. Could someone have turned into one of us, one of us in disguise? The fat man asked, saying that he pulled his face hard to show his innocence: "You see, my face is original." "I thought of that. I checked you and Pan Zi when you were asleep just now." "No problem," said the stuffy oil bottle. I remembered that when I saw him, he was squatting beside Pan Zi. It turned out that he was doing this. It seemed that he had thought about it long ago, but he never said it. This man is really sophisticated. The fat man looked at me. "What about Xiao Wu?" I immediately pulled his face: "Rest assured, is absolutely original." "It's hard to say. You came in halfway. Maybe you're pretending to be.". Come on, let me check it, fat man. The fat man stretched out his hand and pulled it hard. My tears of pain flowed out. Then he let go and said, "You have passed the test." "So it should not be a problem in this respect." The stuffy oil bottle pointed to Wen Jin's notes in my pocket and asked me, "Is there any relevant record on it?" I took it out and shook my head. "To be sure, in Wenjin's description, this'it 'is tracking them. It should be intelligent, and I feel that it must be a person, but I don't know why I use this'it'." The fat man stood up, drank a few mouthfuls of water, handed the kettle to the stuffy oil bottle and said, "Speaking of which,rapid sand filters, isn't it your third uncle who is tracking them? Could it be your third uncle?"? In the dark, Wen Jin may be wrong. Aren't you a bit like your third uncle? My heart said that I was much more handsome. The stuffy oil bottle took the fat man's kettle and was about to speak. At that moment, the fat man suddenly reached out and pinched the face of the stuffy oil bottle. Pinch and pull hard. khnwatertreatment.com