What it looks like to shout loudly

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He came with a frown and a serious expression, not like a scholar, but like a soldier. What it looks like to shout loudly. Those people smiled awkwardly and got carried away with their new discoveries.

Lin leisurely lips gently open, the tip of the tongue hook small red beads, top open the baby's quiet and weak lips, the small red beads into the baby's mouth. The little red bead slid down Boa's throat and into her belly. The little red bead in Boa's belly suddenly glowed, emitting a bright but not dazzling dark red light. Then it began to spin, spinning rapidly, and the dark red light kept being thrown out of the firefly size. These small points of light, which were thrown out, spread and swam rapidly in Boa's body. Finally, it reached Boa's brain and gathered again into a grain of rice. Yellow beads. Lin leisurely raised his lips, gazed at the sleeping treasure, smiled, lowered his head and pecked twice on the lips of the treasure. Meditate in my heart, Boa, has my sister ever said to you that I love you. Suddenly, a young and innocent voice came from the side. Mommy, are you kissing your aunt? Lin Yiran's heart missed a beat and looked sideways. I saw Manman lying on the bed, blinking his big eyes and staring at her with flickering eyelashes like a small fan. For a moment,shuttle rack system, Lin Yiran had a kind of guilt of bringing bad children. She replied, "Yes, because Mommy likes Auntie very much, so she will kiss Auntie." Manman toots, "does Mommy like Manman very much?" Lin leisurely smiled, "of course." The little mouth pouted high, and a vague voice came from the little mouth: "Well.." Nai,wire mesh decking, (that) stuffy (Manman) also curls up (to) kiss.. He kissed Manman on the forehead. "Be good." Manman lowered her head in disappointment. Mommy kissed her aunt's mouth! She saw it! Lin leisurely and helplessly pecked at Manman's small mouth. All right, Manman is a kiss, too. Manman smiled like a sunflower. Mommy must like Manman best. After appeasing Manman, Lin leisurely looked at Boa again. Not knowing whether it was the effect of her heart, she felt that Baoer's face was much better, and it seemed that even her body temperature had risen a little. Lin Yiran's heart is full of expectations. Lin Baoer felt so uncomfortable that she seemed to have been strung with a steel stick and put on the grill, with a blazing flame under her body, roasting and roasting. The burning made her feel hot and painful all over her body, and even her internal organs and lungs were escaped and burned. She knew vaguely that her sister had said a lot to her, some of which she had heard, some of which she had not heard. She wanted to respond to her sister. She wants to say to the elder sister, the elder sister gives up, waited for the treasure son to become the zombie, industrial racking systems ,shuttle rack system, killed! She would rather die at the hands of her sister. And then she couldn't hear anything. Her mind was in chaos, and her world became pale and quiet. In a trance, she seemed to touch the temperature of her sister's lips. It's her delusion. Suddenly, a flame exploded in the cold abdomen, and the flame separated and separated again, running in her veins. It's rushing to her brain. Immediately afterwards, Lin Baoer lost any consciousness. She turned into a zombie! City B, dozens of kilometers away, is the highest scientific research Institute in China. In the group a laboratory. Dr. Xie, the latest test results are in. Yan Yaning, an iceberg beauty, handed over the analysis of the test results to Dr. Xie Hui, and explained in a voice without waves. Through many infected experiments, people infected with zombie virus, after a high fever, their body temperature drops rapidly, and their body functions decline rapidly, and they die in a short time. Within seconds of the death of an infected person, their brain, which had been completely dead, suddenly reappears in the brain stem. Dr. Xie pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose, looked at the analysis of the test results in his hands, and was distracted to listen to Yan Yaning's narration. Resurgent activity in the brain stem? Did you dissect it? "Our team is dissecting and has not found anything yet." Dr. Xie nodded and rubbed his eyes wearily. He had been working without sleep for two days. I really can't hold on. If he goes on like this, his baldness will become bald sooner or later. "Dr. Xie, you.." Would you like to take a break? Yan Yaning hesitated. No need. I'll have a cup of coffee. Urgent from above. I don't know how the B and C groups are doing. Thinking of this, Dr. Xie sighed. I really don't know what the leaders above think. At this time, do not concentrate all efforts to solve the zombie virus, but let them study in groups, and cut off all channels of communication between them. In the laboratory of Group B. Boss, we got something! A few people of B group lab are fiddling with a detector, had new discovery to call the group leader that comes to B group at once. The leader of Group B was a handsome old man in his sixties. He came with a frown and a serious expression, not like a scholar, but like a soldier. What it looks like to shout loudly. Those people smiled awkwardly and got carried away with their new discoveries. The old devil hated people shouting in the laboratory. boss。 Look at the screen of the display, the red dots are ordinary human beings, and the yellow dots represent zombies. Xiao Wang explained to Gao Ningyuan in a soft voice. Gao Ningyuan frowned, "get to the point!"! Don't waste my time! Xiao Wang shivered. "Yes, boss.". We have just found that not far from B city, there are strange characteristics of life activities. As he spoke, Xiao Wang adjusted the area of the display and enlarged the map near B city to find out the abnormal place. This place is very strange. The average zombie is shown as a yellow dot and moves very slowly. But one of the yellow dots in this place is moving quite fast. Xiao Wang clicked a stopped yellow dot on the display. A few seconds later, the yellow dot moved quickly for some reason, showing a shadow on the screen, and went to the next place. It's been moving around,heavy duty cantilever racks, probably.. Probably looking for something. Gao Ningyuan nodded, "I know." Then walk away. Xiao Wang breathed a sigh of relief in the back. It was really terrible to talk to the old devil. Gao Ningyuan suddenly turned around and said, "Tomorrow I will send a group of people to protect you and go to the field to investigate." 。 jracking.com