She had to start carrying out her tycoon daughter's plan.

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At noon, she simply ate something and woke up Luo Da, who was sleeping on the table. It was estimated that the boy had not slept well with the patient and the drunkard. She asked Luo Da to accompany her to the post office to order a newspaper. She had to start carrying out her tycoon daugh

Luo Da took a look at Li Wei's curious little face, but he didn't hide it from her. He took a look at the door of the room. His mother seemed to be busy in the kitchen. He lowered his voice: "He stole money from the family and went out to eat and drink. My mother just came back and was caught red-handed." Ah? How did this happen? Li Wei is really speechless, these two boys are very good ah, she said how to see them in a daze and blush, the original is to drink too much ah! Two people are just adults together, and they dare to go out and get drunk! He is indeed the son of Luo San's aunt, and his genes are strong. But seeing the big bowl in Luo Da's hand, he smelled a sweet fragrance like honey and pointed to it: "What are you..". Is it sobering soup? ?” Luo Da nodded, feeling obliged to defend his unworthy brothers: "In fact, the two of them are usually quite obedient, this is the first time to drink, may be curious." Holding back a smile, Li Wei patted Luo Da on the shoulder sympathetically: "You don't have to explain. In fact, I think they are pretty good. I guess your first drink was much earlier than them, right?" Luo Da coughed awkwardly: "That..". I was not sensible at that time. 。 My dad told me to drink, so I drank. Li Wei interrupted him with a smile: "OK, OK,aluminium edge trim, no need to explain. Drinking is not against the law. If you don't drink early, you have to drink when you grow up. Don't get addicted and become a drunkard.". Look, you have to pay more attention to the waiters. Don't become a little drunkard. The more I think about Luo Er and Luo San drinking secretly. The more Li Wei wanted to laugh, it always reminded her of the cartoon of the monkey stealing wine. She always felt that Luo Er and Luo San were the little monkeys, and thought that they had been scolded by the third aunt. No, Li Wei was busy covering her mouth with her hand. See Luo Da quite depressed: "Is it so funny?" It's just a drink. Li Wei also does not speak, is covering the mouth to nod,stainless steel tile edge trim, the heart way is funny. Others may not be funny, but your mother and your three brothers are funny together. The next day, Li Wei went to school normally, although she really wanted to see the scene of Ding Anping's family visiting her grandparents. The important thing is that aunt and Ding Anping in the end how the harmony of the harp, that appearance really makes her very curious. After two classes, Annie Ding also came. Li Wei took advantage of the break to pull Annie Ding to one side and muttered: "Are your father and mother here today?"? What's so important? Annie Ding raised her little face. "Of course it's important. From now on, you'll be a generation shorter than me. You have to call me..". Auntie, it seems ?” Li Wei disrelishs her wordy, urge: "Alas, call what to must have a premise.". Why on earth? Is her aunt and Ding Anping going to get married? Not so fast. Annie Ding felt that she was in a particularly high mood to be able to overwhelm Li Wei. She simply put on the airs of an elder and said, "I said, Wei, stainless steel edging strip ,aluminum tile edge trim, today my parents came to meet your grandparents, which is a formal confirmation of the love relationship between your aunt and my brother. I think maybe they will get married at the end of the year. At that time, you have to change your words and call me something." You have to be careful when you talk to me in the future. I am. "Oh, don't think so far first. Just talk about what's in front of you. Did my aunt make up with your brother?" Is this speed a little faster? Ding Anni did not understand, strange way: "What make up, when did they quarrel?"? I don't know! Li Wei really forgot that nine times out of ten Annie Ding didn't know about it. She quickly changed her tune: "No..". I mean that. The two of them were not so good. Why are you suddenly going to see your parents? Annie Ding looked at Li Wei suspiciously. "Are you really not upset?" Li Wei shook her head: "No.". I didn't see it anyway. Lying with her eyes open has always been her specialty. "I overheard my brother talking to my dad last night," Ding said, although she was still a little suspicious. He said that they had been together for several years, and planned to let the parents of both sides formally settle the matter, and it was possible to get married at the end of the year, if early, the National Day would also be possible. This is.. Engagements Right? Ding Annie also has no experience in this matter, some uncertain to ask Li Wei. Li Wei was shocked by the news she heard. Now it's a big deal. Unexpectedly, we are going to talk about marriage! Isn't that a little.. Too much is as bad as overcorrection. ? How on earth did Ding Anping move her aunt? Why is her aunt so bold all of a sudden? Li Wei head full of question marks, but forgot that her aunt is a special woman, married three times, and divorced three times, this is not the average woman can do. Only extraordinary people can do extraordinary things. Ninety-nine Legendary Dandy Li Wei is curious, but it is not good to delay school, anyway, some things will be known sooner or later. At noon, she simply ate something and woke up Luo Da, who was sleeping on the table. It was estimated that the boy had not slept well with the patient and the drunkard. She asked Luo Da to accompany her to the post office to order a newspaper. She had to start carrying out her tycoon daughter's plan. As for the sleepy-eyed Luo Da, don't you just beat the sandbag for a while. To the post office, Li Wei inquired, the second half of the newspapers and magazines have begun to subscribe, but generally enterprises and institutions subscribe more. Li Wei wants to come to the subscription form, which is full of all kinds of newspapers and magazines. Looking for a place to sit down, Li Wei took out a pen and paper and handed it to Luo Da. She read it and asked Luo Da to record it. Luo Da didn't notice it at first, but when he wrote the tenth one, he felt something was wrong: "Isn't it a little too much? Do you have time to read it?" Li Wei did not lift her eyelids: "I don't think so. Most of them are ordered for my father." Luo Da continued to dictate, and when he had written more than twenty, he asked, "Uncle Li, can he finish reading so much?" He is very busy every day. Li Wei raised her eyes and said, "I can't finish it without him, but I can finish it with more. Do you know why?" Luo Da shook his head, is there such a reason? Li Wei held out a finger and said in a very authoritative tone, "Then I tell you, if you order less money,aluminium tile trim profiles, you will spend more money. He loves money. Of course, he has to take a good look at it. Otherwise, he will spend money in vain. Do you understand?" 。