the first disciple of Luoxiang Gate

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His internal force was sent out, and the other side did not give in. The other end of the whip was tied to Jiang Yinan's hand. Jiang Yinan looked sideways and looked in the direction of the door. When the door was knocked, the voice of Jiang Sheng, the first disciple of Luoxiang Gate

The ditty sings a melodious tune: If you ride the wind, if you pick the moon. If you smell, if I go. If not, if dead. Chapter 42 Second Watch The gauze curtain is light and soft, like a dream and fog. The light of the fire shone in the middle of the tent. Jiang Yinan lay outside the tent. Behind him was a shelf full of books. The long shadow of the shelf covered the handsome man sleeping on the couch with his eyes closed. From his feet, the carpet on the ground extended all the way along the curtain to the outside of the house. Under the light and shadow, I suddenly heard incense burning in the room. The aroma is strong, the smoke and the song are mixed together, which makes the place seem more illusory and unreal. If. If.. The singing girls have soft voices, and the tune of the ditty they sing is soft and sweet, which makes the golden people lose their senses and their thoughts drift away. He thought of the heavy road outside the pass, the bleak autumn wind and the cold winter. The river outside the pass flows from north to south to the sea day and night. At dusk, the Golden River was shining, and the sons and daughters outside the pass were sitting under the city wall, looking at the flocks of cattle and sheep. This ditty.. He's heard it, too. He is outside the pass, this song is called "if", since the long time outside the pass, more or less will have heard, learned this ditty. Jiang Yinan can also. Hum. But Jin Shi only hesitated for a moment and narrowed his eyes again. The light of the fire illuminated the sharp color in his eyes: because he saw that on the couch where Jiang Yinan was lying, on the armrest of the couch that he could touch with his hand, there was a long silver-golden whip. The blood smell on the whip is heavy, the golden and silver light drags the whip body to flow,stainless steel edge trim, the texture is distinct, if the sky is surrounded by electric light. "Nine turns to subdue the divine whip". The weapon of the leaders of the past Dynasties is here in Jiang Yinan! Such a good opportunity, if missed, I do not know when to wait! Jin Shi immediately no longer hesitated, no longer concerned about someone's force. He flew out of the corner where he was hiding outside the tent and threw himself out from behind, staring at the long whip at Jiang Yinan's hand. He has a clear goal, as long as he "turns the magic whip nine times". After so many years, he knew nothing about Jiang Yinan's martial arts,aluminum tile trim, and Jin Shi didn't want to fight against Jiang Yinan at this time. However, the master moves and breathes. The man lay lazily on the couch, seemingly unwary of his surroundings, but when the wind came behind him, his black hair scattered on his cheeks floated gently upward. As if the sleeping Jiang Yinan suddenly opened his eyes and moved! His hand was caught behind him, and his huge internal force collided with the gold coming from behind him. Jin made his body shrink on the spot and escaped Jiang Yinan's killing move by rolling. Jin Shi moved forward again, went to the edge of the couch, and raised his hand to grab the whip. The other end of the whip was held by Jiang Yinan. Jiang Yinan threw it casually, and with a long whip, he pushed Jin Shi out at once. The music in the room suddenly stopped, and the singing girls covered their throats and let out a cry of surprise. The pipa, guqin and long flute they were holding in their hands all fell to the ground, making a "bang" sound of gold and jade. And if there is a tornado and a strong wind in the room, the chill blows up the curtain, and the man lying safely on the couch comes with a long whip in his hand, and his palm breaks the gold and jade, tile profile factory ,china tile trim, urging him to go to the gold envoy. Jin Shi fell on the door with a bang. He grunted and leaned his back against the door. Fortunately, he wore night clothes and camouflage, even if his lips vomited blood, outsiders could not see it. Jin Shi's lung was injured by Jiang Yinan's palm, and the orthodox and huge martial arts of the Central Plains were gathered in one palm. Jin Shi only clasped the "nine-turn magic whip" in his hand, and did not loosen it in any case. Singing girls: "Ah! Ah!" Jiang Yinan glanced coldly at the past, and the singing girls looked frightened, covered their mouths and shook their heads, and closed their mouths one after another. Jiang Yinan, holding the end of the long whip, walked through the curtain, raised his long clothes, and his face looked as clear as white clouds and black water under the lights. The light shone on his face, his eyes were black, and when they rose up, they raised a wave of soul-stirring and amazing arc light. Jiang Yinan looked at the man in black who wanted to steal the whip. The masked man in black sneered, "Hey, Jiang Yinan.". It turned out to be using public office for personal gain. Said to open the famous instrument meeting, you are using this position, the meeting has not yet started, let your son put the'nine-turn magic whip 'in front of you. What, people are dead, and you have to rely on a whip to remember? Jin Shi taunted him: "The nine-turn magic whip is not Bai Feng's exclusive weapon!"! "Bai Feng is just one of the masters of the nine-turn magic whip." The man standing in the middle of the room looked at the golden envoy leaning against the door. Jiang Yinan raised his eyebrows, raised his lips, and smiled softly: "Oh, the Demon Men?"? Chop people? Luo Xiangmen is so useless that he accidentally let the people of the Demon Gate in? Jin Shi: "… …" Jiang Yinan's tone, in the ears of this demon Taoist, is really strange-this tone is too unlike the tone of a righteous Taoist. Bang, bang, bang! "Quick!"! Keep up! The sound of smashing doors and footsteps in the courtyard came in succession, and Jin made his body tremble and tried to escape. But he stepped to move, and Jiang Yinan immediately followed him, blocking his way to death. Jin Shi swallowed the blood in his mouth, and his hand was strong, and he continued to compete with Jiang Yinan for the ownership of "Jiuzhuan Fu Shenbian". His internal force was sent out, and the other side did not give in. The other end of the whip was tied to Jiang Yinan's hand. Jiang Yinan looked sideways and looked in the direction of the door. When the door was knocked, the voice of Jiang Sheng, the first disciple of Luoxiang Gate, was very urgent: "Father, a thief has broken into Luoxiang Gate!"! Have you found any thieves here? Jin Shi was frightened, his face turned cold, and his hands were even harder. Jiang Yinan clasped the other end of the whip tightly and looked at Jin Shi with a half-smile. Jin Shi was frightened. Unexpectedly, this man had not appeared in Jianghu for many years. His martial arts had been practiced to the point where he could not be shaken. The internal force of Jiang Yinan's hand shook outward again, along the internal force of the whip body layer by layer, the brilliance of the whip body drifted away, and the hand holding the whip trembled. Jiang Yinan, on the other hand, answered leisurely outside the door, "Thief?"? I haven't seen it. Go and look elsewhere, and if anyone comes to me,stainless steel tile edging, I'll let you know. There was silence outside the door for half an hour. The smile on Jiang Yinan's lips deepened: "Why, do you not believe in the force of a father, or do you not believe in the man of a father?" The breath of the young man outside the door was disorderly in an instant.