He rubbed his ears and laughed in a low voice

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When Sasiu came back, he had a delicate silver box in his hand. He put the box on the ground and pulled Xie He into his arms. He rubbed his ears and laughed in a low voice. "Look at the gift I prepared for you. You must be very beautiful to wear it."

By this time, the bidding below had soared to the 120000000, exceeding the price of Xie He in the last auction, and the elf girl was obviously more attractive to humans, but even so, the auction was coming to an end. Why didn't Xie dare to pull his hand back and said in a trembling voice, "Please save her. I can really continue to eat.." Sa Xiu hooked his lips and looked at Xie He lovingly. He stroked his cheek and suddenly turned to the outside and said in a loud voice, "Two hundred million!" There was an uproar in the hall below. The price was obviously beyond their affordability, and they did not dare to disobey the castellan's attitude. Many people were indignant at the thought that the two rare elves had been taken into the castellan's pocket. The auctioneer is also very excited, this time the price of the elf is twice the last time, it is incredible! After he announced the result loudly, he had the cage carried down. Xie He breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Amargil finally being taken away from the terrible high platform. Saxiu pulled the chain around Xie He's neck, pulled him in front of him, bowed his head and kissed the soft lips gently, smiling: "Look, as long as you believe in me, I can realize any wish you have.." Xie He's eyes were dull and sad,push back racking system, and for the first time he did not resist. Sa Xiu seemed to be very satisfied with Xie He's attitude. He and others collected all the items he had auctioned, stuffed the set of precious stones and the cage containing the elves into the carriage, and then took Xie He home. Xie He knelt meekly at his feet all the way, letting Sa Xiu gently touch his long blond hair and back from time to time like a pet. [444: Host, you didn't eat it. You only ate one mouthful and then vomited qaq] [Xie He: Baby, what I enjoy is the delicious taste buds on the tip of my tongue. The important thing about eating delicious food is the process,drive in racking system, not the food, do you understand? Smile JPG] [444: Oh..] [Xie He: And I believe Xiu Xiu is my true love. Although I only ate one bite this time, everything is difficult at the beginning and easy later. He will never give up.] [Xie He: Happy life is just around the corner:)] [444: o (n _ n) o ~] He felt the host's great improvement in mood and finally breathed a sigh of relief. …………………………………… Saxiu took Xie He back, put him back in the cage, and after a while brought a plate full of delicious food, all of which were meat cooked in various ways. Saxiu handed a roasted golden bird to Xie He and said, "This is made by a phoenix-winged bird. It's a rare delicacy. Try it." Xie He's eyes immediately showed a look of grief and indignation, the phoenix-winged bird is a very rare bird in this world, the price has been very high, one will cost hundreds of thousands, but also often no market price, even the princes and nobles can rarely eat, industrial racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, such a rare thing.. I can't believe Sassoon took it out now! He was already hungry, which was the best food that only the world could eat, but Xie He did not move for a long time. It's time to test your acting skills again! The phoenix-winged bird was a million times more attractive to him than the roast, but he couldn't show too much initiative! Saxiu stroked Xie He's hair and said softly, "Aren't you hungry?"? But you just.. Didn't you tell me that I could continue to eat? Although his voice with a smile, seems to be in a good mood, but Xie He Meng hit a shiver, slowly reached out to the cooked bird to take over. Amargil is still in his possession. "Eat, eat enough to have the strength to bear me," he said with a smile. Xie He closed his eyes in pain, opened his mouth and bit down. One mouthful at a time, I ate it slowly. With a satisfied smile, he handed another piece of meat to Xie He and watched him eat it little by little. Every time, he introduced to him how rare the meat he ate was, how expensive it was, and how exquisite the cooking method was. It was not until he had eaten most of the full plate that Saxiu saw that Xie He seemed to be really full that he took the thing out. [444: Host Dada, why don't you vomit? _ (: 3…) _] Is it too fake to eat so much? [Xie He: Baby, in fact, the body structure of elves is similar to that of human beings. They can eat meat completely, but they can't pass the psychological barrier. It's OK to vomit once, and you will get used to it after eating several times. 【444:……】 [Xie He: For the sake of my lovely elf girl, I can get through the psychological barrier. I have no problem. Don't worry:)] [444: o (n _ n) o ~] No, I'm not worried.. When Sasiu came back, he had a delicate silver box in his hand. He put the box on the ground and pulled Xie He into his arms. He rubbed his ears and laughed in a low voice. "Look at the gift I prepared for you. You must be very beautiful to wear it." As he spoke, he opened the box, which contained the set of emerald ornaments. Xie He's face suddenly changed. He had seen the display of this set of items at the auction before. When he thought of their use, the beautiful and delicate decorations were like terrible instruments of torture in his eyes, and he could not help trembling slightly. He watched Sassoon pick up something inlaid with emeralds like an eardrop, and finally could not help but break free from Sassoon's arms and run out, hiding in the corner of the cage, looking at Sassoon like he wanted to bite him to death. Saxiu smiled and looked at Xie He in his spare time. He was really not good. Even if he pretended to be obedient, he could only pretend for a while. His lips moved silently. After a while, his men came carrying a cage, in which the silver-haired elf girl shivered like a small animal, as if she were afraid of what was about to happen. The cage slowly approached, Xie He saw Amagel, Amagel also saw Xie He, she could not help but show a surprised expression shouted, "Lord Garland!" But she soon realized that Xie He's situation was probably no better than hers,heavy duty cantilever racks, and her face suddenly turned sad. Was Xie He also caught? Sasiu's men hung Amargil's cage on a tree, which was above Xie He's cage, from which they could clearly see everything below. jracking.com