Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

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Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel ParadiseDemon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

Or the Imperial City Guards, there is not much yearning. Rohat when he was young. His favorite thing to do every day is to run to the intersection of the town to see a nearby one. A cavalry patrol of the Rollins' private army. Looking at the fluttering flag of the Rollin family, as well as the bright armor of the Rollin cavalry, Rohart's heart could not help but give birth to a strong impulse! Yes, his great-grandfather was a groom, his grandfather was a gardener, and his father was a carpenter. And little Rohart, his dream is to become a knight! A knight of the House of Rollin! This is his biggest dream in his life. When more than two years ago. When the Rollin family fell, the army was disbanded, and even the Rollin Plain was incorporated into the province of Cote, the whole Rollin Plain was in a miserable atmosphere. Rohart could no longer see the cavalry patrolling at the entrance of the town every day, which made his life empty. And now, the opportunity has finally come! With the efforts of the great Duke of Tulips, the eldest young master of the Rollin family, who was regarded as "the last hope of the Rollin family", the Empire was finally restored to the family. A title! Jesus. Is there anything more surprising and exciting than this? When the draft order came down, Rohart heard the news, and the first thing he did was throw away the carpenter's tools in his hand,Steel racking system, and then ran out of the house without looking back. Surprised, he even forgot to say hello to his father. The father, who was in the back, did not blame him for watching his son run in surprise. The old carpenter of the Rollin family smiled at his wife and said, "Hey, honey.". It seems that there is a good chance that our family will have another Knight of Rollin! After the army was demobilized. Unlike the veterans, Rohart had never been a soldier before,Pallet rack supplier, but was in a carpenter's family. No weapons, no armor, no horses. Rohart was born healthy. But it's just health, compared with those who have retired from the army. He still looks immature, even. The body is still a little thin. More importantly, his martial arts skills are not outstanding. When he was fifteen. He once entered the reserve service of the private army of the Luo Lin family in his hometown, received two months of training in the reserve barracks, and learned some ordinary military skills. Fighting and martial arts.. But that's about it. Later, after even the reserve was disbanded, Rohat did not waste his martial arts skills. Using his excellent carpentry skills, he carved himself a wooden sword and a spear out of wood at home, and if it weren't for the lack of time, Cantilever Storage rack ,Pallet rack beams, he would even be ready to use wood to He carved out a suit of armor by himself. His favorite thing to do every day is to hide in the workshop and practice the simplest swordsmanship he learned from the reserve. Rohat, who is now 18 years old, believes that For, own future will certainly become a brave Rollin knight! Rohart did not go to the town nearest to his home to join the army, because he had heard that the nearby town was only recruiting ordinary soldiers, and was away from Rollin Castle. In the big cities nearby, knights are recruited! Mobile phone users log on to WAP.1 01DUNet read the fastest and latest text novels for free. Horseman! The impetuous and enthusiastic young man's mind was filled with the glorious name, so he did not hesitate to set his destination directly. A large city near Rollin Castle. But after arriving in the big city, Rohart felt a little uneasy. The street where the knight was recruited was crowded every day before dawn, and Rohart went to have a look and immediately found himself in the crowd. It's so "different". The people waiting in line around them, each of them, are obviously much better than themselves! Even if there is no real comparison, Rohart is also very clear to see these. Each of these guys is far more powerful than himself, and these guys, each of them is wearing a knight's armor, wearing a knight's sword-these are real guys. It's not made of wood! This made Rohart very frustrated. And more importantly.. These guys, they each own their own horse! God, Rohart felt even more hopeless. He only rode once in his life, when he was a child. Although he still insisted on queuing, the next night, when he finally got in line, the officer of the Rollin family, who was in charge of the registration, took a look at the little man in front of him. Young fellow, laughed: "Are you also the knight that signs up for?" "Yes, sir." Roha, he bit his lip. Young man The officer recognized that Rohart's accent was a native of Rollin, so his tone was kind. "But we only recruit real knights!"! Ming White? What about you? What did you do before? I will be a real knight! I swear, sir! As long as you give me a chance! I just need training. I need rigorous training! Sir, I'm not afraid of hardship. What hardship? I can eat it! Rohart couldn't wait to make his plea clear. Not wanting to dampen the enthusiasm of such a simple young man, the officer smiled. "Well, what can you do?"? I mean, do you know anything about swordsmanship? "Yes!" Rohat smiled, as if he saw a glimmer of hope, and then he drew his sword, a carved wooden sword. The officer looked at the sword in his hand with a half-smile. "Are you going to kill your enemy with this?"? Guy Rohart's face turned red, but he still answered stubbornly, "This is just the guy I use to train, sir!" Then he stepped back, picked up his sword, and quickly demonstrated his swordsmanship,warehouse rack manufacturer, the simplest basic swordsmanship he had learned from the army reserve. It has to be said that Rohart himself practiced very hard at home, and his efforts were rewarded. Even the officer had to admit that the boy's swordsmanship It's really good. It's solid. But It's just "solid". It is impossible to cultivate a master with a set of basic swordsmanship in the army. So, when Rohart was in high spirits.