Everything you need to know about credit cards

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A credit card is an important element in the life of every modern person. What it is? How to choose it and what is its cost? The answers to these and other questions are here.

What is a credit card
A credit card is a financial instrument that allows its owner to pay for goods or services with bank funds, i.e. way to borrow from him. And the easiest ... But is it the most profitable? Depends on how you use your credit card.

Just an hour for its registration - and you can absolutely legally "‎dive into your pocket"‎ bank an unlimited number of times. The only condition is that the debt, like any other, must be repaid.

Why do you need
Imagine that you have an approved loan from a bank for a certain amount. You can use it at any time or not at all. You can use all or part of the amount as you see fit. You can pay off the debt in part or in full and again dive into your pocket to the bank. And so many times. Moreover, this affordable money is on your bank card.

A bit of history
The first reference to a credit card is in Edward Bellamy's 1888 novel A Look into the Past. At the same time, in terms of functionality, the card described in the novel by the American “utopian science fiction writer” was more like a debit card. It took the banking system another half century to bring this project to life. 

The first credit cards came into use in the US in the 1930s. Then they were a thin piece of metal or plastic with a small paper field on the back - for the owner's signature.

How to get a credit card
Today, you can also apply for a card online, but red tape with documents can only be avoided if you were a client of the selected bank earlier. In this case, the card will be delivered to you by a courier or you can pick it up from any convenient branch.

If you are using the services of the selected financial institution for the first time, you cannot do without a visit to the branch: you will have to come and sign an agreement. During the checkout process, a credit limit will be set for you, and soon you will be able to use it at your discretion.

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