Do you like the lightness of pocket telescopes?

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Compared with traditional telescopes, pocket telescopes have many advantages. Xiangyu Company provides more discounts for buyers of pocket telescopes.

  1. Why were pocket telescopes developed?

In order to be convenient to carry, pocket telescopes often adopt a non-traditional structure. In appearance, they are two straight tubes instead of the traditional curved structure. Telescopes made of that structure are often too large. Not all straight cylinders are pocket-sized, and some are larger in size. Although the straight-through pocket structure mentioned above is adopted, the volume is reduced, but because the size is relatively large, it is not considered to be pocket-sized. Therefore, pocket telescopes can be roughly summed up as follows: most of them adopt a compact straight tube structure, and the size of the telescope is relatively small. What is the difference between such a telescope and a large telescope? A large telescope looks more comfortable, but it is inconvenient to carry when going out, and it is easy to be damaged by bumps.

2.Zhongshan Xiangyu Precision Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd.

The upgraded design of our pocket telescope is aluminum-magnesium alloy lens body; the surface is designed with water drop pattern; metal focusing wheel; IPX-7 nitrogen-filled waterproof. The mirror body is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the skin is non-slip, which is durable and not easy to break. This product fully reflects the ergonomic design. It is convenient and comfortable to use and watch. IPX-7 nitrogen-filled waterproof can be immersed in 1 meter deep water for 30 hours, and work normally in the environment of -10℃-70℃. Buying our products can give away packing accessories box; eye/objective cover; nylon storage bag; ED telescope; nylon lanyard; mirror cloth; manual dust flannel bag.

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